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Determination and commitment in finishing college

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Here are a few simple strategies that can help your child begin to gain emotional competence:
• Label your child’s feelings. Say things like, “It looks like you’re feeling sad today,” or “I can tell you are mad right now.” Eventually, your child will learn to verbalize his feelings on his own.
• Validate your child’s feelings. Resist the urge to say things like, “Calm down. It’s not a big deal.” Instead, say, “I know you’re really upset right now.” Regardless of whether you think his emotional response is out of proportion to the situation, teach your child that it’s OK to have big feelings.
• Make empathy faces. Say, “Make a face that shows me how that boy felt when you hit him.” When your child makes a sad or angry face, he’ll actually experience that emotion for a moment. And he’ll develop more empathy–which is a key ingredient in social success.
• Let your child experience uncomfortable emotions. It’s healthy to feel bored, angry, scared, or lonely sometimes. Teach healthy coping strategies to deal with discomfort and coach your kids as they practice. With your support, they can learn that uncomfortable emotions are tolerable.
• Correct the behavior, not the emotion. Make it clear that angry feelings are OK but aggressive behavior isn’t. And teach your child that it’s OK to feel sad but screaming at the top of her lungs in the grocery store isn’t OK. Use discipline that teaches better ways to deal with emotions.

I love the strategies I’ve read from as it will help a child gain emotional competence.

But for me, getting a college degree depends on the determination and commitment of a person. Poverty won’t hinder anybody who wants to finish college. Of course, you’ve got to know reading and writing before stepping into college, and you need to be able to graduate elementary, mid school and high school.

During my college life, I was determined to finish my schooling with me finding some scholarship so that it will just be the allowance that I’d asked from my parents. Of course, I won’t be successful without those people who helped me find a good scholarship and to the group of nuns who sponsored me right after I let go of my school working scholarship. Also, there were semesters that my parents were paying for me (through selling the cows that we had). I also worked as a house helper to my aunt so that she will pay for my one semester in college. I am thankful to my family and to everyone who is part of my success. I did not use my college degree when I worked, but I was thankful that I graduated (my grades weren’t that good as well, it was enough for me to pass, had my TOR, had my diploma, and I was able to go up the stage for the graduation ceremony).

I don’t have that much emotional support as I was too shy to share things with my parents. I’ll just have to write down my feelings on papers, and burn it so that they cannot read what I’ve written. Writing helps me with copying what I have had while I was in my teenage days. There were struggles, but I am thankful to God that I overcome everything.

Anyway, when you are interested in the whole article from, do visit the link, as this is helpful when you are a parent or when you are working with little kiddos. This article is beautiful and educational.

Walgreens and Equate ibuprofen generics have milk ingredients in it

Walgreens brand of ibuprofen has lactose inactive ingredients in it, and so it is not advisable for my kid (or to anyone) that has milk allergies. But it was easy for me to detect because the word lactose means milk. But the whey word with the equate generic brand of ibuprofen, it is just now that I read the words WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE and whey is from milk. OMG, maybe it was the cause of the skin rashes of my kid, and that instead, he’d feel better, his sore throat was more painful for several days plus the rashes from feet to the upper legs.

Why these two generic brands have lactose and whey ingredients in it? These ingredients are not good for those people who are allergic to milk.

Okay, so when I visited the store, I didn’t see any Motrin brand. I went to the check out to pay, but then when I read the paper from the FNP, I’ve noticed the emphasis that I needed to buy the junior strength. So I put my cart on the side and went back to the pharmacy section, but I cannot find any Motrin junior strength. So I waited for an available pharmacist, and when there’s one, she said she will help me find it. She couldn’t find any Motrin also, and she suggested that I’ll just buy the equate brand. I asked if it’s okay and she said, ‘IT’S THE SAME AS MOTRIN.’ I went back to my cart and pay for all the items that I needed to buy.

Lesson: It is always good to read and search for all the ingredients before giving any meds to anyone like my kid who has food allergies. Oh dear Lord!

Anyway, I tried to read (online) the ingredients of Motrin ibuprofen, and it does not have any whey, lactose or any other milk ingredients in it.

Good thing if I just bought the MOTRIN as it doesn’t have milk ingredients in it. Oh dear Lord, please protect my kid and other people who have allergies.

From now on, I will have to read and search for every ingredient of generic brands or whatever medicines that I will be giving to my kid who has food allergies. Oh dear Lord!

Sore throat, high fever, clinic visits, hospital stay, Petechiae skin rashes, Motrin, and steriods

Sore throat Monday night and Tuesday morning my kid went to blended learning school for a day to be with other homeschoolers. I gave him the tea same as he always had every time he will complain of a sore throat. When I picked him up in the afternoon, he said his throat was fine because the of eating grapes.
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Fun Halloween Time for the kiddos this year

My kids and I were looking for Halloween costumes yesterday in the mall, but since it’s the day of the event, we couldn’t find anything. So, while we were walking inside the mall, I saw a barber shop, and so I let my son had his hair cut since he had a long hair. After the haircut, as we continue roaming around we found one store that has girl’s stuff, and so we got inside the store as there were few capes and other things for Halloween. I bought a costume for the girl and a knitted hat for the boy together with fidget spinners since that store was offering buy 3 take 3 for free.

But they didn’t have a basket, and I didn’t have any idea that they can use a pillowcase since it’s their 2nd-time trick or treats so we visited Walmart. We did find lots of Halloween costumes, so I bought another – a shopkins costume and a Pikachu. Then we went home to change clothes, and we joined our friends’ trick or treat in their neighborhood.

Since it was cold and I didn’t want to walk, I told my friend that we will ride the car while roaming around their neighborhood. It did help our trick or treaters a lot since they were not feeling cold and at the same time, they were not walking too much. Their buckets were full of just a few houses that they chose to ding the doorbells.

Before we headed home, we dropped by at the house of my friend and sorted the candies. I left the one with peanut ingredients coz it’s not good for my kiddos. I drove home after that with my kids so happy with their 2nd trick or treats.

Next year, we will join again, and we will not roam around walking, but we will roam around riding our car. It’s fun.

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I thought these white hair strands are mine but it’s not

I asked my youngest daughter to look and pull some white hairs on my head. Every time she will give me strands of hair, it will be long which is impossible because I have a short boy cut hair style. I asked her if it’s the hair of her dolls and she said no. When I told her that she tricked me, that was the time that she’s smiling from ear to ear. And these hair strands are dolls hair. Every time she pulled one of my hair, she will pull some from the dolls. Then she handed me the dolls hair while throwing my hair on the floor. Oh, silly kid!

Beautiful Erindale Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Parks are one of the places where I can bring my kids whenever they are bored of staying in the house. On this day, one of the parks we visited was Erindale Park with the address of 1705 Twin Oaks Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. We had fun staying there for few minutes and then we decided to go home to finish our homeschooling. Life is fun all the time. It’s good sometimes bring the kids out as they need it most.

And I think this park is clean as there are park regulations for people who will bring their pets. Also, alcoholic drinks are prohibited along with golfing, too much noise since it’s near the neighborhood, no fireworks, no motor vehicles and no camping.

There is just one thing that this park is different and that the playground is in the middle of it. So, you have to walk far from the road on where you park your vehicle before you can reach this play area. Another thing is that there is not much parking as you will park along the road which is just fine with me.

All in all, this park is nice and beautiful.

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First field trip of the year 201-2017 (Homeschooling)

Today, my kids had so much fun with the homeschooling kick-off field trip. I am thankful that it was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado as I did not need to drive away from the city. The kids were having fun playing with their classmates and teachers. The parents were having fun with getting to know each other together with the principal’s questions. It was a different start of the year field trip as there was an interaction between parents and principal as well as students and teachers.

I am hoping to have the best homeschooling this year 2017-2018!

Happy 11th birthday to my son

It’s the birthday of my son today and he turns 11 years old. I just cook this cake since he has food allergies.

Many more birthdays to come and best health with God’s guidance and protection.

I am so happy to see him grow up to be a good person. I am so to have him as my son and also, I am thankful he chose me as his mother. I am thankful to God to have him. I love him to the moon and back.

Thanks Lyndee dear

I got this surprise mail last July 26 2017 and this is from my friend Lyndee. I was surprised to have it. I didn’t expect that she remember me from their Philippine vacation. I am so thankful to her, her son and her husband for remembering and for surprising me with these yummy Philippine goodies. More blessings to my dear friend Lyndee and her family!