Presonus 24.4.2

Are you looking for a good studio live mixer? How about trying this presonus 24.4.2? It says that it will give you the power to record, store and recall every setting that you have. With this, you can enjoy the 32 channel version and the 16 channel version. You’ve just got to choose which one that fits for your mixing. Actually, there are many features that you will enjoy with this presonus 24.4.2. You’ve got to try it to know it!

Dream Big – it’s free anyway

Dream big! Who cares? It’s free anyway! 

And this is what I always do and will be doing while I am still alive – to DREAM BIG! If it’s for me, then it will come into my life.  God will always give whatever a person is dreaming provided that person is ready to accept it. When the person is positive enough to accept what she’s praying for, then her dreams will come at the right time – God’s time.

High pollens – elm, oak, and poplar trees

The pollen allergies are very high today. As I searched at, this is what I’ve got. The elm tree is high together with the oak and the poplar trees. I almost used up the one roll of tissue and my nose is so painful already. The pollen also is bothering my eyes. If I can, I will sleep right now, to get rid with these allergies for few minutes. Harrr!

The purpose of can opener

Are you fun of buying canned drinks? Do you know the importance of can opener? Can opener is not just an opener, it is a straw holder too. I know you don’t like it after opening the can but don’t remove it. You can use it as a straw holder or straw guide. Hahaha, provided you have a straw. Now you know the purpose of the can opener, so don’t remove it.

My musician friends

After I watched my favorite show today, I had fun reading In this site, I found good articles to read about music and musical instrument. I also knew a good online store on where I should buy my musical instruments. Another thing was that I also read some good product reviews and something about behind the brands plus a lot more. My day was productive. How about yours?