Large Glass Reactors ¨C Double Layer One

Large Glass reactors are devices used in chemical industry; and they may include different types, such as single and double layer glass reactor even three layer one¨Clarge glass reactor. In this article, we are going to talk about the double layer one.

The double layer glass reactor provides users safety precautions. For example, all glass pieces should be cleaned before installation. In addition, the users had better carefully read the entire contents of the instructions before installation, use, maintenance, and inspection so that proper use. More importantly, each standard port, milling mouth and sealing surfaces need to be coated with a small amount of vacuum grease so as to increase air tightness. Moreover, the provided voltage must be consistent with the provisions of this instrument.

Actually, the load is not fit for high-speed operation. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the governor and motor dry. What’s more, the life of the electrical box is often associated with the ambient temperature and humidity. Meanwhile, people have to firstly install the device and operated by professional operators that use the equipment. Actually, this reactor may be equipped with many different features. Especially, the quick mode is often adopted reaction flask and heated trough between fixed and sealed that is safer and convenient. The most important is that it is strong torque and no noise. Meanwhile, it can do a variety of solvent synthesis reaction at a constant temperature.

In addition to double layer one, single layer glass reactor also is very popular in these days. In fact, the two kinds of glass reactors have some similarities and differences. For example, they all can achieve frequency control and electronic control. Meanwhile, they may use efficient condenser to ensure high recovery rate. And they can be added with tap water to quickly take away reaction heat. Furthermore, the AC frequency control of motor speed may be adopted in several glass reactors. Moreover, they are also equipped with good chemical and physical properties. What’s more, they can be demounted to promote the discharge of solid materials.

The two kinds of reactors may be widely used in different files due to equipped with its so many features and advantages. For example: they can be used in several technology processing and steel manufacturing, and they are usually along with good chemical and physical properties. In addition, many new devices are developed every year with the development of technology.

Blessed afternoon – a good way to end the day – Thank you Lord

It’s so amazing this afternoon that after work, I went to the postal office to mail my letters to my friends in another state. When I got there, there older women in front of me and they were choosing box for their goodies. I was just listening to them and when I knew that they didn’t know how to fold boxes, I asked them if I can help them out. They Read the rest of this entry »

Kent brushes

How would you like to choose your hair brush? Are you particular with searching for the brand that you like? Do you love to use kent brush? If you do love this brush, do you know that it started manufacturing its product in 18th century and it’s one of the oldest companies in Great Britain? Yes, this company is one of the pioneers in manufacturing brushes. So, if you don’t have Kent brushes yet, do search for this brand the next time you are in need of hair brush. Or maybe, is this the brand that you are currently using?

DJ headphones

When I was a kid, I liked many careers (one of which was I wanted to be a DJ – ha-ha).

I am a music lover ever since I can remember and one of the past time things that I love to do was to listen to FM station. And not just any other FM station but the one that won’t speak our dialects as I want to listen to just pure English DJs. For me, listening to them was like I was in with the fad in my teenage batch.

When I was in my 20s, one of my friends asked me to visit a disco at the ground floor of the company’s building that I was working with. In there, I saw a DJ in person and that’s for the first time. He had the coolest dj headphones and he rocked the floor wherein all the people were going crazy in dancing. That was an awesome thing to witness. It was just too bad that I was so shy that time. Probably, if I weren’t that shy I would ask that if possible, I would be with him on stage and try mixing out songs. Ha-ha!

Thank You Pope Francis

I would like to thank Pope Francis who visited the Philippines recently. I am grateful that even if there’s a typhoon signal #2, He still had a mass in Leyte, Philippines and he prayed for the people there. I am honored (and I know ever Catholics too) that he chose Philippines as one of the countries that he wanted to visit. I do appreciate that he is a good church leader for Catholic religions in whom he sits a good example of a good life that’s full of prayer, faith in God, and compassion for others. And during his mass in Leyte, signal number 2 typhoon was strong and wind was cold…but faith, hope and love was the strongest of all.

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