Sweet Potato leaves and rice

I was born in a mountainous place and so I knew how to take care of plants. My parents taught me how to take care of just anything that will help life better without relying in buying things from the market. So, even if I am here in the US right now, I still love plants and I love to grow my veggies every summer. Though, I am wishing that I can have plants the whole year round in my yard. Oh well, I am thankful that this summer, I am able to plant this sweet potato. I love its leaves coz I can cook it and eat it. There’s also no chemicals sprayed on my plant and so I can say that this is a healthy one. I am thankful for this meal as it is pure veggies and I love it. Thanks God.

(Ingredients: Rice with Fresh sweet potato leaves stir fried mixed with soy sauce and sprinkled with onions/garlic/black pepper)

15 plants perfect for indoors

Photo from – weather.com

Fifteen perfect indoor plants that will help clean and filter the air for healthy breathing.  It also stated that having indoor plants can help with stress.  Check more at – https://weather.com/health/allergy/news/best-plants-for-cleaner-indoor-air.

  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Bamboo Palm
  3. Chinese evergreen
  4. Elephant ear
  5. Red-edged dracaena
  6. Peace lily
  7. Gerberas
  8. English ivy
  9. Golden Pothos
  10. Heart-leaf philodendron
  11. Janet Craig
  12. Mass cane
  13. Mother-in-law’s tongue
  14. Spider plant
  15. Warneckei


Gretsch Atkins country gentleman electric guitar

I love guitars and I am doing my best to learn how to play it. When time will come that I will learn how to play guitar, I will surely buy this Gretsch Atkins country gentleman electric guitar. I do believe this will last for a long time and this is worth my money. Good brands will surely last longer. Now, I’ve got to be diligent in my daily practice with playing and strumming this beautiful piece of music instrument. I’ve got to make it slowly but surely. I know I can make it.

How To Overcome Plateaus While Building Your Business

At some point in their professional career, many business owners will note that their companies have reached a plateau. If you’re interested in keeping your company in a state of constant growth, these periods of stagnation must be addressed immediately and effectively. The best way to address stagnation is through the implementation of proven growth modalities. Here are three that can help you overcome a plateau and push forward into a deeper dimension of success and power:

1. Invest In Professional Maintenance Services.

One way to overcome a plateau is by investing in maintenance services. When you attain routine services for your computer equipment, HVAC devices, and other machines, you’ll likely find that you and your staff are able to work with greater excellence and expedience. This can in turn help you solve problems faster and devote more time and energy to money-making projects that keep the company growing. In the event that your company is in need of chemical reactor services, you can attain them from organizations such as Reactor Services.

2. Make Online Marketing A Must.

In addition to investing in professional maintenance services, you should make online marketing a must. Doing so will ensure that you’re constantly connecting with members of your target audience whom you have yet to interface with through traditional advertising methodologies. Optimized connectivity translates into optimized conversion, and this latter manifestation will lead to ongoing growth for your company. There are numerous digital strategies that marketing professionals can implement to optimize your eCommerce platform, and some of them include:

-online reputation management
-web design and development
-target market research
-social media optimization
-keyword analysis
-content optimization
-link building

3. Turn Your Clients Into Brand Ambassadors.

If you really want to overcome a plateau and keep your company growing, it’s a good idea to turn your clients into brand ambassadors. This process involves having your customers share your brand with individuals in their social and/or professional networks. An example would be including a Share Button on your blog post. Whenever readers press the button, they would be sharing the post with everyone in their social networks. This is a form of almost free advertising that is particularly effective because it is a word-of-mouth marketing modality. This marketing format tends to have great success rates because people are more likely to believe in the value of a brand based on what another individual has told them.

Don’t Delay: Overcome Business Plateaus Today!

If you want your business to overcome a plateau, you can make it happen. Utilize the key strategies and systems discussed above to keep your company on the path to growth!

My 6 year old electric scooter

My 6 year old electric scooter is live and alive this summer. The weather is warm and I love it. It is like I am living in a tropical country. And so, my little ride is back in action.  I love this scooter whenever I need to do some errands around the neighborhood. I can easily ride in this one. Since I improvised it, like I put a child seat on it, my kids can ride with it (one by one). It should be a bicycle seat but I tried to connect it with my electronic scooter and it worked. It is safe and besides this will only run for about 15mph. Cruisin!