Everybody is an angel

I believe in Angels whether I can sense them as if they are invisible or they are in human form. One of my encounters for angels was when I need to buy a certain kind of chips in a grocery but it was too high for me to reach. So, I tried to look at that goodies and I was wishing there will be store personnel or another person who can see me. After few minutes, there was a man who got near me and my kids.

He asked me, “Do you want to reach something?”
I replied, “Yes, I want to buy that one but they placed it very high and I cannot reach it with my petite height.”
He said, “I can reach it for you. This one? Only one?”
I replied, “Yes that one.” But I was too shy to ask him that I want at least 2. Then he walked away.

I said to myself, I wish he can reached at least one more. My kids and I were just still standing and in a while, he was back. He asked, “Oh, do you want some more? How many?”
I said, I want at least 2 and he gave me another two packs. I said thanks to him, as in many times.

My kids and I went to another aisle and look for the goodies on our list. Then that man came and talk to me again. He asked about my nationality. I said to him that I am a Filipino and then he said that he will be traveling to Asia particularly Philippines, Vietnam and other place because he’s a pastor. So, I said to him, “Oh, that’s why your face is a bit different. It is like, it is very light and it’s just different. I can’t explain. And your personality is so nice.” And then he said thank you. Then, I said wish him a happy travel in the places of his mission in spreading the word of God.

Anyway, that day, he was the angel that my kids and I need. You know, Angels are around. I believe that everybody is an angel to somebody. We just need to recognize every good deeds that a person did to us every day.

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