Enjoying the warm summer days

Living in a place with four seasons has the feeling of being deprived of the sunshine especially when you are living far from the coastal areas. Like my family and I who are living in the middle of the US, we want to enjoy the warm weather outside our home. There are times that we can travel to another city and see the beautiful place but mostly we will see to it that we can enjoy outside our home – like at the yard. We just need to be careful not to play and touch any poisonous plants such as poison ivy. Though, we do not need to worry as it is easy to treat poison ivy rash with www.buyrhustox.com. It is August right now, and it is rainy most of the time, but when there’s no rain, kids will play outside. It is fun to be out every once in a while, and it is healthy to be out in the sun. We wish that it is warm the whole year round but then life has four seasons, and we need to enjoy the beauty of each moment.

Twin egg yolks in an egg

I usually get twin egg yolks whenever I will buy extra large box of eggs (years ago). But today, I got these twin egg yolks from a large box of eggs, and I was surprised. Whenever I see something like this, I feel so blessed. It’s fun!

Happy 11th birthday to my son

It’s the birthday of my son today and he turns 11 years old. I just cook this cake since he has food allergies.

Many more birthdays to come and best health with God’s guidance and protection.

I am so happy to see him grow up to be a good person. I am so to have him as my son and also, I am thankful he chose me as his mother. I am thankful to God to have him. I love him to the moon and back.

Thanks Lyndee dear

I got this surprise mail last July 26 2017 and this is from my friend Lyndee. I was surprised to have it. I didn’t expect that she remember me from their Philippine vacation. I am so thankful to her, her son and her husband for remembering and for surprising me with these yummy Philippine goodies. More blessings to my dear friend Lyndee and her family!

Happy Birthday to my dearest daughter

This is a cake that’s free of cow’s milk, eggs, and peanuts. Even if the birthday girl is not allergy to any of the food but I choose to cook something like that so my eldest can also eat the birthday cake. July 30th is the 6th birthday of my daughter and she’s happy with everything she receives. I am so glad I have my daughter and I am happy she chose me as her mother.

Many more birthdays to come and best health with God’s guidance and protection.

I am thankful to God to have her because she is a good kid and she’s so smart as well. I love her to the moon and back.

Balikbayan box still in route

My box is still in route to Cebu City. I hope it will reach there by the first week of August. And the only I can remember inside the box was the two big Toblerone chocolates. The rest, I cannot recall what is inside. Hope it will arrive soonest!

Got the courage to do things esp learning how to drive (family first)

Looking at my eldest kid, I can remember those years where we will be riding a cab in going to doctor’s appointments because I didn’t know how to drive. Whenever he asked me, ‘Mama, where are my friends? Mama, can I go to the park? Mama, can I play in that playground? Etc.!” I feel hurt coz I cannot do anything. And riding a cab always were expensive.

The first time we visited the park was when he was 5 years old and he was so amazed with all the people and families playing together. I was pregnant with my 2nd baby during that time. I just used an e-scooter for me to bring him to the nearby park. When we reached there, he was bothering a father and son who were playing football. I told him not to bother them coz the father was teaching his kid. Maybe he envied that the father taught the kid in playing football.

And so, I tried my best to learn how to drive so that I can bring him to places together with his baby sister anytime I want to or anytime they will ask me.

I just love family bonding every once in a while, a family bonding away from the house and away from any gadgets, TV, or computers. It’s fun to have a family outing even just within the city parks or even just driving around the streets. When they will grow big and can choose on their own lives, they will not be having enough time to be with me. And so, I want to have a family bonding with them while they are still kids.

Milk, eggs, and peanut free cake – yummy

I made a cake that’s free from cow’s milk, eggs, and peanuts. I used Betty cooker cake mix together with blended super ripe banana and soy milk. I did not put any frosting. I made this one for my birthday so that my son can eat the cake as he has food allergies. Anyway, there are lots of pieces left and we will eat this one tomorrow.


It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.
– Tony Robins

And this is right! I just love the positive words from this guy. I’ve been reading about his positive quotes for several years now and I need to read more to have a positive outlook in life. No one can be positive for me except myself. Life is good with people who have positive mindsets. I want to be positive always even if others are not.

Update on my tracfone global calling e-card

I had so much fun chatting with my mama and papa on the night that I called them up. The line was clear with me using the long distance service of tracfone. I supposedly will talk less than an hour or less than 30 minutes but it was fun talking to them with a clear line. I ended up using the $10 load which would be 1hr and 3 minutes but then I was not cut off for almost 30 minutes. So, I think tracfone deducted my regular minutes with it, in which it’s fine with me. The next time I will be calling, I will try to use tracfone long distance e-card again. I hope line is still crystal clear.