Walgreens and Equate ibuprofen generics have milk ingredients in it

Walgreens brand of ibuprofen has lactose inactive ingredients in it, and so it is not advisable for my kid (or to anyone) that has milk allergies. But it was easy for me to detect because the word lactose means milk. But the whey word with the equate generic brand of ibuprofen, it is just now that I read the words WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE and whey is from milk. OMG, maybe it was the cause of the skin rashes of my kid, and that instead, he’d feel better, his sore throat was more painful for several days plus the rashes from feet to the upper legs.

Why these two generic brands have lactose and whey ingredients in it? These ingredients are not good for those people who are allergic to milk.

Okay, so when I visited the store, I didn’t see any Motrin brand. I went to the check out to pay, but then when I read the paper from the FNP, I’ve noticed the emphasis that I needed to buy the junior strength. So I put my cart on the side and went back to the pharmacy section, but I cannot find any Motrin junior strength. So I waited for an available pharmacist, and when there’s one, she said she will help me find it. She couldn’t find any Motrin also, and she suggested that I’ll just buy the equate brand. I asked if it’s okay and she said, ‘IT’S THE SAME AS MOTRIN.’ I went back to my cart and pay for all the items that I needed to buy.

Lesson: It is always good to read and search for all the ingredients before giving any meds to anyone like my kid who has food allergies. Oh dear Lord!

Anyway, I tried to read (online) the ingredients of Motrin ibuprofen, and it does not have any whey, lactose or any other milk ingredients in it.

Good thing if I just bought the MOTRIN as it doesn’t have milk ingredients in it. Oh dear Lord, please protect my kid and other people who have allergies.

From now on, I will have to read and search for every ingredient of generic brands or whatever medicines that I will be giving to my kid who has food allergies. Oh dear Lord!

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