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12 inches Toblerone chocolates

I seldom see these 12inches Toblerone chocolate. The last time I saw these was at Costco several years ago. But when I visited target the other week, I was happy coz I’ve seen these yummy chocolates. I only bought two 12 inches bars for some reasons. And tummies will be happy for these yummy chocolates. Thanks God for all the blessings in life.

Tube preamp

Are you looking for some aid in your recording session inside your music studio? If you are, then, do check this tube preamp. I read some reviews about this and the one who tested this were satisfied with their purchase. This preamp has these features: variable input impedance, LED input meter, automatically switches between instrument and mic, toroidal transformer and many more. And the price is so affordable that is surely within your budget. Want to buy it right now?

70s temperature in Colorado Springs today

I so love the weather today. Imagine it is the 70s. It feels like summer even if it is still winter season. I hope it is like this whole year round huh! I hope the winter will not reach May as it usually does. I hope it is different this year as I love to plant outside already. Tsk!

Deduct or add a dollar is similar to counting 1-2-3

I usually will shout or say that I will get a belt so that my kids will behave. But right now, I will say different word and the words that I will say to them, they will not like it. I usually say to them that I will deduct $5 from their piggy bank or from their savings if they will not behave. But if they will behave I will add dollars to their savings. I think it is effective for them similar to country 1-2-3. LOL

When you begin to think properly

The moment you begin to think properly, the power within you that’s greater than the world will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. it will feed you. it will clothe you. it will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence. If you let it! – Michael Bernard Beckwith

Why People Uses Credit Card Out Of APR And How To Get Out Of Debt

Among various debts, credit card debt is today’s most common debt. The reason is competition to be first in the race of fashion. This intensity compels one to have many credit cards at a time. Using many credit cards means invitation to troubles, if you will neglect your amount and capacity of repaying of any credit card due, you will be at risk. If you owe multiple credit card debts and situation is out of your hand then consolidation is the safest way. It not only simplifies your balance payment but also helps in saving money.

What is the smartest and safest way of consolidating your credit card debt? Credit card debt consolidation is decided by your credit score. If you have still good credit and you want to use balance transfer method, you must know these facilities are not free. Do check their fee, it must not be more than the reduced interest rate of your due credit card. Same strategy works in the case of consolidation, make sure the monthly payment you are giving in this process must be within your reach and you can pay on time.

Otherwise late fee will be so high that at the end you will not be going to save any money at all. While using this process once you clear your owed amount, many debtors suspend your credit card. That obviously affect your credit score and utilization score. So be ready for the credit card free life for a while. If you want to continue same credit card after debt settlement for particular business, you must go for debt settlement options.

Consolidation often tempted to disqualify your old cards. Because consolidation is a quick recovery from your debts but it cannot save your credit score. Consolidation loan means you again opted a new loan that means you are still in debt.

Whether you choose 12 months in balance transfer method or 5 years term under consolidation process, both plans require your firm dedication. Once you have decided to remove your credit card debt, you must stick to the plan. According to the term and conditions you have to make that monthly payment on time. It’s very easy to overspend via credit card and get trapped in debt. But it takes years to recover from that debt and amend your spoiled credit.

Consolidation have many advantages and disadvantages. Some of the common advantages are that it reduces interest rate up to 18 to 20% otherwise credit card company charges 30 to 40 % accumulating rate, that makes impossible even to cope up with interest rate. If you pay only interest rate for years you will find your outstanding amount is still standing. Secondly this plan makes easy to pay only one EMI. Consolidation offers you to have better grip on your dispersed finance. If you feel you can pay off your credit card dues by yourself then opting a personal loan is not necessary. If you find your finances unmanageable and you are really in tragic situation then consolidation is the smartest move.

My pending and unfinished cross stitches

These are few of the cross stitches that I have had for several years now. These are pending crafts that I need to finish. I also have another two in my sewing kit. I love needle works coz it’s like it’s a stress reliever for me. But I have lots of things to do and so for several years, I forgot about these things. I just got to see these when I was cleaning and that I hid these cross stitches inside my empty mini laptop box. Anyway, I’ve got to find some time to finish this coz I know when I’ll finish these cross stitches, these will be one of my beautiful masterpiece.