And now I am taking All Day Allergy-D

Since I do feel the clogged in my ear still until today, I’ve decided to visit the doctor. And so I was scheduled at 7pm. I went in the clinic and my family was waiting for me at the parking lot. I thought they were busy but during night time, it was quite in the doctor’s office, (like around 4 staffs, 1 MA and 1 medical provider.) I was being seen immediately before I was finished writing the papers. When the MA checked me, he asked why I was there in the clinic. I told him that I want my ear to be checked as it’s not comfortable (clogged and there’s a humming sound in my ear) and I am afraid I have infection or anything. I also told him that I put a ‘Similasan ear relief ear drops‘ (as what I’ve posted in my previous post) but still I feel the clogged and the humming in my right ear. When he checked my ear he said that it’s pretty clean and there’s no sign of infection. After that, he left me and then the provider came to see me. She asked about my reason of why I was there in the clinic and I told her about the clogged in my ear. She checked my ear and again there’s no sign of infection. She asked whether I have colds or anything, I told her that every morning I have some sniffles. I also told her that I was not feeling well February, then March, then April. I had sore throat that I thought it was a canker sore but that thing was healed already and now the clogged in my ear is the next thing that I am feeling. She checked my mouth and my throat but she said she it’s fine. So she said that maybe there’s water inside my ear and so to help me with it, she will prescribe something for me. I didn’t know that it’s All Day allergy-D. I was sent home immediately and then before going home, I visited the pharmacy. So, when I talked to the pharmacist, he told me that it’s just an over the counter medication as it’s All Day Allergy-D and so I paid for it. I told that I thought it’s a prescription drug but it’s okay though. And he said to me that the ingredients pseudoephedrine will help the thing that I am feeling and hopefully it will help drain the water in my ear if there’s any water. When I got home, I drink 1 tab as it says to take 1 every 12 hours. Right now, there’s still hum in my ear but it’s milder compared to the past days. I do believe that this clogged ear that I am feeling will be healed soonest in Jesus Name!

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