Touched by this book – Sometimes God has a kid’s face

I love books ever since I was a kid. Upon growing up, I want to make my own small mini library with all the inspiring and interesting books that I love most. I just love inspirational things and self-help things that will help me ease the pain that I have had inside of me.

And last night, I was thankful to visit the church library as it had lots of free books for book lovers. One of the books that caught my attention is this one entitled ‘Sometimes God has a Kid’s Face.’ The description of this book touched my heart as well as it’s stated ‘Abandoned and lost in a world of sex, abuse, and terror, desperate kids, turn to their last hope.’ When I open the soft cover, there’s a beautiful word handwritten by Sr. Mary Rose. I am glad I am able to pick this book and somehow read it. It touched my heart. Every story of the kids featured in this book made my heart bleeds.

Gladly, these kids were being led by God in finding the Covenant House for them to be safe, loved and comforted. Oh dear God please save everyone in this world.

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