This is what I love about Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy! Have you watch it yet?

When my friend Claire buzzed me yesterday about the new Tinker Bell movie in which she said it’s nice and she watched it through amazon, I also tried to search for it. When I found it, I rented it and watched it together with my family. But then I think they did not like much about Tinker Bell, so the result was that I was the only happy camper who’s able to watch this beautiful cartoon movie.

I just loved Tinker Bell and her fairy friends a lot. I watched it twice hoping I could listen to some inspirational quotes or something. Anyway, what I liked with the movie was that it’s a story of true friendship. It’s also a story of proving great talents, appreciating it, and using it in the right way. Most of all it was a story of true forgiveness, acceptance, and starting over again.

The part that I loved most was when the fairies combined and showed their talents in which Zarina (a dust keeper fairy who loves to experiment like the tinker fairies in which she’s being called as the most inquisitive dust fairy) switched their talents back. I just loved it when Silvermist – the water fairy – made something like a crown of water in which the light fairy – Iridessa – reflected some lights and it made reflections on the audiences. But of course, everything was possible with the tinkering of Miss Tinker Bell with her cute invention. The reflecting lights from the water turned around through Vidia – the wind fairy and the butterfly flew through Fawn’s magic together with the beautiful flowers of the garden fairy – Rosetta.

I also love it when the wings of Tinker Bell sparkled when her twin sister performed on the first part of the movie. Whew, I just love Tinker Bell and all the fairies in the Pixie Hollows.

Since I was looking for good quotes within the movie, the thing that I loved was these two theme songs “Who I am” and “Weightless”. I loved the words and I loved the voice of Natasha Bedingfield.

It’s a nice movie!  So, will there be next a movie about Tinker Bell and all fairies? Oh, did you watch it already?

Rare Mars-Sun-Earth alignment on April 8?

I think you already read this in yahoo particularly on this link – – that the sun, mars, and earth will have alignment next week April 8. This will be on Tuesday so we need to make our gadgets for viewing the space ready before this day. You know, whenever I have enough time, I do love reading about the wonder of the space, planets, galaxy, and everything about it. I also love to use our telescope whenever there are some news about moon, sun and other planets, just like this news. So, today, I will find the parts of the t-scopes that we have so that I will be ready by then. I am too excited for this sun – mars – earth alignment. What will happen on this day? I mean what would be the impact of this to every part of the world? Or would it give an impact to the earth?

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Who discovered bacon and from where?

As my son needed to research about where his favorite foods originate, I needed to help him in browsing online. One of the foods that he loved to eat was bacon. On the site that I chose, it says that this was first discovered and made by Sir Francis Bacon (German) in early 15000s to combat on hunger. And the site that caught my attention in which I was surprised in opening was this I thought there’s a bacon pasted on my laptop screen. After a while, my son and I were laughing with the photo because it made us hungry. We did not cook bacon. Instead, we ate beef jerky which was one of his favorite foods too. So, where would beef jerky come from? That will be the next article that I am going to share.

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Microsoft Office Suite with Apple’s iPad – very cool

This is good news for iPad users. Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point are now available for this wonderful gadget – this according to the news that I’ve read in here – It’s good that windows Microsoft office suite is now integrated with Apple’s gadget. Now, this make me more motivated in my work so that I can somehow save and buy my own iPad in the coming months as I still don’t have my own.  :D

Is it my computer or my inet provider?

My computer opens browser so slow. I am wondering if it’s really my computer or it is the internet provider that makes it slow in opening. If it’s my computer, probably I’ve got some virus because for more than a month, I do not have Norton in my machine. Anyway, the thing that I did to help my computer runs faster, I’ve deleted few of the unwanted software that I have in drive C. I also uninstalled unwanted programs. I hope this will work because I still love this Dell computer that I have for more than 2 years now.