How Your Personal Good Health can Grow a Business

It may be hard to see a link between health and being able to grow a business, but it actually has a big influence on it. We all know why staying healthy is good for us in general, but it can help to make a business more of a success as well for a number of reasons.


It is so important to have the right attitude towards working when you run your own business. You will need to have drive and ambition and be able to push yourself as no one else is going to do it for you. If you are feeling unhealthy, then you may not feel well enough to be able to do this. You may rather do nothing that push on with setting up the business or expanding it and this will result in things not going as planned. It could lead to procrastination and delay.


You will need a lot of energy to grow your business. You will need to focused and work hard and put in a lot of effort. This is not easy if you are not healthy as you will just not have the energy there to use. You may have trouble with focussing as well. Staying healthy can therefore make a huge difference.


There will be costs if you are not healthy which can lead to higher life insurance and health insurance for example. Although these are personal costs they will still have a bearing on the business. You may have to spend extra money that you could otherwise spend on the business and it may mean that it will not grow as quickly or you just may not be able to grow at all.

Working Hours

To grow a business means that you will have to put in extra working hours. This will probably mean working evenings and weekends as well as long days. If you are not healthy you may not have the stamina to be able to do this or the extra work could make you ill.


You may need to find money into invest in your business in order to help it to grow. When looking for a lender they may not want to lend to you if they feel that you are not healthy enough to be able to do the work required to expand. You may feel that they will not notice but if you see them and you are unwell, overweight, looking pale or anything like that, it could put them off lending you the money that you need.

It is therefore extremely important that you stay healthy when you are running a business. This is not always easy, but you can help yourself by eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. It will have big effects on your business giving you the right attitude, energy and stamina that you will need as well as helping out financially by keeping costs down and helping you to borrow money if you need to.

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