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Coco the Movie at Icon Cinema VIP Seating

Photo Credits: To my friend Shirley S.

When my friend invited my kids and me to a free movie, I easily said okay to it. She said it’s in Icon Cinema VIP Seating located in D20. So on that day, we drove to that place, but we were lost because we entered the Regal Cinema Interquest first before we reached the Icon Cinema. Since the place is still not fully finished, we parked at the back. We were late for few minutes, but we were able to catch up before the movie started.

The movie that they chose to watch was Coco, and it was very nice because it’s about family. The lessons in the movie were to have time for the family and prioritize family over anything else. It was also about supporting the talent of a kid and not suppressing it just because of happenings in the past. It also teaches about love and forgiveness. The movie had a nice twist, and we loved it. It was also colorful with beautiful lightings.

With regards to the cinema, it was new, nice and it’s so clean. The chairs were soft, and we sit like VIPs since all were electric recliner chairs with foot rests. Tickets were purchased online since it’s a reservation only cinema.

I am thankful that my friend and her family invited my kids and I too watched the movie. It was fun, and it’s our first time in that place. We enjoyed much

I am excited for my 18″ Doll that is similar to American Doll – Thanks God

I do love American dolls. But every time I will check on the website and on any online store, I can say to myself that I will just wait for some of my friends whom have daughters who will outgrow their 18” dolls.

Though, I already bought a doll in Kohl’s last December and I made it as a gift for my daughter but then that 18” has a small body which is different from American Doll.

I keep and keep on praying until these days. And tonight, I search online again to check for some low prices of American Dolls but then my search brought me to Target wherein I saw different choices of ‘Our Generation Dolls’. When I looked at it, oh my, it’s similar to American Dolls. Then I thought about my gift cards that I saved since last year. I said to myself, oh why not use it and buy one of these dolls.

I just need a good 18″ doll for some good reason.  I am happy that I am going to receive this ‘Our Generation Doll’ soon.

You see on my receipt, I paid ZERO as I used the gift cards. Isn’t that a good thing for shopping? Thanks God! (And thanks to my angels for this wonderful idea.) I am so happy right now.

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Marching snare sticks

I can remember when I was in my high school I did love to join the school band. I just wanted to play drums and snare drums with me using marching snare sticks. I also loved to wear the band uniforms. For me, being in the school band was like a prestige and I believed that I would feel good. But then, those were my younger days.

All I can do is to let any of my kids to love bands and to love playing drums or any musical instrument. I do hope any of my kids would love bands, music, and musical instruments like the way I loved it.

Used Instruments 101: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Buying a new instrument, whether you’re a professional player, a new player or you’re buying for a kid can be pretty exciting. However, if you’re thinking about buying a used bass there are some serious things you need to take into consideration.

While buying used can save you money and it’s certainly possible to get a very good deal, not all used basses are worth what they’re selling for. Keep reading to learn more about the process of buying a used bass and all the things you should check out when looking at used bass guitars for sale.

Can You Tune It?

Before you buy any sort of bass you need to consider whether or not the instrument is playable. When you buy a new bass you can assume that it is and that only the smallest of adjustments will need to be made. However, when you’re buying used you don’t know if a bass has been damaged or if it will stay in tune as you play up the neck.

The best method of checking to see if a bass will stay in tune is to take an electronic tuner that you’re familiar with when you check out the bass. Play up the neck and make sure that is relatively in tune at least up to the 12th fret.

Minor adjustments can be made, so don’t worry if it is pitch perfect. You may have to take a bass that isn’t perfectly in tune to a professional for a set up and adjustment, so make sure you take that into account when you’re deciding if the purchase price is right or not.

Get the Bass Checked

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a high-quality bass, it is important that you have it checked by an expert first. You’ll want to have it checked for playability, condition and authenticity if it’s a rare bass.

You don’t want to lose money when you buy a bass, especially if you’re paying a large sum of cash to a private owner or dealer.

Consider Buying New

When you’re just starting out it can seem like a lot for a new decent bass. However, it’s often worth the investment in the long run since you’ll be able to properly care for and maintain an instrument.

You don’t want a used bass that plays poorly when you’re just learning.

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Traditions Combine Favorite Teams and Family Fun


Football season is celebrated by thousands of fans each year. Many families have a favorite team that they enjoy cheering for together, and this can be a fun way to spend time with loved ones. Celebrating a favorite team with a party can be a chance to bring families and friends together. These ideas can help make a themed party unforgettable.

Plan to Watch the Game
Friends may enjoy coming over to watch a game together, and this can be great idea for a small or a large crowd. Since restaurants and popular public places are often overwhelmed during games, a party at home can be ideal. Have friends bring their favorite food and drinks. Chips, dips or other snacks can be set out to keep everyone occupied during the game. Setting up a backyard grill with hot dogs or hamburgers can be an easy way to feed a crowd if the party is being held around lunch or dinner time. When organizing a guest list, it may be easiest to suggest an item for each guest to bring

Focus on Fun
Sporting events can become intense if a favorite team is not doing so well. If the game is not going well, then try to focus on having fun with others at the party. Do not become discouraged that a favorite team is not winning. Celebrate memories and traditions with family and friends. Every game is a chance to make new memories.

Wear Sports Apparel
Wearing a favorite team’s shirt or jersey can be a fun way to get in the spirit of the game. It can also be fun to invite friends who are fans of the rival team, and each guest in attendance can dress up to support their favorite team. Decorating with the favorite team’s colors and memorabilia can also help guests enjoy the party. Decorations like nfl replica helmets can add to the party atmosphere.

These suggestions can lead to an exciting party that everyone will remember. Enjoying a game at home can be more relaxing than watching from a restaurant. With a crowd of people who love sports and snack foods, throwing a memorable party can be easy.

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Culturally Relevant News For African-Americans

Majority ethnicities often complain of culturally specific news websites, such as “African-American News,” partially because they fail to realize that majority, mainstream news doesn’t report stories relevant to some minority cultures. While it’s not called “majority news,” the mainstream news typically does focus on stories that are catered to a white audience. In response to this, many African American news sites have sprung up to meet the demand for news stories that are relevant to the African-American community.

This community enjoys hearing stories that are centered around their own unique culture. While it’s true that all men are created equal and color doesn’t matter, it’s believed that cultures do in fact differ at times, and what one cultures relates to, another might not. When African-Americans tune in to news centered around issues relevant in their communities, they see a world that looks more like the one they actually live in rather than what the majority culture says is important.

These sites are just like regular news sites except that they focus on prominent and influential leaders in the African-American community. You see African-American actors, actresses, and politicians who contribute to the world of arts and politics. You’ll get opinions from other members of the African-American community on pertinent issues of the day. The end result is a true connection with the African-American culture and the people who inhabit this unique world. It’s entertaining, insightful, and often thought-provoking to go to a website that speaks directly to who you are.

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Prefer to have Enough savings over any subscriptions

As I’ve read this yahoo news about “Pay TV’s New Worry: ‘Shaving’ the Cord” –, I am thinking about the biz of those cable channels and cable companies. Having a business is to make the effort of maintaining subscribers and customers all the time. But then again, people have their own choices. As for me, I would prefer not to have cable subscriptions and not to have any Netflix or Hulu or whatever subscriptions for as long as I have some savings. Yes, watching movies is good but having ENOUGH SAVINGS is best not just for me but also for my family especially for my kids. I cannot afford to sacrifice few minutes or hours of fun watching those movies but a lifetime of concerns with me prioritizing the subscriptions of those movies for my kids and not giving them enough savings. You know what I mean? Lifetime enough savings are much needed over watching shows in which my kids cannot inherit it when they will grow big.

Buy FIFA 15

Are you a gamer who loves to play FIFA games? If you are, then, this news will surely thrill you. FIFA 15 will be out soon! As you know that FIFA is fuelled by EA and you know already that when you will play this game, players will behave like world-class footballers. So, do you want to pre-order and buy FIFA 15 as early as now? If you are pre-ordering FIFA 15, surely you are to have the game shipped on its release date. Another thing is that the price surely is lower. Oh, do you want to share this news to your co-gamers? When you do, tell them that it will be release this September 23rd for North America and September 25th for Europe. What are you waiting?

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Congrats Lyca

Congratulations to the first winner of – The Voice Kids Philippines – Lyca Gairanod. You deserve it little girl. You are such an inspiration. Keep up the good work and keep on dreaming Big. God is with you always and He is guiding you towards your success. Everybody (me included) is so happy for you. Hope you will have many offers in the music industry. God bless you and your family always.

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Veggietales 25 Favorite Sunday School Songs for bedtime?

These are the songs that my kiddos ask on their bedtime – VeggieTales 25 Favorite Sunday School Songs. Since these are jolly religious songs the result is that they are clapping and dancing. Instead of sleeping, they are wide awake. So, I need to replace this with the instrumental album or I’ll just have to switch off the music. Yay!