Sore throat, high fever, clinic visits, hospital stay, Petechiae skin rashes, Motrin, and steriods

Sore throat Monday night and Tuesday morning my kid went to blended learning school for a day to be with other homeschoolers. I gave him the tea same as he always had every time he will complain of a sore throat. When I picked him up in the afternoon, he said his throat was fine because the of eating grapes.

Then Wednesday, he was crying already because it was painful and he cannot swallow any food or water, so I brought him to the clinic. I told the first FNP that I gave him lozenges, tea with honey, and Tylenol but no effect. We were there, but we were sent home with the message that he didn’t have strep throat and that I was asked that he can take pain reliever OTC medication. He was salivating already because it’s so hard for him to swallow. The FNP told him that he needs to swallow the saliva instead of spitting it out because she said that my son’s body is telling him that it’s dry and needs more water/lubricant. So, we went home, and he has a high fever. Since the FNP told me that the ibuprofen was more effective than the Tylenol, so it’s good that I will give him that meds. I told the FNP that there were some that have milk (lactate) ingredients on it, but she said she never encountered a medication with milk in it. I just could not specify the name of that ibuprofen that has lactate ingredient because I couldn’t remember it.

So, I sent my kid home, and I went back to store to buy ibuprofen. I gave my kid that meds Wednesday afternoon, then evening and until the following day – Thursday, he had rashes. I still continue giving him the generic of Motrin the equate junior strength ibuprofen because I thought maybe he’s like his daddy who will have some skin rashes right after the fever will go away. Although his fever was high that day, I was thinking, maybe he’s almost feeling good upon seeing the skin rashes.

On Friday, he won’t eat or drink, and he was fighting me because he can’t hardly swallow. He was even having a hard time talking. So, I tried calling the clinic again for a checkup. Then a new FNP was the one checking on him. She told me that there’s nothing to worry as it’s not strep throat. And the skin rashes was okay, nothing to worry about. But she said she will ask for a 2nd opinion from another FNP. When the new 2nd FNP saw my son, she said that she should give a steroid to help with the pain, but she’s worried about the skin rashes coz maybe something is going on with the blood, and she didn’t want to miss anything. She asked me if I can bring my son to the ER. I was crying that time because I was afraid. So I drove to the ER to bring my son and with me was my daughter. He was having a small amount of food for lunch, but my daughter didn’t have any, and it’s late already. So, I called my friend that if possible she can pick up my daughter so that she can eat something. It’s good that she fetched my daughter at the ER entrance and I just let my daughter had a sleepover at her place.
Back in the ER, we were waiting for the blood result, and they said it was fine, but they want to observe the rashes because they said it’s Petechiae. I told them that maybe it’s because of the Motrin, but they said maybe it’s different.

Friday night we were admitted right after the x-ray and blood work were done. They also gave steroids to my son for which I was thankful because after several hours my son can swallow his saliva, can open his mouth, and can talk with clear words. Until he’s able to eat. We stayed overnight because the doctor wants to make sure and want to observe the skin rashes. The gave IVTT to replenish the water because he didn’t have much food and drink for several days. Doctors said that the skin rashes of my kid were called Petechiae and there are lots of reasons for it. They just cannot pinpoint what’s the cause as the blood lab results looked okay. They just asked me to observe the rashes, and whenever it looks different, I need to bring my son back to the hospital when it’s like a life-threatening situation or even to call 911. Also, they asked me to have a checkup with the FNP by this Monday or Tuesday.

And today we are home. I am grateful with all the FNP from the clinic who took care of my son and the two FNPs who suggested that we’d visit the ER. Thank U also to all hospital staffs, doctors, nurses, valet parking staffs, housekeeping staffs, and food service staffs who helped us. May you will be blessed with more. May you will continue in helping people feel better quickly. God bless!

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