Saving For Your Family’s Future

There are few joys in life as fulfilling as having a family. Being able to come home to the warm love and attention of members of your family unit can be a feeling unlike any other. This means that you want to do what you can to provide for your family in every possible way. For many, the struggle here comes from trying to discover practical ways of saving money. If you are someone who is constantly trying to make ends meet, you could probably use some useful advice on how to save.

Getting started with saving for your family’s future is not going to be as difficult as you might have anticipated. Most people can make significant changes to the way that they save by looking over the ways that they are wasting their money. Take a moment to look into some of these ideas on how to adjust your spending habits. With a bit of time, you should be able to discover a course of action for how to save for the future of your family.

Energy Issues

Your bills are a huge cost to you each month. Whether you own or rent your home, you can be certain that the energy costs associated with running your household are taking up a significant chunk of your budget. This means that you are going to want to focus your attention on these utility bills and try to come up with a plan for how to get your bills into a more practical place. Cutting back on how much energy you and your family use can be a wonderful way to get this ball rolling.

Many homeowners are able to see success with this goal by making small changes to their homes. Switching out the lightbulbs that you are using for more practical, energy-saving bulbs can be a wonderful way to begin. These bulbs use less electricity which helps you to save on your monthly energy costs. You may also want to explore your options with energy-efficient windows and other purchases that can aid you in your quest to stop spending so much on your energy bills. Find what works for your home and stick with it to see a difference.

Insurance Trouble

You also might want to broaden your search when looking over your monthly bills. Energy-related costs are not the only areas where you are probably wasting money on a regular basis. Your insurance, for example, can be another important place to focus your attention. You could easily be spending far more than you need to on costs related to your insurance. If you believe that you are someone who could benefit from changing your current plan, then you have to take action right away and make the right adjustments.

Reach out to a local insurance provider and receive quotes. Try and find a plan that matches your current plan and see how the costs align. If you notice that you are spending more than you should when compared to other providers, it is a good idea to think about switching to a new agency. Whether you are spending a ton on auto insurance or your homeowner’s insurance plan doesn’t seem to cover important aspects of your life, you could always benefit from looking at other options and making your moves from there.

Exploring the Future

In order for you to feel confident in your family’s financial future, you need to take action as soon as possible. Look into areas where you could be wasting money. Take time to explore your energy bills and insurance payments to begin. Starting your plan this way might help you to make important adjustments and keep your family in a safe financial state.

Paying credits and using credit cards over again is not good at all

For several years when I will spend something from own salary, I will not ask for a refund (no one will give it to me), and I will not say I spend this and that. I would just use my own money and wouldn’t say anything. I worked Read the rest of this entry »

Mother daughter bonding time – time well spent

Just bonding few minutes with my kid yesterday through coloring these cute cartoon characters – Kirby yard, shopkins, club penguin puffles. It’s fun to spend time with kiddos, AND I wish not to work so I can take care of them. Time spent with them is never a waste of time because it’s time WELL SPENT.

I thought these white hair strands are mine but it’s not

I asked my youngest daughter to look and pull some white hairs on my head. Every time she will give me strands of hair, it will be long which is impossible because I have a short boy cut hair style. I asked her if it’s the hair of her dolls and she said no. When I told her that she tricked me, that was the time that she’s smiling from ear to ear. And these hair strands are dolls hair. Every time she pulled one of my hair, she will pull some from the dolls. Then she handed me the dolls hair while throwing my hair on the floor. Oh, silly kid!

Shrimp paste with rice

Yesterday, my friend She visited me, and she brought this ‘bagoong alamang’ that she cooked. I asked her how she cooked it and she said that she mixed this shrimp paste with onion, garlic, and sugar with ground turkey. Anyway, I paired this shrimp paste with soft cooked rice, and this was so delicious that I can eat one huge casserole of rice. Thanks for my friend for always sharing her blessings to me (and my family).

Beautiful Erindale Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Parks are one of the places where I can bring my kids whenever they are bored of staying in the house. On this day, one of the parks we visited was Erindale Park with the address of 1705 Twin Oaks Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. We had fun staying there for few minutes and then we decided to go home to finish our homeschooling. Life is fun all the time. It’s good sometimes bring the kids out as they need it most.

And I think this park is clean as there are park regulations for people who will bring their pets. Also, alcoholic drinks are prohibited along with golfing, too much noise since it’s near the neighborhood, no fireworks, no motor vehicles and no camping.

There is just one thing that this park is different and that the playground is in the middle of it. So, you have to walk far from the road on where you park your vehicle before you can reach this play area. Another thing is that there is not much parking as you will park along the road which is just fine with me.

All in all, this park is nice and beautiful.

First field trip of the year 201-2017 (Homeschooling)

Today, my kids had so much fun with the homeschooling kick-off field trip. I am thankful that it was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado as I did not need to drive away from the city. The kids were having fun playing with their classmates and teachers. The parents were having fun with getting to know each other together with the principal’s questions. It was a different start of the year field trip as there was an interaction between parents and principal as well as students and teachers.

I am hoping to have the best homeschooling this year 2017-2018!

Do you have a beautiful heart?

#Softhearted people are not fools. They know what people did to them but they forgive again and again because they have #beautifulhearts. 😍 Do you have a beautiful heart? Or u have too much pride that it reaches beyond the skies?

What to Do With Your Old Musical Instruments

A large number of kids join band at a young age, but not all of those kids stick with music through high school and college. Playing music can help them develop strong skills that will assist them in the future and teach them how to work in a group setting too. As the parent of a former band member, you might have a few musical instruments laying around your house that take up valuable space. There are a few things you can do with those instruments to make money for yourself or to help others.

Sell Online

Many parents rent cheap instruments for their kids to play until they find out if their kids will stick with band. Other parents invest in cheaper instruments and later upgrade to better models. If you have an old saxophone or any other instrument that shows a lot of wear and tear and isn’t very valuable, you’re better off donating it than trying to sell it. Instruments that are in good condition are valuable to others. You can sell that instrument online or to a new player in your community.

Check Local Schools

Even if the instruments your kids played are a little banged up or not in the best condition, you can still contact local schools and ask about donating those instruments. Many schools have less funds than needed to run arts programs like band. While the school may have enough money to fund the program, it may not have enough cash to cover the cost of the instruments that students need. Donating an instrument that you or your child once played in the past lets someone else with a love of music get the chance to play.

Donate to Charity

You can also try donating that old instrument to a charity that supports musical programs and other causes like the Sing for Hope organization. These organizations offer assistance to younger students and older students who love singing and playing music. They provide students with funding to attend prestigious programs and give them the instruments that they need in those programs. Many of these organizations work in areas where there is not a lot of financial help available such as urban cities that cut all arts programs or rural regions that do not have a large number of talented students.

As much as you loved watching your children play in bad recitals, you probably don’t like seeing their old instruments take up space in your home. If your child no longer plays, you can feel comfortable selling that instrument online. You can feel better about yourself when you choose to donate that instrument to a student or organization in need too.

Enjoying the warm summer days

Living in a place with four seasons has the feeling of being deprived of the sunshine especially when you are living far from the coastal areas. Like my family and I who are living in the middle of the US, we want to enjoy the warm weather outside our home. There are times that we can travel to another city and see the beautiful place but mostly we will see to it that we can enjoy outside our home – like at the yard. We just need to be careful not to play and touch any poisonous plants such as poison ivy. Though, we do not need to worry as it is easy to treat poison ivy rash with It is August right now, and it is rainy most of the time, but when there’s no rain, kids will play outside. It is fun to be out every once in a while, and it is healthy to be out in the sun. We wish that it is warm the whole year round but then life has four seasons, and we need to enjoy the beauty of each moment.