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They need to work before they can have their game consoles again

Now, they saw the game consoles Wii and Xbox but they need to work and be good in order for them to have it. I’ve got to clean first and put the unused things outside before they can have their consoles back. And when they will be fighting, they will lost these game consoles forever. Anyway, the photos below were taken several years ago before I hid the game consoles because of fighting over and over again.

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Left and right brain test

I think I am not using my left brain more. As per the result from – – I am using my right brain coz it is 75%. And yes, I am more on art, emotion, imagination, memory, creativeness and music. Since I am less on my left brain coz it’s just 25% so it means that I am not that good in math and rational thinking? Oh my! Tsk, I need to use more of my left brain from now on. Hayss! How to balance the left and right brain then?

Benefit of Android parental control software and how to use it

Do you have kids and teens? What gadgets did you provide for them? Are you happy to see them whenever they are enjoying with the high technologies of today’s modern world?

As good parents, surely, you are working so hard in order for you to provide almost anything to your kids. Your family is one of the best motivators for you to work hard and be your best every day. Your kids are your sources of energy to strive hard in earning great finances so that you can provide them anything they want and need. Surely, you do not want that your kids are last with the new offered gadgets and techs. You want them to be the first to have with what is being offered in our modern world. Providing and giving your kids new gadget is a joy to yourself. It is like you are fulfilled when you can provide them anything they ask from you. That is the essence of being a good parent (doing and working your best for the benefits of your children).

There are advantages when you will provide them the high technologies, just like giving them any Android devices. With these gadgets and devices, they can easily search good and fun stuffs that will help them learn more. But internet has everything in it. There are good and bad things that anyone can just watch, read and play. They also can easily chat with good and bad people without you knowing it.

For you to learn what they are into, you need to know How to Use Parental Control Software. When you will have parental control software in their gadgets, you will help them do the good stuffs online. You can regulate just anything you want to. This is for their safety and security that you will choose the good Parental Control Software so that you will have a peace of mind whenever they will use their gadgets. Not only that, you also need to regulate their gadget hours and everything in it.

High tech society these days is way different from your time when you were young. Those days, surely, everything was so calm and uplifting. But these days wherein everything and everybody can just do things on the internet anytime and anywhere, you need to guard your kids. Internet and new technology supposedly can bring the people together and can make the world a better place but then with the negative inventions and other bad influences, it adds up to the concern of almost millions of parents. So, for any parents (a parent like you) to be comfortable with kids’ gadgets, there should be good parental control software in everything.

Using Online Search Fields to Locate the Parts You Need

When you need to locate parts for your equipment, you may not have a lot of time to spend browsing and shopping. Rather, you must find what you need quickly so that you can get back to work. Because shopping at local parts dealers does take time out your busy schedule, you may find it easier to shop online. You can search for parts like a semiconductor OEM and other components when you use the website’s search fields to locate exactly what you need.

Using the Search Fields on the Website

The website is set up to give you maximum control over your search. You can look for parts using as much or as little information as you have on hand. For example, if you know the parts number but not the manufacturer’s name, you can still locate what you need just using the information that you have available to you. Likewise, if you know the manufacturer’s name but not the parts number, you can still get a full listing of items made by that company. Using the list, you can then browse at your leisure to find the components that you need for your gear.

You can also search by clicking on the inventory link at the top of the page. That link will show you what the website has available right now. When you know what you can buy immediately, you avoid losing time looking for components that may not be in stock right now. You can buy what is available and then check back or place an order for the other parts that you need later. This option lets you get back to work faster without having to search endlessly for items that are not available on the website.

Buying from eBay

Another unique feature found on the website is its eBay function. The link at the top of the page for eBay allows you to browse the auction’s inventory for parts you need. If you find something you want to bid on, you can set up an account and place your bid.

You may also be able to buy the item outright without bidding. This option lets you get what you need without having to wait hours or days to find out if you won the auction.

Searching for parts that you need for your equipment takes time. You can make shopping faster by looking online.

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4 Ways to Break Into the Business World with Little Money

Many small business ventures don’t require a huge monetary investment. Aside from the paperwork for tax information and legalization of a business name, you can get started right away with what ever you have in your pocket. Of course this also depends on what kind of business you want to start. While some aspects may cost a bit of money, you may not need a bank loan or investors to get the ball rolling for your own company.

eCommerce Websites

Developing an eCommerce site may take a bit of work, but it’s an activity that can be done in your robe. The biggest investment you may have is in the merchandise you sell online. Most eCommerce sites you operate without design assistance cost less than $140 per year, which is much cheaper than setting up a retail shop in real life.

Vending Businesses

With the right merchandise kiosk
or food pushcart, you could make a fairly decent amount of money without a hefty investment. This is especially true if you sell homemade goods for others to enjoy. The vending business gives you the freedom to set your own schedules and reap all of your own profits. From malls to office parks, you could make money on your own time.

Selling Your Services

Whether it’s babysitting or house cleaning, your services may be needed in your community. Many people will take to social media for their area or advertise in the paper for helping others with manual labor and other odd chores. Offer your skills to those who need assistance such as painting a house or even gardening.

Take to YouTube

A lot of YouTube celebrities started off with nothing more than a webcam and thoughts regarding a certain topic. If you already have a webcam, the only thing this will cost you is time. If you can be entertaining, you may wind up becoming the next viral sensation. Brand yourself and claim your 15 minutes of fame on the Internet.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your success in any business will be determined by your own commitment and determination. The more effort you put into developing a company, the greater are its chances of becoming lucrative. Whether you’re looking for something to do on the weekends or want to make a few extra dollars from home, it’s within your grasp to develop a business platform with little money.

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What Can I Do To Keep My Business Growing?

Typically, ongoing growth is the business owner’s deeper aspiration. If you’re currently seeking out solutions that will keep your company in a state of perpetual expansion and elevation, remember that strategic thinking and planning is the key. To really optimize your company’s growth rates, you need to implement proven techniques like the ones listed below:

1. Be More Environment-Friendly.

The 21st century has become a very environmentally conscious era to live in. All over the world, people are expressing concern for the role each individual plays in contributing to or detracting from the quality of the planet. In many cases, consumers are only willing to do business with companies that adopt environment-friendly practices. It’s also important to know that eco-friendly practices are more energy-efficient and can even save your company money in some cases. Since this is so, be sure that you take time to make your business a more eco-friendly place. One great way to do this is to invest in solar chargers. Companies like Thomas Distributing specialize in offering these great products at affordable prices.

2. Develop An Online Reputation Management Platform.

In addition to becoming more environment-friendly, make sure that your company develops an online reputation management platform. Although many business owners realize that having an Internet campaign in place is important, not all of them know that consistently guarding and optimizing that presence is a great way to grow their sphere of influence and attract new clients. Luckily, numerous digital firms now offer a plethora of online reputation management strategies that will help limit the impact of negative feedback regarding your company’s products and services. Invest in these ORM services to keep your business’s online presence growing.

3. Invest In Your Employees.

One final step you should take to keep your business growing is to invest in your employees. These individuals play a primary, powerful role in determining your bottom line because they complete your day to day operations and interface with your clients. For these reasons and more, be sure to invest in their growth through measures like offering them opportunities to engage in ongoing training courses that sharpen their skills.

Build Your Business Now!

When you’re ready to ensure that your business grows with productivity and power, implementing the right strategies is a must. Some of the best techniques available include becoming more environment-friendly, developing an online reputation management platform, and investing in your employees!

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I love tracfone

I ♥ Tracfone and I will never switch to Verizon again

If you want to save, you can do this too but it’s up to you…

1. Tracfone is using Verizon line (I love Verizon but I don’t want to pay high fees for the services that I don’t use. My family is with Verizon for almost 10 years also and it’s a bit high.)

2. Choose the Triple minutes (90 days)

3. Bring your own 3G or 4G or 4g LTE phones at and activate it for only $9.99 or call their customer service for assistance (or you can check the compatibility of your 4G or 4G LTE phones here –…) – mine? I chose the Verizon Locked iPhone even if I don’t like iPhone. This is just for the sake of my iTunes coz I have more than 400 songs purchased and I want to listen to it especially when I am driving or going to have some adventures to beautiful places that I want to explore.

4. The more you load, your expiry will extend longer too. (mine I have 2017 and my last load is 39.99. so if i will save this one, it’s okay for me not to load until 2017 and it will save me hundreds to thousands of dollars)

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Broken iPod – OMG

I got this iPod touch 4th generation 6.1.6 version model no. MC540LL/A years ago as a mother’s day gift from my husband. At first, my eldest dropped it and it damaged the original casing. And last week, my daughter dropped it on the asphalt and damaged the screen. I was like OMG when I saw it. I hid it and then thought of it today. What if I’ll find a screen replacement for it? Can I fix it myself? As I am searching it online, they’re fixing their own iPod so which means, I can fix it myself to or I’ll ask my husband to fix it. Let’s see if I can buy a replacement for it and if it will be fixed. I just have some apps here that I cannot put it in my iPad mini and it’s all about self-help apps (Louise L. Hay apps). I love these apps and that’s the reason why I need to save my iPod touch.

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Give and you will receive huge surprises

I do believe that when a person gives something, there will be more things to come in life. Like when you give without expecting something in return, you will be surprised of the good things that will come back to you. In this video, I do admire the courage of this girl who dropped six hundred pesos in a box without knowing what to expect and she’s surprised of the things that she received out of taking that risk of giving her money away. And six hundred is already big in the Philippines. And thanks to spinnr dot ph. You did a cool thing in surprising people with awesome gifts.

And I like their phrase of “Taking a chance on something unfamiliar can turn out really awesome.” AMAZING!

Calls from your own number?

What is going on in the world today? What do some people do? Why are they bothering the peace of other people? I am asking this question as I’ve got calls from unknown/unwanted source that contains my name and name. WT? It says to never answer such calls as they are spammers. Have you got a call like this as well? There are lots of important and good things to do while still alive and why these people are doing crazy stuff? I hope God bless their hearts!