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Witness and uncover the excitement of Grand National Ladies’ Day 2017 at William Hill

The Start

Grand National is one of the most famous events become known in UK’s history. Now, this is how it started. Grand National’s first was 1839 and from that time on, it has been celebrated each year. This event is one of a kind as this is one of the legends of horse racing in which it got the attention of the entire world. There were famous racers who regarded as horse racing crowned heads but this did not preclude others to join this prestigious festival.

Are you excited for this event? You must be huh! For most people who are into sports and fun, this Grand National Festival is always on their lists every year. They cannot afford to miss all the fun, fashion and entertainment on this distinguished festival especially that this has been known worldwide. This is a world class festivity that started with focusing on grade 1 race but now it features the famous riders and the finest horse runners.

Are you looking forward in knowing who will win the race? Are you fun of having your bets on this Grand National Day? Oh, if you do, then, Bet on Grand National Ladies Day at William Hill. The race will start on Friday April 7th in which all seven races will be highlighted as well as the betting information and of course Ladies’ Day likelihood of winning. You can surely witness all the fine horses, the owners, the trainers and all ladies in their best fashion styles.

Forget not!

Another thing is that you don’t want to miss the Grand National Ladies’ Day Fashion. Do you? You can witness the fashion but it is also nice if you will join with it. Who knows you can be the Lucky winner of £43,000 worth of prizes! Isn’t that exciting? So, wear the most fabulous and the ostentatious attire that you can possibly imagine. Before going to the Aintree Racecourse this April, be set to wear the most #FabulousFriday custom. As you know, you do not have to worry about certain dress codes or anything as you can just dress up the best fashionable way you can – a dress style that will stand out from the crowd. Just put on your best fashion and enjoy the event.

On the other hand, the most important part of the event is to witness the luckiest racers this 2017 and enjoy the Grand National Festival. Well, winning is part of it but if you will enjoy the horse racing and the fashion parade, then, that will be a part of winning. Right!? Be thrilled with the once a year famous festivity. You spread the word! Tell your friends, colleagues, and relatives that you must join the event. You can also invite your friends from other countries to come and visit the Grand National Festival and the Ladies’ Day Fashionable Friday. It will be so much fun and most remembered if everyone you love will attend the most awaited prestigious event – The Grand National Festival UK 2017.

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Briarhurst Manor Restaurant

This is Briarhurst Manor Estate (Restaurant) and this is located in Manitou Springs Colorado at 404 Manitou Ave. This is a Victorian English Country Manor Estate which serves finest cuisine here in Colorado with the beautiful view of Pike’s Peak and it is also close to the amazing gardens of the Gods and this is very close to the downtown area. This place is good for just any events like wedding, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and more. This is a great place to dine, visit and stay to relax and celebrate life.

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It’s fun in Pirates Cove Family Aquatic Center Colorado

This is in Pirates Cove Family Aquatic Center and that’s me during my birthday last year. My good friends that for me, they’re like my relatives treated me for free in this fun and beautiful place. They surprised me and they asked permission from my husband that if possible they will bring me to this resort. And in this photo, I just got out from the slowest slide the yellow color. The middle one was just mid and the violet one was the fastest slide wherein when you will use, your eyes will be wider the owl’s eyes. It is like it will detach your spirit from your body for several seconds. It’s a nice place and it was packed with lots of people because of all the nice amenities (such as lazy river, kiddie area, the dip pool, these slides and more). My food friends also rented a cabana for us to use. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank my friends Raquel, Glen, Lenlen and Shirley for bringing me in such place. At least for once in a lifetime fun experience, I was there with them.

Pirates Cove Family Aquatic Center (Water Park in Littleton Colorado)
Address: 1225 W Belleview Ave Littleton, Colorado
(303) 762-2683

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First Field trip for this homeschooling year 2016- 2017

We had fun during our field trip and hope to join more field trips this school year of 2016-2017. It is not easy to homeschool but it is nice to know all the lessons of my kids even if my eldest constantly fights with writing and math subjects. It doesn’t matter, everything will be okay with the choice of homeschooling my kids.

Castle Rock Library

We visited St. Francis St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church at 2746 5th St, Castle Rock, CO 80104 after the Homeschooling Field trip last September 28, 2016. This is one of our favorite churches here in Colorado, USA as it is open the whole day similar to the churches in the Philippines.

one of the Gazebo views near the church

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Having fun at Chuck E cheese

We had fun yesterday at Chuck E Cheese as it was the birthday of my son. I only had 10 bucks for their tokens and so Read the rest of this entry »

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June Las Vegas Vacation – Bellagio Water Show – Las Vegas

My friend Norma is having a vacation in Las Vegas this June. And one of her video is this Bellagio Water Show. I ask her if I can post it and it’s good that she said yes. I just cannot post the video with its original music and so I just put another song so that it won’t be copyrighted. My friend has a blessed life that she’s able to have lots of vacation and she’s also bring her whole families with her.

My 6 year old electric scooter

My 6 year old electric scooter is live and alive this summer. The weather is warm and I love it. It is like I am living in a tropical country. And so, my little ride is back in action.  I love this scooter whenever I need to do some errands around the neighborhood. I can easily ride in this one. Since I improvised it, like I put a child seat on it, my kids can ride with it (one by one). It should be a bicycle seat but I tried to connect it with my electronic scooter and it worked. It is safe and besides this will only run for about 15mph. Cruisin!