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Food for Friday after the Ash Wednesday

Today is the first Friday that my kids are not allowed to eat meat because of the Ash Wednesday. My son asked me if it will be for a long time that he will not eat meat. I told him that it’s just for few Fridays until the Lenten season will Read the rest of this entry »

Easy bacon chicken wrap

2/3 cups of brown sugar
2tbsp of chili powder
You also need pieces of toothpicks.
Pan covered with nonstick foil.
You can also use cooking spray so that the #baconchicken wrap won’t stick on the foil.

Preheat oven at least 350F
Mix the brown sugar and the chili powder
Cut the chicken into the desired size (or bite size)
You can wrap the whole bacon to the chicken meat or divide it in half. I usually divide the bacon in half as I only use bite size of chicken meat.
Coat it with the mixed brown sugar and the chili powder
Put it on the pan with foil
Bake it for around 30 minutes but I usually have it baked for around 40 minutes.
You can use it as an appetizer or you can just make it as your ulam (sudan, viand, snacks, whatever).
Enjoy and have a delicious meal!

Tips: If you are making lots of #baconchickenwrap and you are out of your mixture, just make another one and dip your wraps.

Note: Use chicken broth in cooking your rice so that it will taste yummylicious.

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Chicken noodle soup for snowy days that you’re the only one eating it

When you are cooking this much soup in a cold snowy day but nobody loves to eat it. The ending is, it’s just you that’s eating and sipping the soup that you made. Anyway, this soup is healthy as it is go, grow and glow. Go for the past, grow for the chicken, and glow for the veggies. I didn’t eat all the pastas anyways and the chicken. I just sipped the soup and ate the veggies. It’s yummy and it’s healthy. Good for the snorts, sore throat, cough and colds.

When you miss your mom and your family

I hate okra when I was a kid. My mama used to mix it with her hands in soft cooked rice. She said that she was doing it to help me eat more and so that I won’t be chewing the food coz it would just slide in my throat. The result was that every spoonful of rice mixed with okra, I would attempt to vomit. It was gross for me but I was helpless. Nothing I could do but ate it.

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Sweet Potato leaves and rice

I was born in a mountainous place and so I knew how to take care of plants. My parents taught me how to take care of just anything that will help life better without relying in buying things from the market. So, even if I am here in the US right now, I still love plants and I love to grow my veggies every summer. Though, I am wishing that I can have plants the whole year round in my yard. Oh well, I am thankful that this summer, I am able to plant this sweet potato. I love its leaves coz I can cook it and eat it. There’s also no chemicals sprayed on my plant and so I can say that this is a healthy one. I am thankful for this meal as it is pure veggies and I love it. Thanks God.

(Ingredients: Rice with Fresh sweet potato leaves stir fried mixed with soy sauce and sprinkled with onions/garlic/black pepper)

Who discovered bacon and from where?

As my son needed to research about where his favorite foods originate, I needed to help him in browsing online. One of the foods that he loved to eat was bacon. On the site that I chose, it says that this was first discovered and made by Sir Francis Bacon (German) in early 15000s to combat on hunger. And the site that caught my attention in which I was surprised in opening was this I thought there’s a bacon pasted on my laptop screen. After a while, my son and I were laughing with the photo because it made us hungry. We did not cook bacon. Instead, we ate beef jerky which was one of his favorite foods too. So, where would beef jerky come from? That will be the next article that I am going to share.

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The Perfect Midnight Snack

We’ve all been there. Padding to the fridge in the middle of the night to quieten sudden cravings and stomach rumblings as they demand their ransom; unplanned, unwanted and highly inconvenient. It’s rarely about food or feeding our sneaking appetites with any old apple; we want comfort, solace, the perfect dish to steal away your twilight blues or frustrations, often easy to make and quick to eat. Rolling out of your bed in the middle of the night is both an effort and a priority, when snacking possesses you and the floor is further from the base than you realised ( Bunkers AU have caught on to this); as you make your way down the hall, run into a door frame and switch on the kitchen light, keep these snacks in mind and your supplies well stocked. You will be satisfied, we promise.


Are you getting enough potassium? Probably not, nobody is, really. Instead of taking supplements (because who can afford those?), schedule a date with a couple of frozen bananas and a blender for a hit of this body fortifying vitamin. Need a dose of fat and sugar to top it off? Throw in a pinch of cinnamon, a row of chocolate (okay, two rows), shredded coconut and top it off with whipped cream and maple syrup. So healthy! Are your bananas skanky and browning before you can indulge your banana dreams? Good! Wrap them up and freeze away, as they’ll deliver the best flavour later on.

Devilish treat

Mmm, celery sticks. Said nobody, ever. Let’s face it, only vegans crave vegetables as a midnight fix, slathering it in organic peanut butter for good measure. Repeat after me: Mini Pizzas. Yes, small disks of cheese, pineapple, ham and tomato paste, heated in the oven for five minutes until the yellow goodness is melted and stretchy, treating your tastebuds to a debauched treat, ordinarily reserved for DVD nights and those week days when you can’t be bothered to cook. The only obstacle you’ll meet on your quest for the perfect mini pizza, is the query of the best base; English muffin (puffy), pita (textured), lavish (thin crust) or Turkish bread (thick crust) – it’s up to you and your budget!

Sundae fever

Who doesn’t love ice-cream? Really? Unless you’re lactose intolerant (sorbet!), the chances of an ice-cream craving during summer are reasonably high with a chance of chocolate fudge, wafers and sprinkles. Forget nutritious and opt for delicious, whether you’re a fan of full cream, cookies and chocolate variations, or the smooth tastes of froghurt, decorate with fruit, marshmallows, chocolate/caramel/strawberry toppings, honey and more – it really depends on what YOU at your disposal!

Short shortcake

Cake is amazing. Sadly, cake also takes time to make and bake, even with the shortcuts, and who has time these days? Fear not, for our brothers at Eton Hall have developed a chaotic scramble of flavours to satisfy your late night urges, are you ready? Good! Become acquainted with the Eton Mess! Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries – just all the berries, really – sugar, cream, yoghurt and meringue! Fifteen minutes later (or less, if you’ve planned ahead and pre-made a couple) and you’re transported to a heavenly world of dessert sensations. Simple, satisfying and guilt-free – well, reasonably.

Do you have a favourite midnight snack? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to share your ad-hoc, culinary secrets!

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I need a new one

Before, I am thinking of what is the feeling going to be when using those goodies with famous brands. Would the famous brands be more durable compared to the ones, which are not famous? Would the quality be different or it will just be the same? Would I pay for the name or would I pay for the quality of the products that I need?

These are just few of the questions that I need to find some answers. True enough, when I have adequate savings, I tried using the brands of goodies that I am longing to buy. Nonetheless, do not think of me that I am a branded person or something. All I need is to test, you know, testing out on things, compare, and do experiment so that I will not be that naïve on things.

One of the things that I tried is Coffee Makers by Hamilton Beach. I love coffee a lot and I love the coffee maker. Although, at first, I am a bit shy in using it or I mean I am a bit oblivious on how to use one but then after several tries, I learned. It is just too bad that I did not take good care of those few coffee makers that I had and I need to throw it because there were molds. There were molds because I was not cleaning it (not good). Right now, I have a coffee maker but different thing. I hope that I can buy a new Hamilton Beach coffeemaker soon!

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Cooking out

When the weather is nice and we are in the mood for cooking out, we love to have to have some BBQ. We also love to stay outside most of the time now that we have a bit nicer yards compared to last year. It’s nice to enjoy the nice warm summer while it’s still here ‘coz few months from now, it will be cold days again.

Ice free drinks

Way back in PH, every time I will order at any fast food or any restaurant, I will always request that my drinks will be ice free. This was because I want most the most my drinks filled up to the top of the cup.

But when I arrived here in the city of where my husband lives, I am surprised that half of the cup is almost filled up with ice. When we will have some takeout orders, I will not be surprise if the drinks left will be almost half a cup whenever I will remove the ice. Hope those crews (just don’t know if they’re not requested to do it) will not put plenty of ice in any drinks (dine in or take out) so that all customers can have most of the drinks and not the ice.

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