You are running your own

“Don’t compare your situation to somebody else’s. You’re not running their race; you’re running your own.”

When you miss your mom and your family

I hate okra when I was a kid. My mama used to mix it with her hands in soft cooked rice. She said that she was doing it to help me eat more and so that I won’t be chewing the food coz it would just slide in my throat. The result was that every spoonful of rice mixed with okra, I would attempt to vomit. It was gross for me but I was helpless. Nothing I could do but ate it.

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Broken Apple gadgets but working still :D

I really do not like Apple gadgets for the reason that I cannot use a micro SD card if my storage is full. I also don’t like the battery life of my iPhone. Another thing is that there are many apps that I cannot delete, like the default apps or whatever.

What I like with Apple is the iTunes as I have more than 400 songs.
Another thing that I like with Apple gadget is that even if I dropped it in the water, it will still function. The only that is not resistant is when it’s being dropped in a hard surface, it will be broken easily.

And speaking of broken Apple gadgets, my daughter broke my iPad, iPhone 4S, and iPod. I tried to replace the screen of my iPod but I didn’t make it right and so right now, it won’t function anymore. With my iPad, I didn’t try to repair it as it just had one crack. Though it’s a long crack but it’s still okay.

Then tonight, she broke my iPhone 4S. Yes, this is an old iPhone but this is very useful to me as this is 64GB. Oh well, I can’t do anything about it. I also don’t want to buy another gadget as savings is more important than any other new gadgets.

Kohl’s savings

Those who love to shop at Kohl’s there is a coupon code HOME10 which is good from October 14 – October 23. It is $10 off for a purchase of $50 or more. In my coupon there’s an additional 20% if Kohl’s charge will be used. As for me, I am waiting for a $10 or $5 bucks off coupon without any minimum purchase. I hope it will come many times in a year :D. Anyway, there’s also a Kohl’s cash offer for every purchase of $50. Want to shop now?

Stenography – anyone?

Who knows how to read stenography? Is this part of your work? Did you study stenography when you were in college? This is a very nice subject to study because it’s just few in a class. Few people want this subject as it is like going back to K or grade 1 and study the ABCs. Can you read part of this?

First Field trip for this homeschooling year 2016- 2017

We had fun during our field trip and hope to join more field trips this school year of 2016-2017. It is not easy to homeschool but it is nice to know all the lessons of my kids even if my eldest constantly fights with writing and math subjects. It doesn’t matter, everything will be okay with the choice of homeschooling my kids.

Castle Rock Library

We visited St. Francis St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church at 2746 5th St, Castle Rock, CO 80104 after the Homeschooling Field trip last September 28, 2016. This is one of our favorite churches here in Colorado, USA as it is open the whole day similar to the churches in the Philippines.

one of the Gazebo views near the church

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Zvex Fuzz Factory

I fell in love with this Zvex Fuzz Factory for the reason that it is hand silk screened and the color combination is so adorable. It is similar to the color of the angry bird cartoons that I love most. Anyway, the price for this piece of guitar effect pedal is so affordable. It is within my budget and I am sure this is within your budget as well. Want to check this out right now?