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Do you have a beautiful heart?

#Softhearted people are not fools. They know what people did to them but they forgive again and again because they have #beautifulhearts. 😍 Do you have a beautiful heart? Or u have too much pride that it reaches beyond the skies?

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Video Editing

I want to upload my videos on youtube, and so I am into video editing for two days already. I just bought new video editing software, but it’s a bit complicated compared to the first one that I got. Although, I can use the audio that I bought on the first one and I am happy with it. It is fun to edit some videos even if it takes most of my time. Here is one of the videos that I just finished.


Only believe Words that which EMPOWERS YOU

“Don’t believe a prediction that does not EMPOWER YOU. Only believe that which EMPOWERS YOU.” – Sean Stephenson

I learned from this quote just recently. There were lots of words, events, and negativity which bothers me for years. Right after encountering these quote from Sean Stephenson, those negativity vanished one by one. And I am thankful that I am now living this quote. This helps me forgive those rude and negative people in my life (past and present). Mostly, this helps me forgive myself for believing those negative words I heard from childhood until in my present life.

I do believe I am a child of God and I must believe his words not the words of negative people. Each day is a new life and a renewal day for me, and so I am doing my best to stay positive with constant prayers. I know God has the best plans for me to be a blessing to those people around me.

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Living dreams one day at a time

I now commit to living my dreams one day at a time.
-Dr. Christiane Northrup

Never give up on your dreams

No one is u and that is ur power. We may be a little broken but the last time I checked, broken crayons still color the same! Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t. Start loving yourself for everything that you are. And anyone who tries to bring you down is already below you. So no matter how u feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up. – The Law of attraction FB Page-

I just love LOA and I love this quote today coz this is for me. Don’t give up on ur dreams. Thanks to my friend for this photo. This is during our travel to Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado.

Proverbs 4:23 – be careful of how you think

Be careful of how you think;
your life is shaped by
your thoughts.
-Proverbs 4:23

God Loves you forever

Always remember God believes in U
and God gives You the best things every day!
Be positive! Have faith!
God Loves U forever!


It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.
– Tony Robins

And this is right! I just love the positive words from this guy. I’ve been reading about his positive quotes for several years now and I need to read more to have a positive outlook in life. No one can be positive for me except myself. Life is good with people who have positive mindsets. I want to be positive always even if others are not.

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There’s always a way

If there’s a will, there’s always a way. No matter how difficult a situation is, but when you find a solution, you can always overcome whatever problems you are facing. But if you are so negative and you have lots of ‘IFs’ and ‘BUTs’ you will be having a hard time in life. So, it’s best that you will work hard instead of just whining and sitting around. Always be the best version of yourself every day regardless of your age and your health condition.

Get rid of the rare-view mirror

The reason the rear-view mirror is small and your front windshield is so much bigger is because where you’ve been is not nearly as important as where you’re going. Get rid of the rear-view mirror. You’re redeemed; you’re restored. God hasn’t just covered your mistakes, he’s blotted them out. – Joel Osteen

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