Just think positive anyways

When you can only talk to God about your problems and wait for his blessings for you to have your own finances in sharing to your family who has health concerns back home, you will feel like you are carrying the whole world on your shoulder.

Well, you cannot do anything with it. You have to wait for God’s provision. For others, it’s easy for them to send back home, but for you, you have to work day and night for you to earn. And you are going to believe that there are lots of blessings coming your way so that you can solve your own finances and at the same time share it with your families while homeschooling and taking care of your own family. It’s heartbreaking when you are feeling negative.

So, just think positive and know that God is working for you and that there will be lots of blessings every day. Oh dear! THINK POSITIVE ANYWAYS and pray that your father and mother are okay!

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