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Gardens of the Gods 2017

Since the weather was a bit okay last Saturday, May 20th, my kids and I were able to visit Gardens of the Gods. This is one of our favorite places to visit. We will just be driving around the place and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We also love this place because it offers fresh and a little bond with nature. It’s nice to bring my kids out every once in a while. They deserve to be out since they are kids and they need to discover places outside our home.

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Carnival at Citadel mall CO Springs

I think there will be a carnival thingy in Citadel mall here in Colorado Springs. I just don’t know if they are open now or anything. I took these photos last April 21 when my kids and I passed by in that area. My kiddos were excited seeing those carnival rides and all but I told them that they’re not operational at that time coz it was snowing last April. I hope I can bring my kids in here so that they can enjoy a carnival for the first time.

Bring your kids out so that they won’t feel alienated from the society

I just need to bring my kids out every once in a while so that they can have a little balance life aside from homeschooling, staying at home most of the time, watching TV and playing computer/gadget games. Even just at the park, it will help them a lot. I cannot wait for any miracle on finances before bringing them out. I just need to let them at least mingle with others so that they won’t feel alienated from the society. For us to save, I need to bring water and few snacks for them to eat/drink. It’s fun to see the kids when they are out. It’s fun to see them enjoy things outside the house besides letting them play online games or watching TV. Life is fun even if lack of finances, but it won’t prevent the family to go out sometimes. You don’t need hundreds of dollars to go out with kids. You just need to just think of bringing them out so that they won’t be surprised or so that they would learn how to place themselves in the crowd. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a family time outside the house like at the park or any other places good for kids.

Food for Friday after the Ash Wednesday

Today is the first Friday that my kids are not allowed to eat meat because of the Ash Wednesday. My son asked me if it will be for a long time that he will not eat meat. I told him that it’s just for few Fridays until the Lenten season will Read the rest of this entry »

Giving little gifts to the church for families this Thanksgiving

We visited the church again today to give our small food donation. It was not plenty but it was heartily given. I let my kids put the foods inside the paper bags coz I believe in that way, I can teach them compassion for others. And also, they love to give, so this is the training for them. After that, we went out of the church but when we were out I remember to visit the sanctuary and pray for several minutes. After that, we headed home. I am thankful to God for all the blessings in life. I do believe in sharing blessings to other people in that way, there will be more blessings to come in my life and in the life of my families.

It’s an adoration hour when we visited the church’s sanctuary

How to deal with rude people

I am an avid follower of LOA dot com and so today, I am so glad that I have the chance to read their article ‘9 comebacks for dealing with rude people’. The 9 things that they’ve mentioned are:
1. To say ‘Thank you’
2. To say ‘I appreciate your opinion’
3. To say ‘This conversation is over’
4. To say ‘Why did you feel it was necessary to ask that, and do you really think I should answer?’
5. To say ‘That almost hurt my feelings’
6. To say ‘You’re right’
7. To say ‘You always have something negative to add to the conversation, don’t you?’
8. To say ‘I love myself, and I love you as well’
9. Or just ‘Simply laugh’

I bet, if you do this, rude people will feel insulted without you embarrassing yourself similar to the rudeness of others. To learn more, do visit –

When you miss your mom and your family

I hate okra when I was a kid. My mama used to mix it with her hands in soft cooked rice. She said that she was doing it to help me eat more and so that I won’t be chewing the food coz it would just slide in my throat. The result was that every spoonful of rice mixed with okra, I would attempt to vomit. It was gross for me but I was helpless. Nothing I could do but ate it.

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