Fun Halloween Time for the kiddos this year

My kids and I were looking for Halloween costumes yesterday in the mall, but since it’s the day of the event, we couldn’t find anything. So, while we were walking inside the mall, I saw a barber shop, and so I let my son had his hair cut since he had a long hair. After the haircut, as we continue roaming around we found one store that has girl’s stuff, and so we got inside the store as there were few capes and other things for Halloween. I bought a costume for the girl and a knitted hat for the boy together with fidget spinners since that store was offering buy 3 take 3 for free.

But they didn’t have a basket, and I didn’t have any idea that they can use a pillowcase since it’s their 2nd-time trick or treats so we visited Walmart. We did find lots of Halloween costumes, so I bought another – a shopkins costume and a Pikachu. Then we went home to change clothes, and we joined our friends’ trick or treat in their neighborhood.

Since it was cold and I didn’t want to walk, I told my friend that we will ride the car while roaming around their neighborhood. It did help our trick or treaters a lot since they were not feeling cold and at the same time, they were not walking too much. Their buckets were full of just a few houses that they chose to ding the doorbells.

Before we headed home, we dropped by at the house of my friend and sorted the candies. I left the one with peanut ingredients coz it’s not good for my kiddos. I drove home after that with my kids so happy with their 2nd trick or treats.

Next year, we will join again, and we will not roam around walking, but we will roam around riding our car. It’s fun.

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