Free food

Free food at work and thank you! Thanks but I am not hungry as I can go on for days without having solid food for as long as there’s water. My friend told me that the donuts were sweet but I said thank you coz I wasn’t hungry. If I would eat even if my tummy was full it would be like gluttony. So, I just leave the food to my co-workers. Thankful to have free food every day and hope that I would get hungry next time I would see some freebies in the cafeteria.

Find health insurance

The insurance that I have is similar to what offers as this company help individual find the insurance that suits their need. They can easily advise on anyone who needs clarification about the insurance that they want to buy for themselves and for their families. To mention few choices, they can help their clients in finding good short term medical insurance, medicare, marketplace health insurance and a lot more. Do you need insurance? Do you want to have some explanation before buying one? If you do, check this website right now.


Do you want to have a tone shaping tool that will give you premium class result? If you want to, do try checking replex as it says that this can “emulate the sounds produced by magnetic tape and the heads of coveted vintage delays”. The price for this hughes & kettner replex tube driven tape delay simulator is affordable. Do check this out right now, when you need this for your gig.

Give and you will receive huge surprises

I do believe that when a person gives something, there will be more things to come in life. Like when you give without expecting something in return, you will be surprised of the good things that will come back to you. In this video, I do admire the courage of this girl who dropped six hundred pesos in a box without knowing what to expect and she’s surprised of the things that she received out of taking that risk of giving her money away. And six hundred is already big in the Philippines. And thanks to spinnr dot ph. You did a cool thing in surprising people with awesome gifts.

And I like their phrase of “Taking a chance on something unfamiliar can turn out really awesome.” AMAZING!

Creating An Image For Upcoming Bands

Nothing is quite as exciting as the idea of creating new music for the world to enjoy. Music brings untold joy, sentiment, and emotion to the world in which it lives, but in order for music to be heard, the band creating it needs to be seen. Promotional photography goes a long way toward ensuring visibility for new and upcoming bands. The music speaks for itself, but the image is important as well. Commercial potography is the best way to ignite excitement and curiosity about new bands with a message they want to get across to the world.

Promotional photography

Promotional packages are among the most popular packages offered by photography companies. If a band wants to be seen, full-color pictures and different scenes of creativity can create an aura and curiosity about the band that gets people interested in listening to the music. While it’s true that the music behind the pictures needs to be great, and no picture in the world can capture music, the promotional photos for a concert event or autograph signing will definitely be helpful in getting people out to shows to hear what the music is all about.

The music and the image behind the band work together to create an overall vibe for an upcoming band. The importance of promoting a show with beautiful, glossy pictures can’t be stressed enough. Once people see the theatrical imagery for a band, they want to listen to the songs.