Want to learn how to dance?

Do you love to have dance classes in santa monica ca? If you do, then it will be a good thing for you. Do you want to learn dance move as you want to enhance your passion or you just want to teach yourself how to dance? Are you concern with your age? You know, there is no limit in learning new things. It is always nice to learn brand new things. Life is meant to be enjoyed, discovered, and learned. So, do it while you still can! Have fun! Learn new things and new skills!

God loves all equations

I do believe that God loves all the Math equations. But in my experience, I think he loves more multiplications than additions. Why? The thing that I observed is that when He will give and answers prayers, he loves that it can be multiplied. I mean, when he will give blessings, he wants it Read the rest of this entry »

Free 5GB online backup – want to test it?

What is the importance of online backup? For me, the importance of online backup is that you can have the files that you need whenever you need it in any place you will be and in any time you want it. Online backup is also a spare thing just in case the files in your devices will be lost. And I want a company that offers fast, secure, and reliable servers.

And so far, IDrive Backup meet my needs. Right now, I am testing their free basic 5GB package. Am I planning to subscribe? Yes, I will subscribe right after I will consume the free space (but pstttt I am saving my disk space usage so that I can enjoy the freebies for quite a long time  ). Anyway, with this free 5GB I can sync my files in my Android and Apple devices. IDrive also offers Facebook backup and Instagram backup in which I can easily share anything online (plus other great features).

Are you looking for online backup? If yes, do check IDrive Online Backup and see for yourself if this is the one that you want. You can easily test their free basic 5GB +5 sync space if you’d like to. Come on, I know you love freebies! Do check this online backup at idrive.com.

Tricky candle company

I purchased a candle last July and I thought of going for a subscription hoping to know their new products. This candle company was like offering free ‘ring’ inside their product with the prize of up to 5k dollars (what?). When I checked on it, I said to myself, I’d try to buy it hoping I can give myself a gift coz I purchased it before my birthday. I chose to buy the ‘happy birthday candle’ and I was very excited to have it. When I got it, I immediately dig for some freebies but when I appraised it on their website, it was only $10 in which the ring was too big for me to wear. But it’s okay though. For me, that was just for fun coz it was my birthday. Read the rest of this entry »

Adorable Yamaha cg102

Oh, I just love this yamaha cg102 classical guitar. With the price on sale, this is just so affordable that it will fit anyone’s budget. Is this the thing that you are looking? If yes, then do check it out. This could be a perfect gift for your own self and or for anyone this holiday. Take advantage of the sale price so that you will somehow save in buying this classical guitar. This is just an adorable piece of musical instrument for music lovers.