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Got the courage to do things esp learning how to drive (family first)

Looking at my eldest kid, I can remember those years where we will be riding a cab in going to doctor’s appointments because I didn’t know how to drive. Whenever he asked me, ‘Mama, where are my friends? Mama, can I go to the park? Mama, can I play in that playground? Etc.!” I feel hurt coz I cannot do anything. And riding a cab always were expensive.

The first time we visited the park was when he was 5 years old and he was so amazed with all the people and families playing together. I was pregnant with my 2nd baby during that time. I just used an e-scooter for me to bring him to the nearby park. When we reached there, he was bothering a father and son who were playing football. I told him not to bother them coz the father was teaching his kid. Maybe he envied that the father taught the kid in playing football.

And so, I tried my best to learn how to drive so that I can bring him to places together with his baby sister anytime I want to or anytime they will ask me.

I just love family bonding every once in a while, a family bonding away from the house and away from any gadgets, TV, or computers. It’s fun to have a family outing even just within the city parks or even just driving around the streets. When they will grow big and can choose on their own lives, they will not be having enough time to be with me. And so, I want to have a family bonding with them while they are still kids.

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It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.
– Tony Robins

And this is right! I just love the positive words from this guy. I’ve been reading about his positive quotes for several years now and I need to read more to have a positive outlook in life. No one can be positive for me except myself. Life is good with people who have positive mindsets. I want to be positive always even if others are not.

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Global Long Distance Card Tracfone

I just love Tracfone coz I can save money. It is okay for me to limit my phone calls, text and data for as long as I can save and I don’t have monthly cellular fees. The connection also is clear since tracfones are using Verizon system. I am not a heavy cellular user for calls, text, and I also don’t use too much data when I am out of the house, so that’s why I am comfy in using tracfone for several years now.

Recently, I bought a $10 Global tracfone card and it says that I can have 9.7 cents per minute in calling long distance to the Philippines. I will test this one if it’s really 9.7cents and if the line is crystal clear compared to rebtel and onesuite. Another thing that I want to test is that if it will deduct the regular minutes in my tracfone service.

I’ll know everything once I will test this global tracfone card pretty soon. And I will be posting about this thing again!

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There’s always a way

If there’s a will, there’s always a way. No matter how difficult a situation is, but when you find a solution, you can always overcome whatever problems you are facing. But if you are so negative and you have lots of ‘IFs’ and ‘BUTs’ you will be having a hard time in life. So, it’s best that you will work hard instead of just whining and sitting around. Always be the best version of yourself every day regardless of your age and your health condition.

Enjoy being kids

Being kids is just once! Enjoy it coz once u r grown up u cannot be kids again! Be happy always. Be content while searching for your goal in life. Do less technologies and gadgets. Enjoy the outdoors. Go to church and listen to the word of God. Be polite! Be appreciative in all aspects of life. Say please and thank you always. Be good kids and know that you are loved!

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Beautiful Reflection Pond – Colorado Springs

The sign stated that this #ReflectionPond is open to every home for Christ staff and visitors. This space is designed to be a peaceful getaway for reflection and prayer while enjoying the Colorado’s natural beauty. And this is open from dawn to dusk. Local neighbors welcome. No alcohol beverages or smoking as well as no motorized vehicles, no fires, and no excessive noise or loud music. All in all this is a beautiful pond to visit with all of the friendly ducks that will get near every park visitors. This can be located at 640 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920.

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How to find and buy your perfect Vehicle

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Surely you have your dream vehicle in mind that every time you will see it on the road; you can’t help it but imagine yourself driving it. How can you find the perfect vehicle?

Do you feel like finding, choosing and buying a new vehicle is lengthy and tricky? If you feel like it, this is good info for you. First thing is that you have to check on the budget limit that you have in buying your new car. You’ve got to decide whether you will buy a brand new, certified, or a used car. After which, you’ve got to select the body style and the specifications. Lastly, you’ve got to check on the car brands that you love most and that you feel confident in buying.

Here is the best thing to make your life easier in buying your new vehicle and that is for you to visit This is a one stop online site in buying cars of just any models from A to Z and with any style that you can think of. With, choosing the model is easy and it’s just a click away. Also, choosing from new cars, used cars or certified cars is just one click of a button. While we’re on the subject, according to web searched certified cars means that it has been checked, renewed, verified by a manufacturer/other verifying specialists with comprehensive warranty, and other added advantages. You can also SEARCH BY BODY STYLE if you may prefer. Likewise, you can read car specs and reviews as well as you can find service centers & dealers near your area.

Whether you are a first time buyer or not, enjoy the benefits that you can find at This will make your life a bit easier when searching and buying your dream ride.

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Box has arrived at the port

I am so happy that the package (balik bayan box) is in manila right now. I hope it will be delivered in the province by this week or earlier next week. I am sure they will be happy with the small gifts that I gave them. It may not be that expensive as some of it was used things together with some chocolates, but I worked hard for it so that I can send them a box for the 2nd time after living abroad for more than 10 years. It may just be the 2nd box but I am doing my VERY BEST to send it. Hope my parents and siblings will be happy for it. Thanks God for the chances of me sending the 2nd box. Hope I can send another one again soonest.

They need to work before they can have their game consoles again

Now, they saw the game consoles Wii and Xbox but they need to work and be good in order for them to have it. I’ve got to clean first and put the unused things outside before they can have their consoles back. And when they will be fighting, they will lost these game consoles forever. Anyway, the photos below were taken several years ago before I hid the game consoles because of fighting over and over again.

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For the love of seafood

For the love of seafood, I had to drive to Joe’s Crab Shack to buy takeout meal for Father’s day dinner. Usually when I’ll visit this place, I’ll just order one meal which is good for my husband. But then I got curious of the taste of their meal so I ordered Queen Crab bucket together with the Crab Daddy feast. It was yummy! For the kiddos, I just ordered them their favorite kiddy meals.