Disabling the touchpad/mouse pad of Dell Inspiron 1526

I love laptop but I do not want to use the touchpad whenever I am home. I prefer to use a nano wireless mouse because it is more than convenient. Since I am back with my old Dell inspiron, I want to disable the touchpad since it will always mess up my writing whenever I am typing and working online. I am searching online but I cannot find the things that I want (I do not have enough time also). What I did, I opened my computer’s control panel and play with it. In addition, here is how to disable the touchpad of Dell Inspiron 1526 (I need this since I do not know the function keys or short cut for it).

Open control panel and then choose hardware and sounds.  Click the Mouse

Note:  Click the “Mouse”

Note: Click this touchpad.

Note: Choose device select – button settings.  On the lower portion, don’t forget to check “display icon in the task bar”.

Note:  Now, there are the choices for disabling the touchpad and touchpad buttons for Dell Inspiron 1526.

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