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First Field trip for this homeschooling year 2016- 2017

We had fun during our field trip and hope to join more field trips this school year of 2016-2017. It is not easy to homeschool but it is nice to know all the lessons of my kids even if my eldest constantly fights with writing and math subjects. It doesn’t matter, everything will be okay with the choice of homeschooling my kids.

Castle Rock Library

We visited St. Francis St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church at 2746 5th St, Castle Rock, CO 80104 after the Homeschooling Field trip last September 28, 2016. This is one of our favorite churches here in Colorado, USA as it is open the whole day similar to the churches in the Philippines.

one of the Gazebo views near the church

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Eventually you will get there, just keep on working every day

Work slowly and steadily at something you want to do, no matter what anyone else thinks, you’ll eventually do it.

This is part of the Kindergarten lesson of my child – The Tortoise and the Hare. It’s just a simple story but it has a deep lesson to learn not just for kids but mostly for adults. Just keep on making baby steps every day in doing the good things that you want to do coz as the days will past, you will be surprise that you are successful in everything that you want to accomplish.

Fixing the small kiddy table for homeschooling

This table was being used by my son when he was a little boy. This was paired with a small kiddy chair but that chair was damaged so it was being thrown away. The only left was this one. Since it was dirty with writings and stickers, my husband wanted it to be painted. So, we went to Ace Hardware and buy some supplies. We spent like thirty bucks or something. On that day, I started to fix it. I used my hand and sanded it but my husband asked me if I wanted it the easy way. Well, of course, I wanted it the easy way and so he handed me the small sand machine or sander. It was easy and quick. I then painted it with purple or light lavender. Right now, it is placed outside for complete drying. I’ll be putting it inside right after it will dry complete for the convenience of my homeschool little kindergarten.

Free homeschooling supplies

I sent the request for homeschooling package 2 like last week to the district school on where my kids were enrolled. And surprisingly the free supplies for my daughter are here today. She’s so happy, like her smile reached from ear to ear. I know she’s going to be my best student this year as she loves to learn, write and read. I’ll be homeschooling her and her brother soon. I hope the homeschooling supplies for my son will arrive within this week also. Thanks so much!

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First Schools in the world

I searched for the first schools in the world and these were the things that I’ve read from Wikipedia:
Shishi Middle School a Chinese public school was built in 143 – 141 (2nd Century BC) which was destroyed by fire during Easter Han Dynasty and was rebuilt in 194 AD.

In 597 AD it was The King’s School, Canterbury (England). It’s a co-ed independent school for both day and boarding pupils in historic English.


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Rare Mars-Sun-Earth alignment on April 8?

I think you already read this in yahoo particularly on this link – – that the sun, mars, and earth will have alignment next week April 8. This will be on Tuesday so we need to make our gadgets for viewing the space ready before this day. You know, whenever I have enough time, I do love reading about the wonder of the space, planets, galaxy, and everything about it. I also love to use our telescope whenever there are some news about moon, sun and other planets, just like this news. So, today, I will find the parts of the t-scopes that we have so that I will be ready by then. I am too excited for this sun – mars – earth alignment. What will happen on this day? I mean what would be the impact of this to every part of the world? Or would it give an impact to the earth?

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Who discovered bacon and from where?

As my son needed to research about where his favorite foods originate, I needed to help him in browsing online. One of the foods that he loved to eat was bacon. On the site that I chose, it says that this was first discovered and made by Sir Francis Bacon (German) in early 15000s to combat on hunger. And the site that caught my attention in which I was surprised in opening was this I thought there’s a bacon pasted on my laptop screen. After a while, my son and I were laughing with the photo because it made us hungry. We did not cook bacon. Instead, we ate beef jerky which was one of his favorite foods too. So, where would beef jerky come from? That will be the next article that I am going to share.

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