JDMaBelleverlasting.com is a personal blog of Ma Belle with different topics and categories. Ever since she created this one, she put many titles on it as she is not sure of what words to use (presently she named this one AJDMaBelleverlasting which represents her name and the name of her two kids and her husband).  Anyway, the only thing that she knew from the start is that JDMABELLEVERLASTING.com offers her HOPE, FAITH, and LOVE for the very reason that this site of hers helped her and her families in so many ways. She’s been able to help her friends (both in person and online friends) as well through the creation of this simple site as she guided each and everyone who wants to learn the basic things in blogging since 2007 no matter if it will consume most of her time.

On the other hand, Ma Belle is a full time stay at home mother, web host, blogger, writer, homeschooler and a good friend. Be with her and know her more through her journey with jdmabelleverlasting.com.