Remodeling Contractor’s Easy access tubs, walk in tub showers and more

There is nothing more rewarding or luxurious than an evening (or mid-afternoon!) hot bath. But what if you’re somewhat impaired and can’t lower yourself or lift yourself out of tubs? Many of you today find yourselves taking care of elderly parents. It’s difficult to watch them lose the ability to do the things they once loved. Or anyone for that matter. There are solutions.

Without having to do entire bathroom remodels, there are still options for those who have trouble with mobility. Medical experts discuss the benefits of hydrotherapy on the body, especially the aging body. It is sometimes a conundrum that those most needing the health benefits of hot showers and soaks are the ones unable to maneuver into the tubs.

Walk In Tub Showers

One of the options for those unable to enter or stand in a large shower is the safety and security of easy access tubs and walk-in showers. Companies today specialize in working with health experts in the design of the walk-in showers and tubs. Many contractors like will not only help you plan your new bathroom appliances, they will install and show you how to maintain. The designs are ample and can fit into most existing bathrooms. Most come with flooring that is non-slip, and bars and handles are installed in specific locations for upmost safety. Walk in, hold on, and enjoy the shower or tub.

Walk In Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi’s

Baths and showers are luxurious for sure, but bathing is essential. What about just spending an evening under the stars or enjoying outdoor luxury? Again, the health benefits of soaking daily or weekly are still being studied, but the benefits are positive. As the population grows older, the walk-in Jacuzzi is becoming a trend worldwide. These outdoor luxury walk-ins feature Jacuzzi jets can make you forget your immobility issues. Much like the walk-in bath, these of course lack the shower option (unless you’re outdoor adventurous!),but give the freedom to sit outside in a heated bath environment.

Retirement and Rest Homes

Yes, there are even walk-in luxury options at today’s most modern retirement villages. This option, of course, removes all need to install in your own home or yard. If you’re considering the expense and trouble of having your bathroom noisy and under construction for even a day, perhaps consider the overall luxury of having day and night assistance. In modern, comfortable rest homes your food is often prepared, exercise programs are available, and be sure to mention your want of a walk-in shower, tub, or even a public Jacuzzi.

Of course, with any purchase for the elderly or immobile, consult with doctors for your wisest decisions. Just because you, a parent, or a loved one can’t get around fully on their own, that’s no reason to stop enjoying the luxury and health benefits of warm water. Walk-in showers and tubs are easily installed in homes. Walk-in Jacuzzi’s can be installed outside to share with family and friends. Or if the hassle has become too much to think about, many modern retirement and convalescent homes now offer walk-in therapy or bathing options to enhance a healthy lifestyle. There’s no longer a reason to miss out on the luxury of hot bathing.

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