Pet Gift Baskets Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Statistics show that over 90% of pet owners consider their pet a family member. Behavior patterns support those statistics. Pet owners are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on specialty foods, toys, grooming, doggie day care, pet clothing, luxurious bedding and lots of other pet related products. Some surveys show that nearly half of the people who own pets buy gifts for them on their birthday or at Christmas. An excellent way to please a friend or family member who has one or more pets is to give their pet a gift. There are many occasions that offer you the opportunity to delight your pet or any pet with a gift that has been thoughtfully selected for them.

If the idea of giving dog gift baskets is something new for you, you might want to browse through the variety of gift basket selections at a site such as Bisket Baskets. As you look through the assortment of baskets filled with doggie treats, toys and more you may be surprised at the many gift-giving opportunities you have. Aside from buying a pet a birthday gift or Christmas gift, you can purchase a get well basket that is sure to cheer up the dog and it’s owner. When a friend adopts or purchases a new dog, you can surprise them with a gift basket filled with treats and toys as a “welcome home” gift.

You might want to start something new among your pet loving friends by having pet birthday parties. A gift basket filled with goodies for the dogs would be the perfect centerpiece for the party. Pet and owner gift baskets are an excellent way to impress and delight a pet owner. You can give this type of gift as a way to say thanks or to remind someone you’re thinking about them and their pet.

Pet gift baskets aren’t just for dogs, there are also basket for cats. A pet gift baskets serves a dual purpose. The pet will be happy with the treats and toys and the owner will be pleased that you have acknowledged their pet as a special part of the family.

June Las Vegas Vacation – Bellagio Water Show – Las Vegas

My friend Norma is having a vacation in Las Vegas this June. And one of her video is this Bellagio Water Show. I ask her if I can post it and it’s good that she said yes. I just cannot post the video with its original music and so I just put another song so that it won’t be copyrighted. My friend has a blessed life that she’s able to have lots of vacation and she’s also bring her whole families with her.

Sweet Potato leaves and rice

I was born in a mountainous place and so I knew how to take care of plants. My parents taught me how to take care of just anything that will help life better without relying in buying things from the market. So, even if I am here in the US right now, I still love plants and I love to grow my veggies every summer. Though, I am wishing that I can have plants the whole year round in my yard. Oh well, I am thankful that this summer, I am able to plant this sweet potato. I love its leaves coz I can cook it and eat it. There’s also no chemicals sprayed on my plant and so I can say that this is a healthy one. I am thankful for this meal as it is pure veggies and I love it. Thanks God.

(Ingredients: Rice with Fresh sweet potato leaves stir fried mixed with soy sauce and sprinkled with onions/garlic/black pepper)

15 plants perfect for indoors

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Fifteen perfect indoor plants that will help clean and filter the air for healthy breathing.  It also stated that having indoor plants can help with stress.  Check more at –

  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Bamboo Palm
  3. Chinese evergreen
  4. Elephant ear
  5. Red-edged dracaena
  6. Peace lily
  7. Gerberas
  8. English ivy
  9. Golden Pothos
  10. Heart-leaf philodendron
  11. Janet Craig
  12. Mass cane
  13. Mother-in-law’s tongue
  14. Spider plant
  15. Warneckei


Gretsch Atkins country gentleman electric guitar

I love guitars and I am doing my best to learn how to play it. When time will come that I will learn how to play guitar, I will surely buy this Gretsch Atkins country gentleman electric guitar. I do believe this will last for a long time and this is worth my money. Good brands will surely last longer. Now, I’ve got to be diligent in my daily practice with playing and strumming this beautiful piece of music instrument. I’ve got to make it slowly but surely. I know I can make it.