Coco the Movie at Icon Cinema VIP Seating

Photo Credits: To my friend Shirley S.

When my friend invited my kids and me to a free movie, I easily said okay to it. She said it’s in Icon Cinema VIP Seating located in D20. So on that day, we drove to that place, but we were lost because we entered the Regal Cinema Interquest first before we reached the Icon Cinema. Since the place is still not fully finished, we parked at the back. We were late for few minutes, but we were able to catch up before the movie started.

The movie that they chose to watch was Coco, and it was very nice because it’s about family. The lessons in the movie were to have time for the family and prioritize family over anything else. It was also about supporting the talent of a kid and not suppressing it just because of happenings in the past. It also teaches about love and forgiveness. The movie had a nice twist, and we loved it. It was also colorful with beautiful lightings.

With regards to the cinema, it was new, nice and it’s so clean. The chairs were soft, and we sit like VIPs since all were electric recliner chairs with foot rests. Tickets were purchased online since it’s a reservation only cinema.

I am thankful that my friend and her family invited my kids and I too watched the movie. It was fun, and it’s our first time in that place. We enjoyed much

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