I need a new one

Before, I am thinking of what is the feeling going to be when using those goodies with famous brands. Would the famous brands be more durable compared to the ones, which are not famous? Would the quality be different or it will just be the same? Would I pay for the name or would I pay for the quality of the products that I need?

These are just few of the questions that I need to find some answers. True enough, when I have adequate savings, I tried using the brands of goodies that I am longing to buy. Nonetheless, do not think of me that I am a branded person or something. All I need is to test, you know, testing out on things, compare, and do experiment so that I will not be that naïve on things.

One of the things that I tried is Coffee Makers by Hamilton Beach. I love coffee a lot and I love the HamiltonBeach.com coffee maker. Although, at first, I am a bit shy in using it or I mean I am a bit oblivious on how to use one but then after several tries, I learned. It is just too bad that I did not take good care of those few coffee makers that I had and I need to throw it because there were molds. There were molds because I was not cleaning it (not good). Right now, I have a coffee maker but different thing. I hope that I can buy a new Hamilton Beach coffeemaker soon!

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