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Home school or go to the regular school? What’s your choice?

With the recent bullying in almost all of the schools, it’s the reason why many parents chose to homeschool their kids nowadays compared to going to the regular school. Even without allergies, some kids asked their parents that they’ll be homeschooled.

There’s one couple who hired a Nanny just to homeschool their daughter because she didn’t want to go to the regular school as she prefers to just stay at home while learning. I asked the mother for what reason and she said to me that her daughter just wanted to be homeschooled. Good thing the parents have good jobs and they are residing in an elite district here in springs which means they can afford anything for their kiddo. The mother worked as a manager of a good company whom she can work on mobile (to check on the people who work under her) whenever there are field trips. Although there are times that she will bring her daughter’s nanny on field trips in the Spring areas. When it’s in other cities, she will bring her daughter herself maybe for safe driving on the highway.

Homeschooling is nice similar to the regular school especially if kids will cooperate in writing, reading and in finishing the lessons for the day. You can advance your lessons anytime you want, or you can catch up with the lessons for the weak if you’re a bit late due to some concerns. Also, you are furnished with books, school supplies, and computers when you choose to homeschool.

There are many advantages of homeschooling vs. the regular school. If I can turn back the time, I’d prefer to just homeschool and stay at home with my parents, but luckily it was 1980 to the late 90s that I was schooling in my Asian home country.

So what is your choice with regards to your education and or the education of your children?

You are perfect the way you are and U are a child of God – Keaton Jones

You are Handsome. You are a child of God. You are loved. You are perfect the way you are.

Those bullies are not saying who you are. These bad bullies are saying who they are. These bullies are saying how dark are their hearts are and they are dragging this little Angel from heavens.

Sending love and prayings for you. Hope you will use your experience as a means of your life’s success. Show those bullies you are blessed by God and that you can step up.

And it’s better you homeschool if there are lots of bad influence in your school. U are safe in your home. Education can be learned more in your home, and there are no bullies in your own place.

Determination and commitment in finishing college

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Here are a few simple strategies that can help your child begin to gain emotional competence:
• Label your child’s feelings. Say things like, “It looks like you’re feeling sad today,” or “I can tell you are mad right now.” Eventually, your child will learn to verbalize his feelings on his own.
• Validate your child’s feelings. Resist the urge to say things like, “Calm down. It’s not a big deal.” Instead, say, “I know you’re really upset right now.” Regardless of whether you think his emotional response is out of proportion to the situation, teach your child that it’s OK to have big feelings.
• Make empathy faces. Say, “Make a face that shows me how that boy felt when you hit him.” When your child makes a sad or angry face, he’ll actually experience that emotion for a moment. And he’ll develop more empathy–which is a key ingredient in social success.
• Let your child experience uncomfortable emotions. It’s healthy to feel bored, angry, scared, or lonely sometimes. Teach healthy coping strategies to deal with discomfort and coach your kids as they practice. With your support, they can learn that uncomfortable emotions are tolerable.
• Correct the behavior, not the emotion. Make it clear that angry feelings are OK but aggressive behavior isn’t. And teach your child that it’s OK to feel sad but screaming at the top of her lungs in the grocery store isn’t OK. Use discipline that teaches better ways to deal with emotions.

I love the strategies I’ve read from as it will help a child gain emotional competence.

But for me, getting a college degree depends on the determination and commitment of a person. Poverty won’t hinder anybody who wants to finish college. Of course, you’ve got to know reading and writing before stepping into college, and you need to be able to graduate elementary, mid school and high school.

During my college life, I was determined to finish my schooling with me finding some scholarship so that it will just be the allowance that I’d asked from my parents. Of course, I won’t be successful without those people who helped me find a good scholarship and to the group of nuns who sponsored me right after I let go of my school working scholarship. Also, there were semesters that my parents were paying for me (through selling the cows that we had). I also worked as a house helper to my aunt so that she will pay for my one semester in college. I am thankful to my family and to everyone who is part of my success. I did not use my college degree when I worked, but I was thankful that I graduated (my grades weren’t that good as well, it was enough for me to pass, had my TOR, had my diploma, and I was able to go up the stage for the graduation ceremony).

I don’t have that much emotional support as I was too shy to share things with my parents. I’ll just have to write down my feelings on papers, and burn it so that they cannot read what I’ve written. Writing helps me with copying what I have had while I was in my teenage days. There were struggles, but I am thankful to God that I overcome everything.

Anyway, when you are interested in the whole article from, do visit the link, as this is helpful when you are a parent or when you are working with little kiddos. This article is beautiful and educational.

3 Effective Ways to Prep for Your Amateur Radio Licensing Exam

Amateur radio, or “ham radio,” is a fun, educational and consistently rewarding hobby. Even though social media outlets, chat rooms and podcasts have largely eclipsed it, amateur radio maintains a loyal following worldwide. Anyone interested in pursuing amateur radio as a hobby should know that a license is required to legally operate ham radio consoles in the United States. These licenses come in three different varieties, each with its own set of privileges. Additionally, earning each class of license requires one to pass a multiple-choice exam. Taking the following steps in the lead-up to your exam date can help your chances of passing on the first try.

1. Seek out a Good Practice Console

When preparing for your licensing exam, a good practice console can do you a world of good. This is particularly true for people preparing for their General and Amateur Extra tests. A reliable console is well-maintained and contains an abundance of high-quality parts, like a good hybrid combiner. Although hitting the books is important, hands-on experience is sure to serve you well come test day.

2. Avoid Last-Minute Cramming

Last-minute cramming is ill-advised when it comes to licensing exams – and tests in general. Even if you manage to pass your exam after pulling an all-nighter, you’re unlikely to retain the knowledge long-term. As such, prospective licensees are strongly urged to spend a little bit of time studying each day in the weeks leading up to their respective exam dates. Devoting 15 minutes to half an hour to studying each day is conducive to knowledge retention and high exam scores.

3. Take Practice Exams Online

Taking practice exams online can also prove beneficial to potential licensees. Practice tests for every class of license are readily available on an assortment of ham radio-oriented websites. These tests don’t contain questions from the actual exams, but they’ll give you a good idea of what to expect. If you’re able to pass practice tests with aplomb, chances are you’ll be fine when it comes to the genuine article.

Because they’re put off by the prospect of taking a test, many people with an interest in amateur radio never become licensed. Unfortunately, this type of attitude prevents them from enjoying a great hobby. The licensing exams aren’t designed to trip people up, and they’re very easy to pass on the first try – particularly if you’ve put in sufficient study time and heed the previously discussed tips.

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First field trip of the year 201-2017 (Homeschooling)

Today, my kids had so much fun with the homeschooling kick-off field trip. I am thankful that it was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado as I did not need to drive away from the city. The kids were having fun playing with their classmates and teachers. The parents were having fun with getting to know each other together with the principal’s questions. It was a different start of the year field trip as there was an interaction between parents and principal as well as students and teachers.

I am hoping to have the best homeschooling this year 2017-2018!

Food for Friday after the Ash Wednesday

Today is the first Friday that my kids are not allowed to eat meat because of the Ash Wednesday. My son asked me if it will be for a long time that he will not eat meat. I told him that it’s just for few Fridays until the Lenten season will Read the rest of this entry »

First Field trip for this homeschooling year 2016- 2017

We had fun during our field trip and hope to join more field trips this school year of 2016-2017. It is not easy to homeschool but it is nice to know all the lessons of my kids even if my eldest constantly fights with writing and math subjects. It doesn’t matter, everything will be okay with the choice of homeschooling my kids.

Castle Rock Library

We visited St. Francis St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church at 2746 5th St, Castle Rock, CO 80104 after the Homeschooling Field trip last September 28, 2016. This is one of our favorite churches here in Colorado, USA as it is open the whole day similar to the churches in the Philippines.

one of the Gazebo views near the church

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Eventually you will get there, just keep on working every day

Work slowly and steadily at something you want to do, no matter what anyone else thinks, you’ll eventually do it.

This is part of the Kindergarten lesson of my child – The Tortoise and the Hare. It’s just a simple story but it has a deep lesson to learn not just for kids but mostly for adults. Just keep on making baby steps every day in doing the good things that you want to do coz as the days will past, you will be surprise that you are successful in everything that you want to accomplish.

Fixing the small kiddy table for homeschooling

This table was being used by my son when he was a little boy. This was paired with a small kiddy chair but that chair was damaged so it was being thrown away. The only left was this one. Since it was dirty with writings and stickers, my husband wanted it to be painted. So, we went to Ace Hardware and buy some supplies. We spent like thirty bucks or something. On that day, I started to fix it. I used my hand and sanded it but my husband asked me if I wanted it the easy way. Well, of course, I wanted it the easy way and so he handed me the small sand machine or sander. It was easy and quick. I then painted it with purple or light lavender. Right now, it is placed outside for complete drying. I’ll be putting it inside right after it will dry complete for the convenience of my homeschool little kindergarten.

Free homeschooling supplies

I sent the request for homeschooling package 2 like last week to the district school on where my kids were enrolled. And surprisingly the free supplies for my daughter are here today. She’s so happy, like her smile reached from ear to ear. I know she’s going to be my best student this year as she loves to learn, write and read. I’ll be homeschooling her and her brother soon. I hope the homeschooling supplies for my son will arrive within this week also. Thanks so much!

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