Tricky candle company

I purchased a candle last July and I thought of going for a subscription hoping to know their new products. This candle company was like offering free ‘ring’ inside their product with the prize of up to 5k dollars (what?). When I checked on it, I said to myself, I’d try to buy it hoping I can give myself a gift coz I purchased it before my birthday. I chose to buy the ‘happy birthday candle’ and I was very excited to have it. When I got it, I immediately dig for some freebies but when I appraised it on their website, it was only $10 in which the ring was too big for me to wear. But it’s okay though. For me, that was just for fun coz it was my birthday. Read the rest of this entry »

Adorable Yamaha cg102

Oh, I just love this yamaha cg102 classical guitar. With the price on sale, this is just so affordable that it will fit anyone’s budget. Is this the thing that you are looking? If yes, then do check it out. This could be a perfect gift for your own self and or for anyone this holiday. Take advantage of the sale price so that you will somehow save in buying this classical guitar. This is just an adorable piece of musical instrument for music lovers.

Believe and have faith

Be careful of how you think; you life is shaped by your thoughts.
-Proverbs 4:23
I hope you have a blessed day today and all throughout the whole week.  Always, remember God loves you.  God is always there for you no matter what you have been through in your life.  So, just keep on praying, hoping, and believing coz all things work for your good.  Have FAITH!

Reasons why you should laugh more…

What that! Nehhh, I am talking about the thing that I’ve read in this link – One thing I find it funny is that laughter can help a person poop. LOL

Now, I need to laugh more so that I can have great body metabolism. Nyahaha!

Though, it is nice to laugh. It brightens the day and it makes the life more positive.

Know what, I have a friend here and we have same dialect. Whenever we are talking together, we will be like talking for hours. And we’re not afraid of being judge not to have the right pronunciation or right accent because we are using our own native dialect. Now, going back to laughter, yes we do laugh out loud. It’s just that after our conversation, people will say “Now, what happen to your speech! It sucks!” LOL

Be mysterious – let them stalk you LOL

Sometimes, people are so curious with your whereabouts. They are so curious that they are stalking on you and trying to know what you are doing even if your life is none of their business and they don’t have the right to know your whereabouts. Although, if they are being paid to do it, at least you are giving them job to do and they are receiving salary because of being a little bit mysterious. LOL

Well, you are just praying the rosary in which you cannot say it to their faces that you are praying to your God coz maybe they will not understand coz they have different religion or they have no religion at all. ‘WHATEVA!’

Or if you want to read good books in the spot that you are comfortable with, you cannot wave the books (digital books) into their faces and say “Hey, you want to read too?” LOL ‘QUEVER’

If you can just let them know what you are doing; that you are praying and or reading good books, maybe they will pray and read too. No not! They are just green or dirty minded humans (I hope they also have a being). But who cares? Do you care? LOL

If you are reading or praying, you don’t want to brag about it. Do you want to brag and boast with the things that you are into? Heaven knows if you are doing good or not! Just let them be curious and let them stalk you whenever they want to. If they are talking to you, and they are asking you why you are alone or what you are doing, maybe it’s the right time to let them know about ‘what you are doing even if it’s none of their businesses’.

Why can’t people mind their own business huh? Okay, stop analyzing things that it’s not worth minding for! Just be mysterious for them. Haha, let them stalk you coz maybe you can teach them in praying the rosary and you can convert them into your religion.