2nd hand smokers’ danger

This is a very sad thing to know about 2nd hand smokers – http://www.healthychildren.org/English/health-issues/conditions/tobacco/pages/Dangers-of-Secondhand-Smoke.aspx. I hope people are responsible enough not to smoke. In that way, they are also responsible in not inflecting illness to those people around them. I am just wondering why they will still smoke when there is a warning in the package of all cigarettes. They know that it is harmful to them and to anyone but they still sucking that smoke many times a day. They know that they are wasting their money in buying smoke and that they are not making themselves wealthy and healthy with it, but they are still buying boxes of cigarettes many times a month. I just cannot comprehend why they work so hard but they would buy cigarettes in destroying their health. Why can’t they decide in saying that cigarettes are “yucky and harmful”? Why can’t they decide that instead of buying cigarette, they would just invest their money on some good investments for them and for their families to enjoy? Why? Why? Why?

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