Graco Room for 2-stroller

This is the Graco Room for 2-stroller which I bought several years ago (like last 2013) for my daughter and for my son. I just posted it today as I’ve seen these photos from my SD card. I love this stroller as it served my kids in so many ways. We’ve been to the farms, to the malls, and strolling in our neighborhood and this stroller is sturdy. I bought it as a used item in amazon but I was surprised when it arrived as it looked good and looked like its brand new.

I was planning to sell this as soon as my kids will outgrow this stroller or I will give this to my friends for free if they will love it.

Only Positive Words

I’ve heard many negative words in my life ever since I am a kid. I took it personally and I acted as if it’s true. Now that I am in the middle of my life, I think it’s time for me to change. I realize that hearing negative words is really not about me. Those negative words are not really for me coz it is for the person who said it. If the person has a good heart, that person will always say good words to all. And so whenever I will hear negative words in my life right now, I will not listen to it coz the one who said it is the one who first describes herself/himself and it’s not really describing the personality of others.  I’ll just listen to all positive words coz those are the things that will help me go on with life.

6 Tips for Lightweighting Your Car

Lightweighting your car is the act of reducing its weight. There are many reasons why people lightweight, the primary one being better gas mileage. But what if you’ve never lightweighted before? What if you need some tips? Here are just a few ideas for getting started.

1. Clean Out Your Trunk

Believe it or not, your trunk can contain up to 20-50 pounds of unnecessary weight. While spare tires might not be something you’re willing to unpack, you should definitely say goodbye to old sporting equipment or camping gear. It’s not doing you any good, and it’s costing you a little more in gas each time you drive.

2. Buy Carbon Fiber Parts

Replace your autobody parts with carbon fiber parts. Not only will you reduce the weight of your vehicle, but you’ll also be making a more eco-friendly choice, and you can feel proud of that achievement moving forward.

3. Go Hybrid

Speaking of the environment, if you’re in the market for a new car and you have the funds to buy a hybrid, do it! Hybrid cars are already less burdensome on the whole because of their engines, but some have even been made for lightweighting purposes specifically.

4. Use a Lift Kit

While a lift kit isn’t a permanent solution to a heavy car, it can give you short-term benefits in the form of reducing aerodynamic resistance. It’ll also prevent damage to the bottom of your vehicle, and that will improve its overall longevity.

5. Remove Clunky Parts

There are large and unnecessary parts residing under your hood right now. For example, when’s the last time you actually used your air conditioner compressor? Take it out and enjoy a lighter car with a smoother ride. That heater matrix doesn’t do much either, so strip it too.

6. Get Rid of Creature Comforts

If you’re truly serious about reducing the weight of your car no matter what, think about getting rid of luxuries that your car doesn’t need to function. Your sound system is one such example. Speakers and subwoofers carry a heavy poundage.

These are just a few tips for reducing the weight of your vehicle. While there’s no one action that will do all the work for you, there are dozens of little methods that can really add up. So pop the hood and the trunk and get to it!

Uncertainties in life but life is still good coz God is good all the time

Life is so uncertain. You don’t know what happens next. The only thing is that life is full of lessons in which it helps mostly for the person concern. Most of the time, life is full of happiness and when this thing will come, a person needs to rejoice and be thankful for it. There are times when life will strike to its lowest and this thing will teach a person to remember those happy moments. Sadness will help a person in changing what’s need to be changed in life. Life changing moment is painful but when a person can surpass these times, it will be happy moments once again. Thanks God for the mysteries in life. God is the one that knows the right path and God has plans that will help each and every one. God is good all the time and He owns everything!

Commercial Freezer

A restaurant needs a lot of things to keep it operational. If you are planning on starting your own restaurant at some point in the future, you will need to make sure you have all of the necessary equipment. You will also need to be sure that your restaurant is in a building that is designed to accommodate the type of restaurant you will be operating. You would be wise to speak to other restaurant owners and learn from the mistakes they made when their restaurants first opened. Here are some things you restaurant will need to be successful.

1. Commercial freezer

You will need a place to keep all of your food from the time it is delivered until it is prepared and served. Having a quality freezer is essential. Before you open for business, you will need to be sure that the freezer you have installed will be large enough for all of the food you need to store. If your restaurant is a rather large operation, you do not want to risk running out of space because the freezer you have is too small. For a wide variety of freezers for sale, go to the website of Mission Restaurant Supply located at

2. Dishes, glasses and silverware

Will you be running a very classy and expensive establishment? If so, the dishes, glasses and silverware you use must also convey a touch of classiness and elegance to your customers. Therefore, you must carefully select which type you are going to use. This is not a selection that you should make hastily. While you want these items to be as elegant as possible, you must also be sure that they are durable enough to withstand repeated trips through your dishwasher.

3. Blenders

There will be many dishes that call for various ingredients to be blended together. Not all blenders are the same. Some are designed to be held in one hand. Others are only used in a stationary position with a bowl placed on a tray that can spin if necessary. You will need to decide which type of blender you want to buy. Perhaps you will want to try both. The important thing is that you buy several because they will inevitably break down. You should always buy more than one of all small kitchen appliances. Many of them have fragile motors that break down if they are used repeatedly.