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I am excited for my 18″ Doll that is similar to American Doll – Thanks God

I do love American dolls. But every time I will check on the website and on any online store, I can say to myself that I will just wait for some of my friends whom have daughters who will outgrow their 18” dolls.

Though, I already bought a doll in Kohl’s last December and I made it as a gift for my daughter but then that 18” has a small body which is different from American Doll.

I keep and keep on praying until these days. And tonight, I search online again to check for some low prices of American Dolls but then my search brought me to Target wherein I saw different choices of ‘Our Generation Dolls’. When I looked at it, oh my, it’s similar to American Dolls. Then I thought about my gift cards that I saved since last year. I said to myself, oh why not use it and buy one of these dolls.

I just need a good 18″ doll for some good reason.  I am happy that I am going to receive this ‘Our Generation Doll’ soon.

You see on my receipt, I paid ZERO as I used the gift cards. Isn’t that a good thing for shopping? Thanks God! (And thanks to my angels for this wonderful idea.) I am so happy right now.

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Kohl’s savings

Those who love to shop at Kohl’s there is a coupon code HOME10 which is good from October 14 – October 23. It is $10 off for a purchase of $50 or more. In my coupon there’s an additional 20% if Kohl’s charge will be used. As for me, I am waiting for a $10 or $5 bucks off coupon without any minimum purchase. I hope it will come many times in a year :D. Anyway, there’s also a Kohl’s cash offer for every purchase of $50. Want to shop now?

Have a Couples Massage and use Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

With all of the work that parents have and do for the family, they need to have their own date time – a time in which they can be together without their kids. It will be a great bonding for these two persons to stay healthy and balance. For me, wife and husband bonding is needed at least once a month or maybe four to five times a year or whatever that things that they agreed upon.

Speaking of which, I have friends who will be celebrating their wedding anniversary this September. I am thinking that a ‘couples massage’ will be a perfect gift for both of them. You may think that this is costly? I tell you, it is not as I can purchase a ‘couples massage’ of at least 60% off price with Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons. Like the offer from Serenity Day Spa which is supposedly $240 but with Groupon coupons, I will just pay $96. It is a cool savings for me and at the same time a great gift for my friends on their wedding anniversary. Surely, they will enjoy having a 50 minutes couples massage which is just at least 2 miles from their place. Another thing that I will be giving them is a dinner for two at their favorite restaurant.

I am so thankful for Groupon offers as this means great savings for me (and of course for you as well). What are your favorite offers in Groupon?

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Coupons from Albertsons and Kohl’s

One of my happiness – coupons! I am thankful to receive these coupons from Albertsons and Kohl’s. These will be additional savings. Small things make me happy and I do appreciate it. Anyway, I’ll be spending this in buying some grocery and the other one I will be spending it in buying at least two shirts for my kids. Thank you for these blessings.

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Old Navy #SuperCash

For those who want to shop at #oldnavy, I have a #supercash shopping code for you. This will be okay for today I think. So, whoever can use it first, feel free to use it. When you will spend $100 you can save $40 bucks. You can use this code by printing or just writing it and hand it to the cashier. If you are shopping online, you can use it as well. Happy #OldNavy Shopping!

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First cash back with IBOTTA

This was my first withdrawal with #ibotta and I’m so happy! I am grateful that this company is true. From the day I signed up with #ibotta, I will see to it that I will buy the products that will give me cash back. In that way, I am patronizing the company that is good enough share some of their blessings to consumers.

And for those who want to earn #cashback from the items that you are buying, do check out #ibotta and see if you will like it.

I myself like it a lot! And I am grateful! Thank you God for the gift of #ibotta company.

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How to earn cash back in IBOTTA

Are you an IBOTTA member?  How much did you earn from your cash back?  I am sure if you are an IBOTTA member, you are earning cash every time you will shop for the things that you need.

For those who are not member yet, this post is for you.  But first I am going to share my story.  I am encouraged to join IBOTTA last December of 2015 after I read an article that this company is giving away millions of dollars to its members. So, I said to myself that I will try it. And it’s true. I maybe late in joining but it’s better to be late than never. This company rocks. I hope #IBOTTA will continue to be blessed with lots of good companies so that they can continue in sharing to thousands of people enjoy cash backs from good useful products.

If you want to try #IBOTTA, please check at and use the referral code nkkejik.  Happy #IBOTTA Cash-Back-ing!

And for those who are confused on what to do with the app after downloading it in your iPad, iPhone, or Android gadgets, just check on the screenshots that I made.

1. Sign-in with your #ibotta app and choose the thing that you want. 

I chose grocery since most of my receipts are food purchases.  Then, I selected Walmart coz I usually shop at this store.  After that, I chose and unlocked the products that I want to buy at the grocery.

Note:  If you have old receipts make sure it is within 7 days and you can still use it.

2. On the photo below, I chose to unlock the Onions. Unlocking it means, I need to go through the survey questions of ibotta. 

3. After answering the unlocking survey questions, I need to follow the step 1 to select the products that I want to verify.


4.  Then, after clicking verify, I scanned the QR code of my receipt.  Walmart always has QR code so it’s just easy for me to use it.  For the store that don’t have QR code, I need to take picture of my receipt.  After that I need to wait for the approval and earn my cash back.

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Check this Online site on where you can compare millions of products and enjoy cheap prices from hundreds of popular merchants

Do you love to shop online? How frequent are you doing your online shopping? Do you love to find good deals on the products that you like? How about comparing prices from one merchant to another in just one website before buying the goodies that you love?

I do love online shopping and I can easily relate with you if you love to do it all the time. It’s fun to shop right at the comfort of your home. There’s no hassle when doing online shopping and mostly it will be more enjoyable when using just one site that has lots of things to offer.

When you love to shop and compare prices before buying, do check Shogasm. There are lots of incredible deals that you can find and many new products from different well-liked merchants. This site also offers ‘free web app’ so that it will be easy for you to know and track ‘millions of items’ from different sellers and find the lowest prices. Shogasm’s free app can track more than ’72 million products in over 140 stores online’ with easy browsing that will help you in finding the newest deals and lowest prices possible. What else you can enjoy with Shogasm? Okay, you can easily compare prices, easy for you to know price alerts, price history charts, and many more with its algorithm that ranks top discounts from millions of price cuts every week. And again, this app is totally free for you to use anytime anywhere you like.

Do you want to discover more about Shogasm? Okay, aside from what I mentioned above, you can also earn from this website. Yes you read it right, EARN! How? You can join their affiliate program by being one of their publishers at and then share your link to your FB friends, twitter, Instagram, and other social bookmarking sites.

Visit this online site right now and discover more of what it can offer you! And do spread the words to your friends, colleagues, and families as well!

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Awesome Black Friday Deal at store

This was my find during the Black Friday deal at kohl’s. Even if it’s snowing that day, I preferred to go out and used my K-cash with the 15% coupon. I didn’t want to waste it like what I did in the past that I just ignored those freebies and coupons. From the time I learned how to shop cheap, I made it a point to enjoy freebies and discounts. And so, instead of paying almost 100 bucks in the store, I just paid more than three bucks. Awesome, right? Thanks God!

Ethnic products at Lehenga

If you look at old photos, you will usually be able to tell roughly when they were taken based on the clothing the people are wearing. This is because styles of clothing have changed drastically over the years. Even looking at photos that were taken as recently as 15 years ago will show just how drastically clothing has changed in that brief period of time. For example, if you look at photos from 50 years ago, most men wore fedora hats. Nowadays, if you see a man wearing a fedora, it is a very rare thing indeed. Interestingly, ethnic clothing styles have remained virtually unchanged over the years. Here are some of the reasons why ethnic clothing styles stay the same.

A sense of tradition

Traditions are very important in most cultures. Therefore, members of most ethnic groups view their clothing as a symbol of their heritage, as well as a link to their ancestors who came before them. Wearing the same clothing styles of their ancestors is a way they can keep their memory alive, as well as to honor the ancient traditions of the past. If you look at Lehenga and many of the other ethnic products that you can buy at Crafts Villa, you will see that their styles look the same as clothing worn in India 500 years ago. The only difference is that the clothing today is made of better materials, so it will last much longer.

Ethnic pride

Many people are proud of where they came from. They want people to know what ethnicity they are, even if they are living in a new country. Wearing traditional ethnic clothing is a great way to do that. It also makes these people feel good to wear the same style of clothing as their parents and grandparents. It brings families and communities closer together when they all share a common style of clothing.

A link to the past

In many cultures, history is treasured. This is especially true in places like India. Clothing is viewed a sacred, and even religious to many people. The way people dress is taken very serious, so to change the way people dress would be seen in many cultures to be blasphemy. This is another reason why ethnic clothing styles have remained largely unchanged throughout the centuries. Ethnic clothing tells as much about a culture’s past as it does about their present.

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