Buying Flatware to Celebrate Milestones

Milestones and special occasions in life can be celebrated in a variety of ways. Getting married is typically an occasion that is celebrated with gift giving. A bride-to-be has the opportunity to create a gift registry to make shopping easy for those who will be buying gifts for her. A registry is the perfect way for a bride to acquire her personally selected set of china, flatware and drinking glasses.

It’s quite possible, that when you moved into your first home, your finances or specific situation wasn’t one that made fine china and exquisite flatware a priority. However, as time has passed, you may now be ready to celebrate a milestone such as moving into a larger home, a job change or a job promotion that results in a more affluent lifestyle. This would be a good time to invest in newer, finer things in life such as sterling flatware, new dishes and accessories and some beautiful home decor items. Your new lifestyle might lead to more entertaining and you want your dining table to look exquisite and impressive.

Two other milestone events that could give you cause to purchase new tableware, flatware and glasses is when your kids move out or you retire. You’re going to experience a lifestyle change in both of these situations. You’ll have more time for socializing with friends once the nest is empty or you’ve retired. This gives you a good excuse to finally purchase some elegant dinnerware.

What are the things you focused in your life?

Men, it’s so hard to see a man crawling on the ground so that he can throw his garbage bags full of stinky trashes so he can make the life of his wife a little bit easier.

It was a weekend that I need to clean the yard from lots of falling leaves. Usually after the yard work, I’ll use the truck of my husband so that I could howl all the garbage in one trip. But yesterday, I was using my car for some reason. I howled 3 bags per trip. My husband told him to use his truck but I wasn’t listening. On my 2nd trip to the community dumpster I saw a truck that was parked. There was a man inside. I asked myself why that man was blocking the way that I should park my car so that it’s easy for me to throw my last garbage bags. I just opened the door of my car and then the baggage compartment, then, I threw my garbage trash bags. When I was out from the dumpster gate, I saw a man on the ground. At first, I thought he was just looking under his truck. When I tried to talk to him, and look at him carefully, it’s the time I knew he was crawling on the ground. Then, I asked him:
Me: Are you fine?
Man: Yes I am fine.
Me: Why are you on the ground?
Man: (no answer)
Me: I was looking at him trying to figure out if he was looking under his truck but when he was on his knees and tried to open the back of his truck, I saw that he only have one leg. It hurts me looking at him. I felt his pain. Then I asked, “Do you want some help?”
Man: I am fine. I asked a boy who could help me in throwing my garbage and I said I will pay him $10 bucks for helping me. If you will help me you can have my $10 bucks. But I have a son who is working in (name of the five star hotel here in the city), but he seldom visits me these days. And I throw this one so that I can make the life of my wife a little bit easier.

Me: (I don’t have a comment about his son and about his wife.) Then I said, “I don’t need to have $10 just to help a person. God is helping me a lot and so I need to help those who need help.

I started to pick up his trashes and he said to me that I need to use his gloves so that I can pick up the garbage bags easily without dirtying my hands. I said, I was fine and then I noticed that I could widely open the gate of the dumpster, so I did open it and I asked him to pull back his truck so that I can easily throw it while I’ll climbed up. He said that he cannot see if he backed up but I assisted him and when he was nearest the dumpster, I tapped his truck so that he could stop. Then I climbed up and he insisted that I would use his gloves, so I did. It was the gloves that he used for crawling on the ground. When he noticed that I was done putting all the garbage bags in the dumpster and I was picking the scattered trashes, he said that I need to stop cleaning his truck coz all he need was the bags to be thrown in the dumpster. I said, it was fine with me to clean up but he said, it was okay and I was done helping him. So, I get down from the back of his truck and he crawled back in his truck. Then, he was back crawling again, then he stood up and handed me his 10 bucks.

Man: Please get the 10 bucks so that you can buy foods for your dog. Also, you need to close the gate of the dumpster, so just please take this $10.
Me: I don’t have a dog and I don’t need $10 to help others. Again, God is helping me a lot in my life and so I need to help others too. (And it’s okay for me to close that dumpster gate coz it was just easy.)
Man: Oh, it seems that I saw a dog inside your car. But this is for you coz you are helping me. This should be for the boy that I asked to help me but you are the one that’s helping me. So, take this Ma’am – take this $10.
Me: No, I cannot take it. Just pray for me brother. That’s all I need.
Man: Yes, I will pray for you Ma’am. But take this money. You have a very nice car and you are helping in dumping my trashes.
Me: (I don’t have any comment about what he said on my car. For me, I don’t mind if I am walking or riding a car or whatever. All I care is to help those who want to be helped in my own little way.) Then, I said, “It’s my role to help people”.

Then the man tried to crawl back inside his truck. I said to him that he doesn’t need to crawl back on the ground coz he can hold my shoulder so that he can make me his one leg. I tried holding him and guiding him back to the driver seat but he was too heavy. I asked him, “Are you fine?” He answered, “Yes Ma’am I am fine. Only that I am hurting for a leg.” I told him, “You are so blessed coz you still have two arms and a leg. You are so blessed. There’s a man named Nick V who doesn’t have legs and arms yet Nick is a happy person. God is with you brother!” He was crying. I saw his tears falling. Then he crawled again and tried to get inside his truck and when he was on the driver seat and I asked him again if he’s fine and he said that he’s fine, then, he wiped his tears. He thanked me for helping him.

It hurts me looking at him. It’s my first time seeing a man crawl on the ground just to throw garbage and do things. I was about to cry when he cried but I was holding my tears. I cried when I drove away. Men, that was painful. I can feel his heavy heart and his life full of pain.

Now, I learned more that if we are too focused on one thing, whatever that thing is, it will make our life happy or sad. If we are focused on lack, sickness or whatever, we can feel it in our lives. If we are focus on any things and we call it blessings, then we will live happily.

So, what are the things that you focused in your life?

Prefer to have Enough savings over any subscriptions

As I’ve read this yahoo news about “Pay TV’s New Worry: ‘Shaving’ the Cord” –, I am thinking about the biz of those cable channels and cable companies. Having a business is to make the effort of maintaining subscribers and customers all the time. But then again, people have their own choices. As for me, I would prefer not to have cable subscriptions and not to have any Netflix or Hulu or whatever subscriptions for as long as I have some savings. Yes, watching movies is good but having ENOUGH SAVINGS is best not just for me but also for my family especially for my kids. I cannot afford to sacrifice few minutes or hours of fun watching those movies but a lifetime of concerns with me prioritizing the subscriptions of those movies for my kids and not giving them enough savings. You know what I mean? Lifetime enough savings are much needed over watching shows in which my kids cannot inherit it when they will grow big.

Movavi Video Converter Review – Fast MOV to MP4 Conversions!

Nowadays MOV is still a pretty widely used format and odds are you probably have one or more videos in your library that use it. Unfortunately the problem with MOV is that it is still not that widely used compared to other formats and some platforms have difficulty dealing with it – such as Android devices.

If you’ve never converted MOV files to other formats before, you may not know where to even start – which is why the Movavi Video Converter is ideal. Unlike most other converters that tend to be clunky and hard to figure out, this is a video converter that was designed to be intuitive and to enable even someone with no knowledge of video formats or any prior experience converting videos to be able to do so with minimal hassle.

When it comes to MOV to MP4 conversions, all you will need to do is select the corresponding preset. If you like you can alter the preferences and adjust them as you see fit, but if all you’re looking for is a quick and easy conversion using the optimal settings – just start the conversion.

Because the Movavi Video Converter is faster than anything else on the market, your video will be done in no time. Having converted your MOV video to a much more universally acceptable MP4 format, you’ll find that you’re then able to use it across almost every platform, including mobile devices that use Android.

Make no mistake; this video converter makes any and all conversions just as simple and easy as the process described above. Its collection of over 150 presets ensures that there is one available for any and all requirements, so you’ll never be left scratching your head wondering what you should do!

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