Food for Friday after the Ash Wednesday

Today is the first Friday that my kids are not allowed to eat meat because of the Ash Wednesday. My son asked me if it will be for a long time that he will not eat meat. I told him that it’s just for few Fridays until the Lenten season will be over. And he felt okay after hearing those words because he thought that forever he will not eat meat. I told him that it’s just on few Fridays and that’s it. And today, our breakfast is oatmeal and for lunch its rice mixed with chayote squash and spinach. Good thing they ate it. It’s their first time to undergo something like this since it’s also the first time that we are active in the Catholic Church. My son is into RCIA and so we need to follow everything that’s being required. The RCIA is almost done and after that he will be undergoing a baptism and first communion. Anyway, it’s nice to be active in church again as I am active in church in PH. Same Catholic religion but there is difference between practices especially the baptism of older kids. In the Philippines, baptism is easy but here older kids and adults will take RCIA from October and it will end up until April and 1.30 hour classes will be conducted every week. Oh well, it’s a learning for my son.  It’s fun to see him mingle with other kids as he is homeschooled.  Going to church and studying about the bible is nice thing to do for the kids and for the family.

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