Paying credits and using credit cards over again is not good at all

For several years when I will spend something from own salary, I will not ask for a refund (no one will give it to me), and I will not say I spend this and that. I would just use my own money and wouldn’t say anything. I worked online most of the time as a freelance writer, and whatever I earn, I will spend it with my family. Yes, I will share something with my parents, but it wasn’t big at all compared to the one I shared with my own family. I am doing my best to help my family without saying a word that I spend this and that on things. I just want to help because it feels good when I can buy and provide things even in my little way (all expenses can be on my PayPal printouts if there’s a need to check). Until the time that my income was insufficient, and I just relied on credits. So every month, I paid my credit (thank God), but every time I was paying it, I will credit more. Then, I tried to do some business using my credit, but the goodies that I bought are still not sold yet. And so some of my credits were tied up to the unsold goodies that I have in my inventories.

At this very moment, I feel sad with my credits as I help my family in the wrong way (using my credit if I don’t have cash). For some reason, my only option is to work online doing some writing gig and or to sell some stuff. I am not blaming anyone though. It’s my own choice to live this way.

Of course, the only best option that I can is to ask GOD to help me out because I cannot pay my credits alone if He does not give me some work to do. I am helpless without God. I do believe that trusting him more; he will give me thousands of good works from good people who will give me works to do. I know I can get out from this mess in no time with God’s aid. Thank you, God!

I now know that paying credits and using credit cards over again is not good at all. I learned my lessons so well! And so help me God. I know he is helping me always!

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