Everyone has values

One of the people who inspire me is Nick Vujicic. I always check on his FB updates most especially when I am feeling down or feeling negative. And yesterday, the thing that caught my attention was this:

Every single human being has value. That value is not determined by how you look, what job you have, where you’re from, or where you were born. Material objects are fleeting, success is temporary, and outward appearances change. TRUE value is established and maintained by walking through life with Jesus Christ at the center! – Nick Vujicic

And yes, everyone has values. If only each person can stay positive all the time and if only a person can have so much love, there will be peace wherever that person is.

But why is it that it’s easy to think negative than to be positive? Why? When being positive feels good, why we can easily divert ourselves to negative and give chaos in our lives!

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