Congrats Lyca

Congratulations to the first winner of – The Voice Kids Philippines – Lyca Gairanod. You deserve it little girl. You are such an inspiration. Keep up the good work and keep on dreaming Big. God is with you always and He is guiding you towards your success. Everybody (me included) is so happy for you. Hope you will have many offers in the music industry. God bless you and your family always.

It’s just a thought anyway

Thought is just a thought and if you will not do anything with it, it will just remain a thought. But be careful with it since it will shape up your life. When you do have negative thought, it is easy to change it. Just let go of whatever negative thoughts that you are thinking. No one can Read the rest of this entry »

The beauty of the Philippines

I’d like to thank for featuring the positive side of the Philippines. This video is true. Even if Philippines is called a 3rd world country but there are lots of beautiful things, places, and of course all Filipinos are beautiful. Just like any other countries wherein there are Read the rest of this entry »

Sliding Away

A PowerPoint is not something that everyone is able to do at first, but they are often required for school or work.PowerPoint designers can give you tips on how to create the presentation so that it will be something that gives the necessary details as well as something that is unique. If you know the basics of creating a PowerPoint, then the process will be easier as all you will have to learn about are the fun additions that can be used in the presentation. These include animations of pictures, words and the slides. You can learn how to make the words look different in shape and color. There are themes that you can use in the presentation, and you can insert pictures that you find online. Other options include sound and graphs.

If you don’t know anything about PowerPoint presentations, the designers can walk you through everything you need to know. Learn how to add slides to the presentation as well as how to add headings to the pages. There are various slides for title content only or if you want a title and content on the same page. Basic instructions on how to arrange pictures and information can help you get started in exploring how to arrange the presentation.

God loves all equations

I do believe that God loves all the Math equations. But in my experience, I think he loves more multiplications than additions. Why? The thing that I observed is that when He will give and answers prayers, he loves that it can be multiplied. I mean, when he will give blessings, he wants it Read the rest of this entry »