AC in the shed – hope to sell this one soon

This was the thing that I transferred in the shed today – an old air conditioner. This is still functioning. Hope to sell this ac unit soon in the garage sale so that this will be of use by other person instead of the dust that’s been using this for several years now.

In order me to transfer it from inside the house to the shed, I had to lift it from the table, then, put it down on the floor and pull it out of the door to the porch. After that, I had to get my computer chair with wheels, use plywood (as a bridge/support from porch to the chair) and slide it from porch to the chair. Then I had to roll my computer chair with wheels using two pieces of plywood underneath the wheels so as to reach the shed. After rolling on the first plywood, I had to rest the chair on one piece and then transfer the other piece in front of the used plywood. My husband helped me when I was halfway near the shed and until I reached the shed. Then he helped me put the ac unit inside its casing.

Anyway, I thought I don’t have my strength in carrying heavy stuff but I am thankful to God that I am still strong at my mid age. Thanks to my husband for supporting me in fitting the ac unit in its case when I reached the shed. Thanks God for the great strength and for the angels who helped me out.

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