When you want to have twins

If you are thinking about using fertility drugs such as Clomid, chances are you have heard of “Clomid Twins”, and you might be a little concerned about what this actually means. The truth is, Clomid is more likely to cause a woman to have twins, but not that much more likely. According to http://Pregnancytips.org, Clomid increases a woman’s chance of having twins because it helps the body produce extra hormones in order to grow and mature the follicles for ovulation. This increases the estrogen levels in the body. Because of these things, a woman might have so much extra stimulation and nourishment for her reproductive system, that the body is “tricked” into producing more than one egg. When that occurs, and the two eggs (or sometimes more!) are released during ovulation and fertilized, the result is twins. The truth of the matter is, Clomid does increase the chance of having twins, but not by much. You see, a woman has a 1-3% chance of having twins naturally. When taking Clomid, that chance of having twins jumps to around 8 percent. So, you are a little more likely to have twins with Clomid, but not too much more likely.

There’s a reason

Usually i will check d mailbox right after throwing the garbage…but today, i was brought to the community office where the mailboxes were placed before going home to get the garbage… when i got out from blue, i heard a voice “HELP, HELP, HELP I FELL DOWN”
I searched around thinking that it was the man with one leg…it was a bit dark on the place where I saw somebody lying on the ground. Read the rest of this entry »

Guitar modeling combo amp

From time to time, I’ve got to visit my favorite guitar center here in my place. I’ve got to check guitars and other musical instrument that’s on sale so that I can save even if I’ll buy something. The thing that I am searching for and waiting to be lesser priced is this peavey vypyr vip 1. I just love it as it is a ‘guitar modeling combo amp’ which I believe it will give me good sounds.

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Jokes – no more

When you will give a joke, be careful with your words as there are other people who will think differently. I mean, there are joker people than you but there are people who will take it seriously. When there are people who will take your jokes seriously, then that will be a different story after that. Next time, it’s better to shut up your mouth so that you cannot speak just anything. Silent is the best act that you can do anyway. If you cannot help it and just chat anything, you better put a tape on your mouth – ha-ha-ha! But really, it’s scary when there is a person who will take your words seriously. You just give a joke but when it’s understood extremely, oh my, you better stay away from him coz it would be a different tale. Now, you learn your lessons – NO MORE JOKES!

Life means freedom to choose anything good! What is your choice?

Living in this life is just once and a person must enjoy life to the fullest. There are many ways to enjoy life in which it depends on the choices and priorities that one sets. Some people want to enjoy life going out alone while others want to be happy with their friends and families. Read the rest of this entry »