Home school or go to the regular school? What’s your choice?

With the recent bullying in almost all of the schools, it’s the reason why many parents chose to homeschool their kids nowadays compared to going to the regular school. Even without allergies, some kids asked their parents that they’ll be homeschooled.

There’s one couple who hired a Nanny just to homeschool their daughter because she didn’t want to go to the regular school as she prefers to just stay at home while learning. I asked the mother for what reason and she said to me that her daughter just wanted to be homeschooled. Good thing the parents have good jobs and they are residing in an elite district here in springs which means they can afford anything for their kiddo. The mother worked as a manager of a good company whom she can work on mobile (to check on the people who work under her) whenever there are field trips. Although there are times that she will bring her daughter’s nanny on field trips in the Spring areas. When it’s in other cities, she will bring her daughter herself maybe for safe driving on the highway.

Homeschooling is nice similar to the regular school especially if kids will cooperate in writing, reading and in finishing the lessons for the day. You can advance your lessons anytime you want, or you can catch up with the lessons for the weak if you’re a bit late due to some concerns. Also, you are furnished with books, school supplies, and computers when you choose to homeschool.

There are many advantages of homeschooling vs. the regular school. If I can turn back the time, I’d prefer to just homeschool and stay at home with my parents, but luckily it was 1980 to the late 90s that I was schooling in my Asian home country.

So what is your choice with regards to your education and or the education of your children?

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