When you’re lost on the hi-way, you’ve got to turn around and find the right way

It was the birthday of the daughter of my friend yesterday, and she asked me that if possible I can get one of our friends from the other city before the party and then send her back home after the party. It was just fine for me coz I love driving on the interstate. I woke up around 5:30am, prepared myself and then drove to the highway. I told myself that I will just text my friend that I am near her place when I am almost near so that she can still sleep a little coz she’s pregnant and I didn’t want her to get tired of waking up early.

I knew I set up my GPS before driving the hi-way

While driving and I was almost 9 minutes (maybe) near the exit road, my TOMTOM GPS stocked at 9 minutes, and there was no signal. But I still continued my driving hoping that my GPS will mention that I need to exit in a particular place. It won’t give me a signal, but I still continued to drive until I passed STEM Beach, Colorado, then drove to a place where I saw a windmill on the left area of the road, but I still continued to drive. Until I said to myself that I need to stop and check on my GPS when I can find an exit after turning around coz I remembered that the road I was passing was the one I drove on the way to Sand Dunes Colorado. So, I exited on a particular place, turn to the left side and stopped on the road to prepare myself going back to the northern part. When I reset my GPS, it gave me at least more than 30minutes away from my friend’s place. So I have to hurry, but I had to check on my GPS to make sure it will give me the right road so that I won’t get lost again. Until I was able to reach her place.

After I turned facing the northern part

Stopped at the side of the road to check my GPS again

On our way back I shared with her my experience. It was confusing, but I think it was for my safety and our safety in going back to Colorado Springs.

We reached my place safely at the right time coz, I have to cook some cupcakes to be brought to the party so that my kids can eat a cupcake free of eggs, peanuts, and cow’s milk.

I told myself, maybe it was just for safety that I was lost. Maybe it was not safe for me to exit on a particular place at that early time of the day. So I needed to drive past the certain place and turn around when I was safe to drive in that place. Thank God for the experience. I just love traveling sometimes. It’s refreshing to be able to see beautiful places and beautiful creations of God.

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