Genuine Italian Leather Handbags

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Buy FIFA 15

Are you a gamer who loves to play FIFA games? If you are, then, this news will surely thrill you. FIFA 15 will be out soon! As you know that FIFA is fuelled by EA and you know already that when you will play this game, players will behave like world-class footballers. So, do you want to pre-order and buy FIFA 15 as early as now? If you are pre-ordering FIFA 15, surely you are to have the game shipped on its release date. Another thing is that the price surely is lower. Oh, do you want to share this news to your co-gamers? When you do, tell them that it will be release this September 23rd for North America and September 25th for Europe. What are you waiting?

Trust His Heart

My tears always fall every time I will listen to this song. I just feel every word in the lyrics. God knows best! Trust God’s heart for He is the source of all things!

Walgreens savings

I thought shopping at Walgreens is expensive but it’s not. Yap, it’s not when using coupons. I’ve been saving a lot lately because of me using coupons and rewards points. Every time I will shop I will see to it that I am using these so that I can save while buying the things that I need!

First Schools in the world

I searched for the first schools in the world and these were the things that I’ve read from Wikipedia:
Shishi Middle School a Chinese public school was built in 143 – 141 (2nd Century BC) which was destroyed by fire during Easter Han Dynasty and was rebuilt in 194 AD.

In 597 AD it was The King’s School, Canterbury (England). It’s a co-ed independent school for both day and boarding pupils in historic English.