Beautiful electric embroidery sewing machines at Jo-Ann

I love needle works as it makes me feel good. So, when my husband permitted me and my daughter to visit crafts store, I was so happy. But first we tried to visit Michaels but this store didn’t have the fabrics that I need. So, my daughter and I drove to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts like more than 20 minutes. When we were there, we chose many fabrics with beautiful prints but we need to get a number so that we can have our materials cut on specific measurement that we needed. While waiting for our turn, we were roaming around and I was fascinated with the electric embroidery machines. I talked to the lady who was using one of the sewing machines and she said that they were renting space inside Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts. And so I was so curious with the sewing machine then I decided to take photos of it. And the first beautiful sewing machine was priced $14,999.99 but it was on sale that time for around $11,999.99. That machine was so beautiful. The rest of the sewing machines weren’t that high priced as the lowest was on sale for $1,099.99 with MSRP of $1,799.99. The woman that I spoke with said that when someone will buy sewing machine from them, they will give free tutorials on how to use the machine and a lot more.

Anyway, any of these electric embroidery sewing machines were so adorable and surely it will serve their purposes to their respected owners.

Chicken noodle soup for snowy days that you’re the only one eating it

When you are cooking this much soup in a cold snowy day but nobody loves to eat it. The ending is, it’s just you that’s eating and sipping the soup that you made. Anyway, this soup is healthy as it is go, grow and glow. Go for the past, grow for the chicken, and glow for the veggies. I didn’t eat all the pastas anyways and the chicken. I just sipped the soup and ate the veggies. It’s yummy and it’s healthy. Good for the snorts, sore throat, cough and colds.

Access virus ti

Midi keyboards are cool especially when what you have is a trusted brand. Just like when you have this access virus ti which has more than 60k patches, over 1000 built-in sounds, multi-more, 2D modulation matrix and more. To learn more about this product, I read some reviews and I am impressed. Most of the reviews stated that this access virus ti has good sound quality, amazing sound modules and etc. The price for this is affordable enough for anyone who wants good brand of keyboards.

It’s a miracle – I am so grateful

Earlier today, I felt like I didn’t want to go out and drive. But then we had some orders for mailing so I went out and went to the post office. When I was near the post office, I saw an SUV which was parked differently and I said to myself, ‘Oh that’s weird parking’. And then when I looked at the customer parking area, it was full packed. I said to myself that I will just park on the other side. When I turned right and near the parking space that I wanted to use, I used the pedal for gasoline that I thought it was a break pedal and I didn’t know that I pushed it too hard enough for me to jump off the gutter and I landed on the other side of the parking area. It’s good that that SUV that caught my attention before I parked was on my right side and there’s no vehicle in front of me. I was shocked, as in totally shocked and then I stepped on the break so that I won’t drive far more. Good thing, I was alone or else my kids and my husband will be shocked also.

Anyway, after dropping the mail in the post office box, I just went home and then I didn’t go out anymore. I supposedly need to bring my kids to the RCIA but then I don’t feel like driving far from home.

For me, it was a miracle. I know there are angels with me and there are angels around. I am thankful that I am safe and nobody’s hurt. Thanks God.

Everybody is an angel

I believe in Angels whether I can sense them as if they are invisible or they are in human form. One of my encounters for angels was when I need to buy a certain kind of chips in a grocery but it was too high for me to reach. So, I tried to look at that goodies and I was wishing there will be store personnel or another person who can see me. After few minutes, there was a man who got near me and my kids. Read the rest of this entry »

Cleaning the furnace fun blower

It is cold season once again and the house needs to be fixed. One of the most important things that a house needs to check is the furnace so as to be warm during the cold days. In our house, we checked the furnace fun blower and cleaned it. It was easy to clean but I find it hard to remove it and to put it back again. So, it’s my husband who put it back. Right now, it’s clean enough for this fall – winter seasons.

Thankful for the healing

After more than a week of not feeling good from high fever (there was a day that I had 102+F temperature), colds and cough, I can now happily sing that I am feeling a bit better. Though I still have slight colds left and cough from time to time but I am feeling way okay compared those past days wherein I prefer to sleep and sleep (in which it’s not my attitude coz I don’t want to sleep). Read the rest of this entry »