Biometric time clocks

Companies put a lot of effort into becoming as productive as they can possibly be. With that in mind, however, they don’t focus on the right areas: employee productivity. Implementing tools and making the workload easier can only go so far when employees don’t show up to work. That’s where biometric time clocks come in.
Far too many businesses lose revenue because of dishonest employees coming into work late and having a friend clock in for them. However, a biometric time clock is linked specifically to that person’s fingerprint. Without checking in with their finger, a person can’t clock in. The use of these clocks makes it impossible for someone to clock in for someone else. Not only does this improve employee productivity, but it also encourages people to show up on time. It will help to weed out employees who are a drain on the company.
The clocks are easy to implement. In fact, checking in with a biometric clock is faster than a traditional time punch card. All employees have to do is press a thumb or a few fingers onto a scanning pad. The system will read their fingerprints and record exactly the time the employee checked in, down to the second. This allows for more accuracy in measuring when employees arrived, as well as when they leave. Companies that experience a large decrease in productivity can make use of these clocks to restore themselves to proper working order. In addition, these clocks can be used to dole out the proper disciplinary action to employees that are chronically late.
Time fraud is a major source of payroll expense. Smaller companies absolutely cannot afford to pay out salaries to employees who aren’t contributing or doing their part. Investing in a biometric clock can guarantee that no employee can punch in for another, which keeps employees honest and makes it easier for a company to focus on improving its overall productivity and revenue through more traditional methods. It’s far better to treat the source of a problem than attempt to salvage it through a band-aid solution.

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