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Taking responsibilities for the debts and not blaming anyone else

Speaking of savings, I admit that I am weak with that. But I am trying to improve myself on it (to these days).

For ten years that I am working, I don’t have much savings. Why?
Because whenever I want to buy something, I will not ask money from anyone. Not unless it is for the groceries for the whole family, I will use the joint accounts. For several years I did not have a joint debit card or joint credit card. Its joint check was all I had, and I cannot pay any checks whenever I bought food for my kiddos when we were out, and I cannot pay any checks in gasoline stations. Another thing is that there are/were also times that I will buy groceries and use my own cards. Even buying some (not all – just a few) household appliances or giving gifts (to families and friends), I am/was using my own cards.

Well, I love to help in my own ways, and I love to give, but I won’t say anything that I buy this and that. I was doing this kind of attitude for several years. My only witness with my own spending was my records in my accounts. All the printouts were there except for the credit cards that I closed because I transferred it to a new bank this year. When I transferred it, I did not ask for any help from any close friends or whoever. Although I was waiting for any suggestions but I got none.

So, I transferred it myself with the hope that the one who will cater me in the bank will have the biggest heart to offer me a balance transfer – like a person who can understand my source of income. I was thankful for the bank officer who helped me out because she approved my applications. And now, I am doing my best to pay everything off. But then there are times that I will use it in paying the things that I need to pay for the very reason that I do not want to bother anyone on things that I need. Anyway, I shredded this card already together with the other card coz I am choked with my credits. I have this for more than six years now, and I am paying it, but then after paying my monthly dues I will credit more. I NEED TO STOP!

The thing that I have right now is my debit card for my salary. And this debit card, I cannot help it but use it in buying gasoline (except in Costco coz they will not accept PayPal debit card) or paying some purchases in fast food chains, and other things that I need to pay (like oil change and other things that my kids need). I also need this card in paying for my online store fees because again I do not want to bother anyone for my payables.

Oh dear, I shredded my CCs, but then I am using my debit card in my purchases whenever I am out or whenever I need to pay for my online biz expenses.

I seldom use joint cards (coz I have joint cards right now and I had this like since 2014 or 2015 coz again all I had was joint check), and that is the reason why I got HUGEE credits to these days.

To enumerate of the reason why I have HUGE credits:
*paying on my own for the things that I need
*helping in buying some groceries
*sending money to my parents back home
*funding my own biz
*paying things for my kiddos without asking any help
*bringing my kids out and spending my own (well, I just need to be out for my kiddos. They are young, and they SHOULD NOT SUFFER FOR ANY DEBTS that I need to pay. Oh dear!)
*giving gifts

I am not blaming anyone for my choices. It is my own, and it is my responsibilities. I just need to stop.

Keeping things to myself is the ROOTs why I have THESE HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE DEBTS!




Paying credits and using credit cards over again is not good at all

For several years when I will spend something from own salary, I will not ask for a refund (no one will give it to me), and I will not say I spend this and that. I would just use my own money and wouldn’t say anything. I worked Read the rest of this entry »

How To Get Debt Relief

To live a debt free life is a dream of all but many times people fail to manage their budget and expenses and they get trapped in debt. Use of credit card is increasing day by day and this is again one reason why people are getting involved in debts.

There are various reasons which compel one to have a debt involved life but at the same time there are many ways to get out of it. If you have a huge outstanding amount you can convince debtor to reduce it partially. You can negotiate debtor to lessen the interest rate amount from the principal amount. Debt relief can be provided by any individual, your relatives and friends or you can seek for debt relief from small finance association. In a number of situations only debt settlement is the option left for people who are leading a stressful life.

In most cases debt makes your moral down, but in this situation you are not alone. Many times people hesitate to share about their debts, and so lead a stressful life. But today many finance companies are there to rearrange your dispersed finance. Debt seems to be overwhelming always, whether it is because of illness, unemployment or overspending habits. Debt is debt and it means mental pressure and spoiled social image. How to get debt relief is a big question but there are lot of ways to get relief from debt but which will be suitable for you only a finance expert can decide and guide you.

In many cases people choose the path of insolvency. Being declared insolvent is easy but it creates a long term bad effect on your credit. Bankruptcy is the last option you may choose but before this there are many other options available for you. After declaration of bankrupt you cannot have any credit, any job, insurance or even a respectful life. You have to suffer side effects for at least 10 years. FTC always advices you to not follow blindly what you have seen in ads via newspaper, magazine or internet.

The simplest way to get debt relief is consolidation. Once let the law works for you to wipe out your all debts. Yes in form of consolidation help you can erase this furious word debt from your life. Credit card consolidation loans are much common these days and people are going for them in order to make their lives easy and stress free. If you have not heard of it yet or have not tried it yet then it’s time to learn about it and go for it so as to solve your debt issues and make your life a better one.

Consolidation is a smart move and it is safe as well. You can go for it without any doubt, but just make sure you have learnt about it well so as not to make any mistakes further. It is really very easy to go for anything but it’s hard to step back. So, be wise and take a smart move.

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Always Seek Professional Help To Solve Your Financial Problem

When it comes to business there are various aspects to look into. Firstly the product or service you are dealing with must be required by most of the consumers. Secondly, business owner must keep an eye on what is the most demanded product in the market. The owner must keep himself update with the latest trend and fashion of the market. So for a successful business running, every person needs expertise of that particular service. As people hire printers for printing services, media for advertisement similarly a smart businessman needs professional helper to solve financial problems.

Sometimes while running a successful brand people go beyond their limit in order to make money from different sources to expand the business. In this regard sometimes peoples take help of loans. This causes worry when they are unable to manage both things at the time, first is the success of product or service and secondly the repayment of that owed money. So to run business peacefully one must hire professionals to look into financial matters so that they themselves can concentrate on the business.

But hiring a true advisor is little bit complicated. To avoid any fraud or scam you must take care while hiring an advisor. If you are seeking for a professional advisor, it is not just sufficient to go for one whose name you have heard many times. You must not blindly trust anyone and thus before gaining his services you must set a meeting to discuss your financial issues. If the person offers you to hire him on the basis of phone calls, you must be careful about his honesty in this case.

Some advisors have the conversational power and they can charm you by their polished words, but being an active businessman you must catch how much he is proving himself by his actions. Only he is boasting to handle everything for you or actually he is doing something for it. Advisors are well versed with any kind of financial issue which a business can face. So it’s good to trust your helper because he is the man of skills and knowledge. But do not trust him blindly to take biggest and risky financial decisions. Keep some power in your hand too. If you are suffering from credit card debt then too consulting a professional is a wise decision. Making things more complicated by trying to solve it yourself is not at all a smart move. So, be smart and hire a professional for the help.

An honest and capable advisor always try to make a hostile relationship with customer. An advisor must be perfect in dealing your scattered finance areas. He must have enough knowledge of that product you are dealing with, so that he may point out you where you are spending unnecessarily while managing your brand. A broker knows well how to provide variety of products to the clients, especially when your brand is not much in demand. At this, a smart advisor provides your clients a huge range of products within your budget. In short a true advisor works like an investment generalist, wealth manager as well as service provider. To run business successfully everyone must rely on professional helpers so that they can leave finance matters on his shoulders and they can concentrate on other aspects which are necessary for the success of business. Check online to learn more or for any kind of such service providers and you will surely find number of them from which you can select the best as per your need.

How to earn cash back in IBOTTA

Are you an IBOTTA member?  How much did you earn from your cash back?  I am sure if you are an IBOTTA member, you are earning cash every time you will shop for the things that you need.

For those who are not member yet, this post is for you.  But first I am going to share my story.  I am encouraged to join IBOTTA last December of 2015 after I read an article that this company is giving away millions of dollars to its members. So, I said to myself that I will try it. And it’s true. I maybe late in joining but it’s better to be late than never. This company rocks. I hope #IBOTTA will continue to be blessed with lots of good companies so that they can continue in sharing to thousands of people enjoy cash backs from good useful products.

If you want to try #IBOTTA, please check at and use the referral code nkkejik.  Happy #IBOTTA Cash-Back-ing!

And for those who are confused on what to do with the app after downloading it in your iPad, iPhone, or Android gadgets, just check on the screenshots that I made.

1. Sign-in with your #ibotta app and choose the thing that you want. 

I chose grocery since most of my receipts are food purchases.  Then, I selected Walmart coz I usually shop at this store.  After that, I chose and unlocked the products that I want to buy at the grocery.

Note:  If you have old receipts make sure it is within 7 days and you can still use it.

2. On the photo below, I chose to unlock the Onions. Unlocking it means, I need to go through the survey questions of ibotta. 

3. After answering the unlocking survey questions, I need to follow the step 1 to select the products that I want to verify.


4.  Then, after clicking verify, I scanned the QR code of my receipt.  Walmart always has QR code so it’s just easy for me to use it.  For the store that don’t have QR code, I need to take picture of my receipt.  After that I need to wait for the approval and earn my cash back.

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Sigma Tax Pro makes filing your taxes a snap

I probably begin thinking about filing my dreaded tax return on January 1st until it’s done. Come to think of it, since all of my expenses are officially “in” on January 1st I should probably just suck it up and get my taxes done so that when April comes around I’m not scrambling like I am every year. It’s a stressful time and with the laws changing literally annually and complicated calculations to compute, it’s no wonder that filing taxes can result in one big headache. In the past I have enlisted the help of a CPA because I never thought I could do taxes myself. But nowadays with software offered by Sigma Tax Pro, the power is being put back into the hands of the people to get their taxes done.

As far as accuracy goes a lot of the tax software out there is really good. You can be confident that your taxes have been filed accurately. And accuracy can ensure that you get the largest refund possible without having to jump through too many hoops. It’s also essential to choose a program that provides excellent customer support for all of your tax problems. Don’t forget you won’t be able to simply pick up the phone and get your CPA on the phone if you decide to go it alone.

Surprisingly enough many software like Sigma Tax Pro have come a long way as far as ease of use. And most of them are set up so that when you begin filing for your taxes it’s almost like an interview process to make sure that you get all of the deduction s that you’re supposed to. It’s almost the exact same questions that my tax professional has asked me in the past. Pretty cool, huh? And the last aspect being the cost, you almost have to consider tax software to get your taxes done nowadays.

Easy Money

As technology gets more high-tech, more opportunities are created for people as well. However, these opportunities fall under the use of technology such as outsourcing.

Although work opportunities in the local are higher too, yet, for some, they prefer to have the use of technology instead. Perhaps, you wonder. It is simply because works through the means of technology offers big amount of payment rather than those jobs done through using all the physical efforts of a person. With that, as you observed, a lot of people are working now in companies that may be base in your local areas, but then the work is all about serving abroad. Which as for many is not a good practice, but as for those who are in the industry, it’s a practical way of living.

Of course, as person who works for a living, we look for higher pay rates. But if it happens that there is opportunity for you to work and serve in local, get it before it looks for another qualified one. Earning money these days is not that hard. If you just have the will to earn, there’s no impossible of making it. But then, local works’ pay rate is less compare to works offered by foreign companies. However, benefits and regularity is possible in this area. Nevertheless, earning extra income is still possible even though you work in local. With the help of fast growing progress of technology, one can possibly earn easy money.

Freelancing online is one of the in demand opportunities for individuals who look for job part time or full time, which in other hand really helps people who look for extra income.

Aside from the works available online, business is also trending in terms of opportunities for earning easy money. Yet, for this case, earning extra money through the help of business depends on the kind of industry you are in such as day trading (learn more about it at

Since there are different kinds of businesses, and has its own way on how one can earn easily, for those who looks for business opportunity, just make sure that you know well how the field works. In this way, you can really earn easy money then.

These days, earning is no longer that hard to do and even to find. If you will just allow yourself to try different things, you could really see opportunities everywhere.

Amazing Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club

I am so in love with this Orchid Island Golf and Beach Club. With the caption alone which says “A Rare Jewel on the Treasure Coast”, is so amazing. Looking at this place through their brochures make me want to invest in here in the near future. For me, this place is like a paradise. It has everything that I need, like golf, tennis, spa, dining, beaches, and other activities. No wonder there are many people who bought properties in here because this is an adorable place. It is a gated community, which means that this is so exclusive and it means safety and security for all residence.

Are you intrigued with this? If you are, then, spend time to view this Orchid Island Gold and Beach Club. You can easily visited visit them online to peek their brochures or you can keep in touch with them to arrange for a personal visit and have a tour. It will be your choice then of how you will view the amazing paradise that is worth your investments.

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Get Instant Approval with Title Loans

Are you in need of instant cash today? If you are, do you own a car? Do you want to borrow cash using your car and still can drive your vehicle? If you do, then this might be good news for you!

With Tampa Title Loans, you can instantly apply for a rapid auto loan. Yes, you can have it and you do not need to worry about you having no credit or you having a bad credit. There is no credit history checking when you will apply for title loans. Another thing is that you will not worry about “pre-payment penalty” since this company will not charge this. Now, the only thing you need to do is to apply online and surely, you will get the approval instantly. About the interest of your loan, it says that you will experience the interest of your loan only when it is still outstanding.

Overall, it will be your choice. However, if no one will let you borrow money, then, this company will help you have the money that you need.

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Living a Debt Free Life is a Peace of Mind

Are you experiencing big debts as of the present? Are you having a hard time paying your debts? Do you want someone to help you in paying your debts? Do you want to have some advises from an expert lawyer?

I bet you want to get rid of your debts right here right now. Only if you can make this thing happen like a magic, surely you will do it. Living a debt free life is like pulling a thorn from your body that is there for a long period. It is so nice to have financial freedom again.

Now, for you to have some assessment with your debt settlement and you want to hire a lawyer, do find the one that is expert in this kind of case. Most lawyers will offer debt help especially when a person really wants to be free from any existing debts. With this, hope you can find the answer to your debt relief concern as soon as possible. You know, it will be a peace of mind living a debt free life.

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