Calls from your own number?

What is going on in the world today? What do some people do? Why are they bothering the peace of other people? I am asking this question as I’ve got calls from unknown/unwanted source that contains my name and name. WT? It says to never answer such calls as they are spammers. Have you got a call like this as well? There are lots of important and good things to do while still alive and why these people are doing crazy stuff? I hope God bless their hearts!

Why Certain T-shirts Are So Popular

T-shirts have been staple clothing items for a long time, and as such there have been iconic t-shirt sayings and symbols that have developed. Some individuals may wonder what makes certain ones so special. There are specific characteristics that help to keep certain t-shirts in constant circulation.

The most common reason that some t-shirts have become and remain so popular is that they have a versatile message. Even if the message has changed over the years, the rebirth of sentiments can cause a saying to live on forever. For instance, though commonly popularized in social media, the saying “Keep Calm and Carry On” was initially stated by King George VI in an inspirational message during World War II. Another common term, “Kiss Me I’m Irish” was initially derived from the superstition that kissing the Irish Blarney Stone would make individuals smooth talkers. Along with a versatile message, these and other sayings also appeal to mass audiences. This has not only helped to popularize the sayings or symbols in the moment, but also causes them to transcend generations, making them icons in society.

The t-shirts that possess the aforementioned characteristics have and continue to live on, on the backs, and fronts, of individuals from all nationalities, walks of life and styles. Learn more about the unique characteristics and history that have set some of the most iconic t-shirts apart from the masses in the attached infographic.

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Farting Alarm Clock?

There are times that I would shop online and prefer to pick my order in the store nearby my home. I find this convenient as I will not roam around the store to find the goodies that I want to buy. And today, I was LOL when I checked my savings catcher in Walmart and then thought of shopping some goodies. When I put my cursor on the cart, there was nothing in there. I continued shopping and thought of checking the cart after choosing one item. When all of a sudden there is this farting alarm clock in my shopping cart?! What is wrong? I was not shopping for that! Who put that farting alarm clock in my shopping cart?

Update Existing Employee Uniforms in the Hospitality Industry

Keeping a hospitality industry business trending involves many steps. The way that the staff is presented to guests is important. Tired, outdated uniforms bring down the upbeat vibe that a restaurant or hotel has. Whether you prefer a standard uniform or custom clothing for your employees, you can update their appearance and maintain a professional attitude within the establishment while all of the uniforms match.

Chef Coats

Chef coats get dingy and stained rather quickly. The design and weight of chef coats also changes frequently. Updating this part of a uniform is important. It is a good idea to keep a clean chef coat available for the moments when guests request to speak with the chef. Maintaining a clean appearance when in direct contact with guests is ideal.

Waitstaff Uniforms

Waitstaff uniforms get boring quickly as most hospitality industry locations use a standard apron and uniform policy. The options available to customize these uniforms helps the waitstaff remain professional while fitting in with industry and fashion trends. This helps increase their tips and helps their overall demeanor while working with guests more pleasant.

Resort and Hotel Uniforms

Hotels and resorts often have standard uniforms for their staff. While this makes them easy to locate when a guest needs assistance. You can still maintain this look, but with updated styles and colors. This helps your establishment stand out among others in the same sector.

Uniforms do not have to be dull and boring. Consumer satisfaction is a large component in the success of your establishment. The way that a company presents its staff to the guests weighs heavily on their review, impression and entices them to refer friends and family to that location. An updated look can help increase guest satisfaction.

Carrying Pouch with Zipper for CF, MD, MS, SD, MMC, and SDHD Carrying Pouch

I’ve been using memory cards as our safe storage for photos and other documents. But there are times that I will forget where I put it and thus I ordered carrying pouch for all of my storage and I have these for more than four years already.

Do you want some storage or carrying pouches for your memory cards too? If you do, try to look at this CF, MD, MS, SD, MMC, and SDHD Carrying Pouch w/Zipper – NEW (Anti-static inner material) in Ebay. This has 22 slots for all of your memory cards. It says that the size is roughly 2 ½” x 4 ½” and its color black which a universal color. Want to buy this memory card carrying pouch now?  Hurry since it’s FREE SHIPPING within USA!