I love to write because I am weak in verbal skills. Though I am trying to develop my verbal skills but then my strength is writing even if there is a need for me to learn more about English and grammar. But there are times that I feel lazy and I don’t want to write updates for my blogs. Since I need to earn a little, so I need to write even if I don’t feel like writing anything. I just need to update my sites and take care of it so that it will give me good fruits in the coming days and months. Usually, I feel so lazy and the feeling of not writing when I am not feeling good. But I need to train myself to write and write so that I can benefit the fruit of my blogs in the coming days. Well, I am just hoping that there will be someone who can give me more than enough finances so as for me to enjoy life with my kids and just be a pure stay at home mother who will just take care of the family, kids, homeschooling, errands, and chores. I hope somebody will pity my situation. *Sigh!*

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