Trust His Heart

My tears always fall every time I will listen to this song. I just feel every word in the lyrics. God knows best! Trust God’s heart for He is the source of all things!

Walgreens savings

I thought shopping at Walgreens is expensive but it’s not. Yap, it’s not when using coupons. I’ve been saving a lot lately because of me using coupons and rewards points. Every time I will shop I will see to it that I am using these so that I can save while buying the things that I need!

First Schools in the world

I searched for the first schools in the world and these were the things that I’ve read from Wikipedia:
Shishi Middle School a Chinese public school was built in 143 – 141 (2nd Century BC) which was destroyed by fire during Easter Han Dynasty and was rebuilt in 194 AD.

In 597 AD it was The King’s School, Canterbury (England). It’s a co-ed independent school for both day and boarding pupils in historic English.


Generator conversion kits and accessories

For any homes and businesses, safety and security should be considered first. There are many things needed for a secure place. One of these things is a backup generator. This machine can be of help in so many ways like when there is a power outage due to storms, hurricanes, tornados, e-quakes, or just a faulty power supply from the electric companies, or there is trouble in the current electric system in your building. Brand of generators should also be chosen carefully for a long last use. Most quality made generators are priced nicely but it worth the money in the extended run. For most buyers choose the one that is famous in the market as these generator companies have proven their services with the quality products. The next thing is choosing between the gasoline generator and the one for natural and propane gas. They said that using natural and propane generators would make the machine last longer compared to the one that use gasoline. Generators that use propane and or natural gas will run long uninterrupted hours, will function similar to the gasoline generators, can connect to large tanks or gas pipes, eradicate unclean ports, and more. Compared to gasoline generators in which they said that “hospitals and large facilities never install gasoline backup generators” as natural or diesel generators are preferred as it will give the machine a longer life.

Now, what generator are you using right now? Do you have a generator that uses gasoline? Are you convince with using a generator fueled by natural gas or propane gas? If you prefer to use natural and propane gas in your current gasoline fueled generator, you can easily convert it as there are generator conversion kits available in the market these days. You do not need to worry about how to do it as these companies that sell conversion kits and generator conversion accessories mostly offer free technical support to their clients. Another things is that doing a generator conversion is easy with few tools needed like screw drivers, pliers, ratchet set, wrenches, and drill. Buying a conversion kit for generators has a DIY and it is a step by step guide for your easy installation.

When you want to buy your generator conversion kit, it would be nice if you would have it at the manufacturer which also offers warranty. It will be your choice then with whatever you want to do with your generator, though, if you like you can call EZ Kits at 732.728.0300.

Island Citrus soy candle from prize candle

I was surprised yesterday afternoon when I got a box from the mail. When my husband handed it to me, he asked if I ordered a candle again and I said “no” I did not order. My last order was before my birthday last July 17th and I ordered a Birthday candle hoping to receive a surprise gift because it says that there will be rings inside the candle with the prize of up to $5k. I was excited then.

Anyway, the candle that I had yesterday gave me a $10 ring when I appraised it (though before lighting and digging the candle I was hoping to have a $5k prize for it). Even if I did not have the highest appraisal, I am still thankful to receive this FREE candle in which my husband said he liked the smell. I like the smell too and I am going to use this during my prayer time. I am thankful that gave me this Soy Island Citrus scent.