Easy bacon chicken wrap

2/3 cups of brown sugar
2tbsp of chili powder
You also need pieces of toothpicks.
Pan covered with nonstick foil.
You can also use cooking spray so that the #baconchicken wrap won’t stick on the foil.

Preheat oven at least 350F
Mix the brown sugar and the chili powder
Cut the chicken into the desired size (or bite size)
You can wrap the whole bacon to the chicken meat or divide it in half. I usually divide the bacon in half as I only use bite size of chicken meat.
Coat it with the mixed brown sugar and the chili powder
Put it on the pan with foil
Bake it for around 30 minutes but I usually have it baked for around 40 minutes.
You can use it as an appetizer or you can just make it as your ulam (sudan, viand, snacks, whatever).
Enjoy and have a delicious meal!

Tips: If you are making lots of #baconchickenwrap and you are out of your mixture, just make another one and dip your wraps.

Note: Use chicken broth in cooking your rice so that it will taste yummylicious.

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