Bring your kids out so that they won’t feel alienated from the society

I just need to bring my kids out every once in a while so that they can have a little balance life aside from homeschooling, staying at home most of the time, watching TV and playing computer/gadget games. Even just at the park, it will help them a lot. I cannot wait for any miracle on finances before bringing them out. I just need to let them at least mingle with others so that they won’t feel alienated from the society. For us to save, I need to bring water and few snacks for them to eat/drink. It’s fun to see the kids when they are out. It’s fun to see them enjoy things outside the house besides letting them play online games or watching TV. Life is fun even if lack of finances, but it won’t prevent the family to go out sometimes. You don’t need hundreds of dollars to go out with kids. You just need to just think of bringing them out so that they won’t be surprised or so that they would learn how to place themselves in the crowd. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a family time outside the house like at the park or any other places good for kids.

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