Driving in the interstate be like

There are times I’d love to drive on the interstate highway. I don’t mind if I will drive for few minutes to hours. You know I am a home buddy, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love to go out. I’d love going out and just driving around especially with the whole family coz I want to bring my kids out.

And in this video, I cannot remember why I drive on the interstate. Maybe it’s a field trip for the school of my kids. The date stated that it’s September of last year. Oh well, I am just sharing this video and saving it in my channel. Hope you are having fun watching.

Driving on the interstate highway, you’ve got to be brave coz u will be driving with vans and other huge trucks plus other aggressive drivers. Also, you’ve got to pray for the safety of your travel, and for the safety of all motorists.

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