God loves all equations

I do believe that God loves all the Math equations. But in my experience, I think he loves more multiplications than additions. Why? The thing that I observed is that when He will give and answers prayers, he loves that it can be multiplied. I mean, when he will give blessings, he wants it Read the rest of this entry »

Accessorize your iPhone with a cool iphone Case

Gadgets are one of the concerns of people these days. There are many gadgets available in the market today and one among the popular is the Apple iPhone. Owning gadgets takes responsibilities. I mean, it cost something and it is valuable so therefore, a gadget owner must accessorize it most especially iPhones and apple products.

Now, one thing that is needed is a cool iphone case to protect the gadget. Any gadget case speaks a lot of the personality of the gadget owner and so it is needed to be chosen carefully not just for self-identity but mostly choose the one that can protect an iPhone from any fall, scratch, or just any other accident. Another fad would be a cool bling on the gadget and a cool carrying sling case so that it will be easy to bring the iPhone and use it (plus any other accessories).

Do you have an iPhone? If you do, what are the accessories that you have and what are the things which you want to buy in the coming days?

Photo from: etsy.com/shop/simplymonogram

Veggietales 25 Favorite Sunday School Songs for bedtime?

These are the songs that my kiddos ask on their bedtime – VeggieTales 25 Favorite Sunday School Songs. Since these are jolly religious songs the result is that they are clapping and dancing. Instead of sleeping, they are wide awake. So, I need to replace this with the instrumental album or I’ll just have to switch off the music. Yay!

2 pairs for $1 at Kmart

I’ve seen these in Kmart yesterday. It was 2 flip flops for just $1. Isn’t that amazing?

Really, I want to buy lots of pairs of this for my family supposedly. I like around 20 pairs of these flops. So probably it would cost me around $10 for 20 pairs plus the tax. This make think of going back to the stores today. Hope I can drive there today and by lots of pairs as this is good for my family back home.

Playing catch the ball and kick the ball at the same time

Is there such thing as having two games at a time? Is it possible to do two things to play with two kids having different games? I think, it is possible as I was playing different games with my kids a while ago. My little girl wanted me to play kick and soccer ball with her small soft-Dora ball while my eldest kid wanted me to play catch on soft-baseball. I was like running here and there, kicking and catching their toy balls. Good thing it’s just soft-balls as sometimes it hit on their face or on their chests. It’s fun playing with kids when I have enough time. It’s a good exercise and it’s a good bonding.