What to Do With Your Old Musical Instruments

A large number of kids join band at a young age, but not all of those kids stick with music through high school and college. Playing music can help them develop strong skills that will assist them in the future and teach them how to work in a group setting too. As the parent of a former band member, you might have a few musical instruments laying around your house that take up valuable space. There are a few things you can do with those instruments to make money for yourself or to help others.

Sell Online

Many parents rent cheap instruments for their kids to play until they find out if their kids will stick with band. Other parents invest in cheaper instruments and later upgrade to better models. If you have an old saxophone or any other instrument that shows a lot of wear and tear and isn’t very valuable, you’re better off donating it than trying to sell it. Instruments that are in good condition are valuable to others. You can sell that instrument online or to a new player in your community.

Check Local Schools

Even if the instruments your kids played are a little banged up or not in the best condition, you can still contact local schools and ask about donating those instruments. Many schools have less funds than needed to run arts programs like band. While the school may have enough money to fund the program, it may not have enough cash to cover the cost of the instruments that students need. Donating an instrument that you or your child once played in the past lets someone else with a love of music get the chance to play.

Donate to Charity

You can also try donating that old instrument to a charity that supports musical programs and other causes like the Sing for Hope organization. These organizations offer assistance to younger students and older students who love singing and playing music. They provide students with funding to attend prestigious programs and give them the instruments that they need in those programs. Many of these organizations work in areas where there is not a lot of financial help available such as urban cities that cut all arts programs or rural regions that do not have a large number of talented students.

As much as you loved watching your children play in bad recitals, you probably don’t like seeing their old instruments take up space in your home. If your child no longer plays, you can feel comfortable selling that instrument online. You can feel better about yourself when you choose to donate that instrument to a student or organization in need too.

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