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Few minutes of exercise & this is what I got

I got the chance to exercise for several minutes today and this is what I got. It’s just around 2189 counts or steps and around 304 calories. I want to exercise more but I need to work online and so I am back. Hopefully I get to have more than enough blessings for today. Thank you God!

And now I am taking All Day Allergy-D

Since I do feel the clogged in my ear still until today, I’ve decided to visit the doctor. And so I was scheduled at 7pm. I went in the clinic and my family was waiting for me at the parking lot. I thought they were busy but during night time, it was quite in the doctor’s office, (like around 4 staffs, 1 MA and 1 medical provider.) I was being seen immediately before I was finished writing the papers. When the MA checked me, he asked why I was there in the clinic. Read the rest of this entry »

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Clogged ear

My right ear is clogged for 3 to 4 days now and it bothers me – A LOT. I searched online on what to do but it’s still not working. So, today I bought Similasan ear relief. The box of this medicine stated that it will offer multi-symptom relief like clogged ears, ear discomfort, trapped water, and itching. This cost me $11+ with this small bottle. Anyway, used 4 drops in my ear but right now, my ear is not relief from clogged. In fact it is clogged more. Anyway, I will wait for few hours and I’ll check if it will unclogged or whatever.

One stop shop for wigs, hair care and other beauty products

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

How often will you shop for your beauty needs? How often will you prioritize yourself? Will you shop your beauty regimen online?

Every so often there is a need for you to take good care of yourself. As what they say taking care of your own self is like taking care of everyone else that you love. When you are healthy and happy with BEAUTY it would mean that you can also take good care of the people around you more than you care of yourself. But you have to prioritize your own self first so as for you to stay fit, healthy and beautiful.

Speaking of which, when you are going to shop online for your hair, nails and skin products, do check out Black Hairspray. They do have thousands of products that will amaze you. Like when you need some hair accessories such as wigs for black women, remy hair, human hair wigs, weaves, shampoos, brushes, combs, eyebrow shapers, etc. surely there are products that you can find at this one stop shop for leading beauty brands.

Shopping at Black Hairspray is easy and you can do it anytime you want to. Check for their discounted products as through these offers, you can one way or another save while you are shopping. Also, enjoy their free shipping with your purchase of $50 or more. Have fun shopping!

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My Longest Hair

This was my longest hair. I had this more than 10 years ago. I thought of not cutting this until I’ll have my vacation in PH. But it was heavy to carry already and so it’s the reason why I cut it myself. Since I couldn’t make Read the rest of this entry »

Good humidity is what we need

When the humidity is something like this, OMG, it is so hard to breath. Throat is so dry, mucus in the nose, and fever. Right now, I am using humidifier but it’s kind of small in size and so I need to boil water before going to sleep. My kids and I just need enough humidity of at least 30 inside the house to be able to breathe comfortably. As of the moment, my daughter has fever after my eldest stabilize at a normal temperature although he still has some mucus in the nose. Hoping and praying for the healing of my kiddos. Thank you God!

Helping a Child through New Experiences

Childhood is a time of life that is full of a lot of new experiences. Some of these experiences can be exciting and a few of them can be a little terrifying. The reason why a lot of the experiences children go through can be challenging is because since it is their first time doing them, they have no frame of reference.

For example, for a small child, something as simple as getting their hair cut for the first time can make them feel a twinge of panic. If they have never had their hair cut before, they don’t thoroughly understand that cutting their hair is completely painless. They might worry that something will go wrong. However, after getting their hair cut for the very first time and after receiving some positive reinforcement from their parents, children realize that getting a haircut is no big deal. The most frustrating part about it for them is needing to sit in the chair for an extended period of time.

Another thing that can be challenging for children is having their first visit to the doctor. Of course, when a child is an infant, they may go to the doctor for periodic checkups, but when they become toddlers and become more aware of their surroundings, these checkups can become more nerve-racking.

The reason for this is that a hospital is just an alien environment. There are so many things about a hospital that are new to children from the dress of the nurses and doctors to the sounds that are being made by the PA system to the noise that medical casters make as they are rolling down the halls.

Hospitals have their own smells, their own sounds, and their own feel. Another reason why going to the hospital can be a challenge for a child is because outside of their parents, this is probably the first time that they’ve had an adult so close to them, examining their body and prodding them.

Parents can do a lot to dissuade the discomfort their child feels at the doctor. Parents need to recognize that their children will have the same attitude about going to the doctor that they do. If parents can maintain a calm demeanor and if they can help their children to see that going to the doctor is no big deal, it is likely that their first visit may be a little dramatic for the child, but subsequent visits will be a lot easier.

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Have a Couples Massage and use Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

With all of the work that parents have and do for the family, they need to have their own date time – a time in which they can be together without their kids. It will be a great bonding for these two persons to stay healthy and balance. For me, wife and husband bonding is needed at least once a month or maybe four to five times a year or whatever that things that they agreed upon.

Speaking of which, I have friends who will be celebrating their wedding anniversary this September. I am thinking that a ‘couples massage’ will be a perfect gift for both of them. You may think that this is costly? I tell you, it is not as I can purchase a ‘couples massage’ of at least 60% off price with Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons. Like the offer from Serenity Day Spa which is supposedly $240 but with Groupon coupons, I will just pay $96. It is a cool savings for me and at the same time a great gift for my friends on their wedding anniversary. Surely, they will enjoy having a 50 minutes couples massage which is just at least 2 miles from their place. Another thing that I will be giving them is a dinner for two at their favorite restaurant.

I am so thankful for Groupon offers as this means great savings for me (and of course for you as well). What are your favorite offers in Groupon?

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Biometric time clocks

Companies put a lot of effort into becoming as productive as they can possibly be. With that in mind, however, they don’t focus on the right areas: employee productivity. Implementing tools and making the workload easier can only go so far when employees don’t show up to work. That’s where biometric time clocks come in.
Far too many businesses lose revenue because of dishonest employees coming into work late and having a friend clock in for them. However, a biometric time clock is linked specifically to that person’s fingerprint. Without checking in with their finger, a person can’t clock in. The use of these clocks makes it impossible for someone to clock in for someone else. Not only does this improve employee productivity, but it also encourages people to show up on time. It will help to weed out employees who are a drain on the company.
The clocks are easy to implement. In fact, checking in with a biometric clock is faster than a traditional time punch card. All employees have to do is press a thumb or a few fingers onto a scanning pad. The system will read their fingerprints and record exactly the time the employee checked in, down to the second. This allows for more accuracy in measuring when employees arrived, as well as when they leave. Companies that experience a large decrease in productivity can make use of these clocks to restore themselves to proper working order. In addition, these clocks can be used to dole out the proper disciplinary action to employees that are chronically late.
Time fraud is a major source of payroll expense. Smaller companies absolutely cannot afford to pay out salaries to employees who aren’t contributing or doing their part. Investing in a biometric clock can guarantee that no employee can punch in for another, which keeps employees honest and makes it easier for a company to focus on improving its overall productivity and revenue through more traditional methods. It’s far better to treat the source of a problem than attempt to salvage it through a band-aid solution.

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Assuring Patient Happiness Through Thoughtful Communication

Healthcare technology is constantly evolving, making it easier than ever for healthcare professionals to connect with their patients. This infographic outlines the many benefits that go along with making technological improvements to your practice.

Keep in mind that patient loyalty is intimately connected to effective communication. Making your patients feel comfortable and able to ask questions is crucial when it comes to providing the best medical care possible and maximizing patient satisfaction with your care. Many of your patients will appreciate the gesture, and will be less likely to seek healthcare elsewhere when they feel that you have put a personal effort into reaching out to them.

Improving Patient Loyalty

Presented By TeleVox

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