How to change storage from internal storage to SD card on LG phone

Okay, I am having a hard time changing things today. I need to use the micro SD card coz I need to record videos of the end of the homeschooling year event for my kids. But then I cannot figure out how to do it. When I searched online, I got different tutorials in which I cannot use. So, I thought of experimenting on my old LG phone. Good thing I discovered that in order for me to transfer the storage setting of my LG phone from internal memory to SD card is that I just need to do these simple things.
1. Open the camera
2. Tap the camera setting icon so that these choices will pop up
3. Tap the storage icon on the bottom
4. Then, you will see the choices of SD card and Internal Storage. Tap the SD card if you prefer to save your photos in it.
5. You’ve got to repeat these simple steps for your video storage. K K!

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