How to find and buy your perfect Vehicle

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Surely you have your dream vehicle in mind that every time you will see it on the road; you can’t help it but imagine yourself driving it. How can you find the perfect vehicle?

Do you feel like finding, choosing and buying a new vehicle is lengthy and tricky? If you feel like it, this is good info for you. First thing is that you have to check on the budget limit that you have in buying your new car. You’ve got to decide whether you will buy a brand new, certified, or a used car. After which, you’ve got to select the body style and the specifications. Lastly, you’ve got to check on the car brands that you love most and that you feel confident in buying.

Here is the best thing to make your life easier in buying your new vehicle and that is for you to visit This is a one stop online site in buying cars of just any models from A to Z and with any style that you can think of. With, choosing the model is easy and it’s just a click away. Also, choosing from new cars, used cars or certified cars is just one click of a button. While we’re on the subject, according to web searched certified cars means that it has been checked, renewed, verified by a manufacturer/other verifying specialists with comprehensive warranty, and other added advantages. You can also SEARCH BY BODY STYLE if you may prefer. Likewise, you can read car specs and reviews as well as you can find service centers & dealers near your area.

Whether you are a first time buyer or not, enjoy the benefits that you can find at This will make your life a bit easier when searching and buying your dream ride.

Box has arrived at the port

I am so happy that the package (balik bayan box) is in manila right now. I hope it will be delivered in the province by this week or earlier next week. I am sure they will be happy with the small gifts that I gave them. It may not be that expensive as some of it was used things together with some chocolates, but I worked hard for it so that I can send them a box for the 2nd time after living abroad for more than 10 years. It may just be the 2nd box but I am doing my VERY BEST to send it. Hope my parents and siblings will be happy for it. Thanks God for the chances of me sending the 2nd box. Hope I can send another one again soonest.

They need to work before they can have their game consoles again

Now, they saw the game consoles Wii and Xbox but they need to work and be good in order for them to have it. I’ve got to clean first and put the unused things outside before they can have their consoles back. And when they will be fighting, they will lost these game consoles forever. Anyway, the photos below were taken several years ago before I hid the game consoles because of fighting over and over again.

Cool weather in Colorado Springs today

Colorado Springs today is having cool weather and it feels good. It was so hot the past days especially for the first day of summer. Whenever I will be out, I easily get drained with the hot weather, although, I love hot weather as it is not a whole year round event. Anyway, with this temperature today, I need a jacket whenever I will be out.

FB screenshot

FB screenshot

For the love of seafood

For the love of seafood, I had to drive to Joe’s Crab Shack to buy takeout meal for Father’s day dinner. Usually when I’ll visit this place, I’ll just order one meal which is good for my husband. But then I got curious of the taste of their meal so I ordered Queen Crab bucket together with the Crab Daddy feast. It was yummy! For the kiddos, I just ordered them their favorite kiddy meals.

Few minutes of exercise & this is what I got

I got the chance to exercise for several minutes today and this is what I got. It’s just around 2189 counts or steps and around 304 calories. I want to exercise more but I need to work online and so I am back. Hopefully I get to have more than enough blessings for today. Thank you God!

Onion leaf with flowers on the tip

I am so amazed with my onion leaves this year. Not only that these spices sprout again but they gave me flowers today. I love looking at them and I want to preserve their flowers even if it will turn brown. I want to keep it forever coz it’s my first time to see onion leaves with flowers on the tip. One of the coolest things ever!

USAF Thunderbird Air Show

It was a fun day last May 24 during the USAFA graduation as there were around 6 Thunderbirds flying for about 30 minutes here in Colorado. There were lots of people gathered from a far to witness the air show. According to my friend this was one of the most awaited events here in Colorado Springs. It was fun seeing all of the exhibitions of the pilots. They were great.

Next year, we will try to witness this USAF Thunderbird air show again.

Antique reproduction – check it out

Are you an antique lover? If you are, then this is good news for you. You can easily have an antique reproduction at Laurel Crown antique reproductions. This company is in the business for at least 26 years because they do their business in the best ways possible. As what they say, they build their products to last for so many years. And that is what their customers love. For more information, do visit them online anytime at

Gardens of the Gods 2017

Since the weather was a bit okay last Saturday, May 20th, my kids and I were able to visit Gardens of the Gods. This is one of our favorite places to visit. We will just be driving around the place and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We also love this place because it offers fresh and a little bond with nature. It’s nice to bring my kids out every once in a while. They deserve to be out since they are kids and they need to discover places outside our home.