I do believe God heals

My kids and I are not feeling well. At first, it was my daughter who complained that her throat was painful. And then, the following day, she had fever. Her temperature was like 101+F and I was worried. I didn’t have enough sleep like around two nights. Good thing she seemed a bit okay yesterday. Tonight, she was coughing. So, I had to run at nearby store to buy Vicks. As of the moment, she’s not coughing anymore and she’s sleeping soundly. I hope the Vicks help coz I don’t want to give her cough meds.

My son is not feeling good also. Earlier yesterday, he said that he had sore throat. So, I gave me lemon and honey. I let him gargle with salt. I asked him not to drink soda, but he was hard headed. Anyway, right now, his temp is 101+F. I hope it will normalize after I let him drink meds.

I was not feeling good since yesterday as well. I wanted to sleep more but I prefer to work. You know, life in the US is way different in the Philippines that we had lots of help in there as relatives are living closer to each other. It doesn’t matter, I am used to not being with my relatives for more than 10 years now. It’s okay.

On the other hand, I do believe God heals through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! Archangel Michael please help! Thank you God for healing my family!

Marching snare sticks

I can remember when I was in my high school I did love to join the school band. I just wanted to play drums and snare drums with me using marching snare sticks. I also loved to wear the band uniforms. For me, being in the school band was like a prestige and I believed that I would feel good. But then, those were my younger days.

All I can do is to let any of my kids to love bands and to love playing drums or any musical instrument. I do hope any of my kids would love bands, music, and musical instruments like the way I loved it.

Weird cloud formation

I took these photos right after we were out from having some groceries last weekend. Since I did not bring my camera, I just used my Android cellular phone to capture some pictures. I was just amazed with the cloud formations in which I did not know the name of it. Though these cloud formations cannot compare to the one I have seen when I was younger, in which that cloud formation was like a circle, and it has pinkish color with it.

Tweety bird

Taddahhhhh, the lovely bird was back again. I took this pictures yesterday afternoon in which it’s the favorite time of this tweety bird to sneak some seeds from the hanged feeders. It was good that she chose a different view and so I was a bit nearer match up to the other day of the first time I took photos of her. I wish that today she would be back again today with her friends.

The bird and the seeds

This is one of the science experiments of my home schooled kid. I put this one outside for a long time but its yesterday that my husband told me there was a bird eating the seeds. Immediately I took some photos of it. Gladly, it did not fly right away even if I was a bit near the place on where I hanged these birdseeds.