Ethnic products at Lehenga

If you look at old photos, you will usually be able to tell roughly when they were taken based on the clothing the people are wearing. This is because styles of clothing have changed drastically over the years. Even looking at photos that were taken as recently as 15 years ago will show just how drastically clothing has changed in that brief period of time. For example, if you look at photos from 50 years ago, most men wore fedora hats. Nowadays, if you see a man wearing a fedora, it is a very rare thing indeed. Interestingly, ethnic clothing styles have remained virtually unchanged over the years. Here are some of the reasons why ethnic clothing styles stay the same.

A sense of tradition

Traditions are very important in most cultures. Therefore, members of most ethnic groups view their clothing as a symbol of their heritage, as well as a link to their ancestors who came before them. Wearing the same clothing styles of their ancestors is a way they can keep their memory alive, as well as to honor the ancient traditions of the past. If you look at Lehenga and many of the other ethnic products that you can buy at Crafts Villa, you will see that their styles look the same as clothing worn in India 500 years ago. The only difference is that the clothing today is made of better materials, so it will last much longer.

Ethnic pride

Many people are proud of where they came from. They want people to know what ethnicity they are, even if they are living in a new country. Wearing traditional ethnic clothing is a great way to do that. It also makes these people feel good to wear the same style of clothing as their parents and grandparents. It brings families and communities closer together when they all share a common style of clothing.

A link to the past

In many cultures, history is treasured. This is especially true in places like India. Clothing is viewed a sacred, and even religious to many people. The way people dress is taken very serious, so to change the way people dress would be seen in many cultures to be blasphemy. This is another reason why ethnic clothing styles have remained largely unchanged throughout the centuries. Ethnic clothing tells as much about a culture’s past as it does about their present.

2nd Manitou Incline Hike 6/22/2015

Water backpack – CHECK
Trekking pole – CHECK
Music gadgets with headphone – CHECK
Camera battery – Check
Cellular battery – Check
And I am ready to have adventure once again
This time I’ll be alone with NATURE
I know I’ve got to reach their quick coz I can walk as fast as I can.

By the way, today, my close friend and I hiked at Manitou Incline together. It’s her 2nd time (her first time was with her son) and it’s my 2nd time too. We chose the other longer route on our way down so that we can see the most beautiful scenic view of the #ManitouIncline.

Here are our photos:

The easy part of the trail

When we reached at the top. Success for the 2nd time!

One of the lovely stones in the back trail (going down the longer route)

Ready to go home after the hike

4 Tips for Buying Antenna Systems

Antenna systems are used everywhere from ships to car tunnels. If you’ve never purchased them before, however, you might find yourself at a loss concerning the “where”s and “how”s. What makes a good antenna system? How can you be sure you’re getting a fair deal once you’ve found them? Here are four tips for only buying the best.

1. Know Your Needs

What kind of power does the job require? What kind of voltages and distances need to be reached? Antenna systems can range from 80 to 2400 MHz, so it’s important to nail down specifics early; otherwise you’ll be browsing 2320 worth of MHz with no idea where to start.

2. Draft a Budget

Never go shopping without a budget. Even if you aren’t sure how much you should be spending on antennas and their components, you can still give yourself a general price range based on your existing finances. You might say something like, “I can’t afford more than X for shipping” or “I can’t spend over X if I want to keep the lights on next month.”

3. Think About Power Combiners and Splitters

These are essential parts of antenna systems, so do your research and learn exactly how they function and what you need to know about their specifics before making a purchase decision. For example, your building might require a system that simultaneously transmits and receives.

4. Research the Manufacturer

Read reviews of the company to figure out if they’re reputable and trustworthy. If they have a lot of negative press on industry blogs, you might want to think twice about buying from them. If they have complaints lodged against them with the Better Business Bureau, you’ll want to skip them entirely. Make sure you have full confidence in the brand before you commit.

These are just a few tips for buying Distributive Antenna Systems (DAS). You’ll want to get it right the first time, so don’t be afraid to shop slowly and do your research as you browse. A little diligence now can save you a lot of headache tomorrow.

Success Hiking @ #ManitouIncline – Manitou Springs Colorado

Hiking up the Manitou Incline @ Manitou Springs Colorado
Reaching the top of Manitou Incline – over 2k steps
Going down the back way of Manitou Incline – Manitou Springs Colorado

Broken iPod – OMG

I got this iPod touch 4th generation 6.1.6 version model no. MC540LL/A years ago as a mother’s day gift from my husband. At first, my eldest dropped it and it damaged the original casing. And last week, my daughter dropped it on the asphalt and damaged the screen. I was like OMG when I saw it. I hid it and then thought of it today. What if I’ll find a screen replacement for it? Can I fix it myself? As I am searching it online, they’re fixing their own iPod so which means, I can fix it myself to or I’ll ask my husband to fix it. Let’s see if I can buy a replacement for it and if it will be fixed. I just have some apps here that I cannot put it in my iPad mini and it’s all about self-help apps (Louise L. Hay apps). I love these apps and that’s the reason why I need to save my iPod touch.