Video Editing

I want to upload my videos on youtube, and so I am into video editing for two days already. I just bought new video editing software, but it’s a bit complicated compared to the first one that I got. Although, I can use the audio that I bought on the first one and I am happy with it. It is fun to edit some videos even if it takes most of my time. Here is one of the videos that I just finished.


Just think positive anyways

When you can only talk to God about your problems and wait for his blessings for you to have your own finances in sharing to your family who has health concerns back home, you will feel like you are carrying the whole world on your shoulder.

Well, you cannot do anything with it. You have to wait for God’s provision. For others, it’s easy for them to send back home, but for you, you have to work day and night for you to earn. And you are going to believe that there are lots of blessings coming your way so that you can solve your own finances and at the same time share it with your families while homeschooling and taking care of your own family. It’s heartbreaking when you are feeling negative.

So, just think positive and know that God is working for you and that there will be lots of blessings every day. Oh dear! THINK POSITIVE ANYWAYS and pray that your father and mother are okay!

Proverbs 4:23 – be careful of how you think

Be careful of how you think;
your life is shaped by
your thoughts.
-Proverbs 4:23

Five Gift Ideas for a Gal Pal Who Loves Football

If you have a friend with a birthday coming up, you may be wondering what sort of gift to give her. Well, if she’s an NFL fan, you have a lot of creative gift ideas available to you. Consider five gift ideas for a gal pal who loves to watch and cheer for professional football.

A Poster of Her Favorite Player

One option is to go with a gift she can add to the décor of her home. A colorful poster featuring her favorite player on the field would be a fun choice. She could frame it and put it in her bedroom or study. Or, she could put it up on a wall in the hallway or in a finished basement where it could be admired by family and friends alike. A simple poster with an action shot of her favorite player scoring a touchdown is a gift she can enjoy each day.

A Framed Photo of Her Favorite Team

Maybe your friend’s interest in football doesn’t start and end with a single player. Perhaps she loves almost all of the members of a particular team. In that case, you can get her a framed photo of her team. Maybe you could even find one that is autographed. This would be a wonderful keepsake for her and she would surely find a place of prominence for it in her home.

A Team Jersey

If she attends a lot of games, she would probably love to get a jersey like the one worn by the members of her favorite team. A colorful jersey with the name of her favorite player emblazoned on the back along with his number is sure to be a hit with your friend.

Pajamas with Her Team’s Logo

If your friend thinks about football day and night, you may want to get her a pair of pajamas bearing her team’s colors and logo. Comfortable, soft pajamas are a pleasure to slip into every night. Having her favorite team’s logo on them would make the pajamas even more special. Plus, if she is mom of a small child, get her little one a pair of matching pajamas! When it comes to NFL clothing, there are plenty of styles to choose from for children. She is sure to get a kick out of seeing her child wearing pajamas in her team’s colors.

A Book About Her Beloved Football Team

If your friend is a big reader, you may want to get her a book on the history of her team. She could learn how the team got started and who the first owners were. She’ll be excited about picking up new facts about her team. Fortunately, there are many books with full color photos, stories, facts and statistics so the hardest part will be to decide which one to get her.

Finally, selecting a unique gift for a gal pal who loves the NFL allows you to get as creative as you want. Whether it’s clothing, a book, a keepsake photo or something else, she is certain to appreciate your thoughtful present.

God Loves you forever

Always remember God believes in U
and God gives You the best things every day!
Be positive! Have faith!
God Loves U forever!

Remodeling Contractor’s Easy access tubs, walk in tub showers and more

There is nothing more rewarding or luxurious than an evening (or mid-afternoon!) hot bath. But what if you’re somewhat impaired and can’t lower yourself or lift yourself out of tubs? Many of you today find yourselves taking care of elderly parents. It’s difficult to watch them lose the ability to do the things they once loved. Or anyone for that matter. There are solutions.

Without having to do entire bathroom remodels, there are still options for those who have trouble with mobility. Medical experts discuss the benefits of hydrotherapy on the body, especially the aging body. It is sometimes a conundrum that those most needing the health benefits of hot showers and soaks are the ones unable to maneuver into the tubs.

Walk In Tub Showers

One of the options for those unable to enter or stand in a large shower is the safety and security of easy access tubs and walk-in showers. Companies today specialize in working with health experts in the design of the walk-in showers and tubs. Many contractors like will not only help you plan your new bathroom appliances, they will install and show you how to maintain. The designs are ample and can fit into most existing bathrooms. Most come with flooring that is non-slip, and bars and handles are installed in specific locations for upmost safety. Walk in, hold on, and enjoy the shower or tub.

Walk In Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi’s

Baths and showers are luxurious for sure, but bathing is essential. What about just spending an evening under the stars or enjoying outdoor luxury? Again, the health benefits of soaking daily or weekly are still being studied, but the benefits are positive. As the population grows older, the walk-in Jacuzzi is becoming a trend worldwide. These outdoor luxury walk-ins feature Jacuzzi jets can make you forget your immobility issues. Much like the walk-in bath, these of course lack the shower option (unless you’re outdoor adventurous!),but give the freedom to sit outside in a heated bath environment.

Retirement and Rest Homes

Yes, there are even walk-in luxury options at today’s most modern retirement villages. This option, of course, removes all need to install in your own home or yard. If you’re considering the expense and trouble of having your bathroom noisy and under construction for even a day, perhaps consider the overall luxury of having day and night assistance. In modern, comfortable rest homes your food is often prepared, exercise programs are available, and be sure to mention your want of a walk-in shower, tub, or even a public Jacuzzi.

Of course, with any purchase for the elderly or immobile, consult with doctors for your wisest decisions. Just because you, a parent, or a loved one can’t get around fully on their own, that’s no reason to stop enjoying the luxury and health benefits of warm water. Walk-in showers and tubs are easily installed in homes. Walk-in Jacuzzi’s can be installed outside to share with family and friends. Or if the hassle has become too much to think about, many modern retirement and convalescent homes now offer walk-in therapy or bathing options to enhance a healthy lifestyle. There’s no longer a reason to miss out on the luxury of hot bathing.

3 Effective Ways to Prep for Your Amateur Radio Licensing Exam

Amateur radio, or “ham radio,” is a fun, educational and consistently rewarding hobby. Even though social media outlets, chat rooms and podcasts have largely eclipsed it, amateur radio maintains a loyal following worldwide. Anyone interested in pursuing amateur radio as a hobby should know that a license is required to legally operate ham radio consoles in the United States. These licenses come in three different varieties, each with its own set of privileges. Additionally, earning each class of license requires one to pass a multiple-choice exam. Taking the following steps in the lead-up to your exam date can help your chances of passing on the first try.

1. Seek out a Good Practice Console

When preparing for your licensing exam, a good practice console can do you a world of good. This is particularly true for people preparing for their General and Amateur Extra tests. A reliable console is well-maintained and contains an abundance of high-quality parts, like a good hybrid combiner. Although hitting the books is important, hands-on experience is sure to serve you well come test day.

2. Avoid Last-Minute Cramming

Last-minute cramming is ill-advised when it comes to licensing exams – and tests in general. Even if you manage to pass your exam after pulling an all-nighter, you’re unlikely to retain the knowledge long-term. As such, prospective licensees are strongly urged to spend a little bit of time studying each day in the weeks leading up to their respective exam dates. Devoting 15 minutes to half an hour to studying each day is conducive to knowledge retention and high exam scores.

3. Take Practice Exams Online

Taking practice exams online can also prove beneficial to potential licensees. Practice tests for every class of license are readily available on an assortment of ham radio-oriented websites. These tests don’t contain questions from the actual exams, but they’ll give you a good idea of what to expect. If you’re able to pass practice tests with aplomb, chances are you’ll be fine when it comes to the genuine article.

Because they’re put off by the prospect of taking a test, many people with an interest in amateur radio never become licensed. Unfortunately, this type of attitude prevents them from enjoying a great hobby. The licensing exams aren’t designed to trip people up, and they’re very easy to pass on the first try – particularly if you’ve put in sufficient study time and heed the previously discussed tips.

Taking responsibilities for the debts and not blaming anyone else

Speaking of savings, I admit that I am weak with that. But I am trying to improve myself on it (to these days).

For ten years that I am working, I don’t have much savings. Why?
Because whenever I want to buy something, I will not ask money from anyone. Not unless it is for the groceries for the whole family, I will use the joint accounts. For several years I did not have a joint debit card or joint credit card. Its joint check was all I had, and I cannot pay any checks whenever I bought food for my kiddos when we were out, and I cannot pay any checks in gasoline stations. Another thing is that there are/were also times that I will buy groceries and use my own cards. Even buying some (not all – just a few) household appliances or giving gifts (to families and friends), I am/was using my own cards.

Well, I love to help in my own ways, and I love to give, but I won’t say anything that I buy this and that. I was doing this kind of attitude for several years. My only witness with my own spending was my records in my accounts. All the printouts were there except for the credit cards that I closed because I transferred it to a new bank this year. When I transferred it, I did not ask for any help from any close friends or whoever. Although I was waiting for any suggestions but I got none.

So, I transferred it myself with the hope that the one who will cater me in the bank will have the biggest heart to offer me a balance transfer – like a person who can understand my source of income. I was thankful for the bank officer who helped me out because she approved my applications. And now, I am doing my best to pay everything off. But then there are times that I will use it in paying the things that I need to pay for the very reason that I do not want to bother anyone on things that I need. Anyway, I shredded this card already together with the other card coz I am choked with my credits. I have this for more than six years now, and I am paying it, but then after paying my monthly dues I will credit more. I NEED TO STOP!

The thing that I have right now is my debit card for my salary. And this debit card, I cannot help it but use it in buying gasoline (except in Costco coz they will not accept PayPal debit card) or paying some purchases in fast food chains, and other things that I need to pay (like oil change and other things that my kids need). I also need this card in paying for my online store fees because again I do not want to bother anyone for my payables.

Oh dear, I shredded my CCs, but then I am using my debit card in my purchases whenever I am out or whenever I need to pay for my online biz expenses.

I seldom use joint cards (coz I have joint cards right now and I had this like since 2014 or 2015 coz again all I had was joint check), and that is the reason why I got HUGEE credits to these days.

To enumerate of the reason why I have HUGE credits:
*paying on my own for the things that I need
*helping in buying some groceries
*sending money to my parents back home
*funding my own biz
*paying things for my kiddos without asking any help
*bringing my kids out and spending my own (well, I just need to be out for my kiddos. They are young, and they SHOULD NOT SUFFER FOR ANY DEBTS that I need to pay. Oh dear!)
*giving gifts

I am not blaming anyone for my choices. It is my own, and it is my responsibilities. I just need to stop.

Keeping things to myself is the ROOTs why I have THESE HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEE DEBTS!




Saving For Your Family’s Future

There are few joys in life as fulfilling as having a family. Being able to come home to the warm love and attention of members of your family unit can be a feeling unlike any other. This means that you want to do what you can to provide for your family in every possible way. For many, the struggle here comes from trying to discover practical ways of saving money. If you are someone who is constantly trying to make ends meet, you could probably use some useful advice on how to save.

Getting started with saving for your family’s future is not going to be as difficult as you might have anticipated. Most people can make significant changes to the way that they save by looking over the ways that they are wasting their money. Take a moment to look into some of these ideas on how to adjust your spending habits. With a bit of time, you should be able to discover a course of action for how to save for the future of your family.

Energy Issues

Your bills are a huge cost to you each month. Whether you own or rent your home, you can be certain that the energy costs associated with running your household are taking up a significant chunk of your budget. This means that you are going to want to focus your attention on these utility bills and try to come up with a plan for how to get your bills into a more practical place. Cutting back on how much energy you and your family use can be a wonderful way to get this ball rolling.

Many homeowners are able to see success with this goal by making small changes to their homes. Switching out the lightbulbs that you are using for more practical, energy-saving bulbs can be a wonderful way to begin. These bulbs use less electricity which helps you to save on your monthly energy costs. You may also want to explore your options with energy-efficient windows and other purchases that can aid you in your quest to stop spending so much on your energy bills. Find what works for your home and stick with it to see a difference.

Insurance Trouble

You also might want to broaden your search when looking over your monthly bills. Energy-related costs are not the only areas where you are probably wasting money on a regular basis. Your insurance, for example, can be another important place to focus your attention. You could easily be spending far more than you need to on costs related to your insurance. If you believe that you are someone who could benefit from changing your current plan, then you have to take action right away and make the right adjustments.

Reach out to a local insurance provider and receive quotes. Try and find a plan that matches your current plan and see how the costs align. If you notice that you are spending more than you should when compared to other providers, it is a good idea to think about switching to a new agency. Whether you are spending a ton on auto insurance or your homeowner’s insurance plan doesn’t seem to cover important aspects of your life, you could always benefit from looking at other options and making your moves from there.

Exploring the Future

In order for you to feel confident in your family’s financial future, you need to take action as soon as possible. Look into areas where you could be wasting money. Take time to explore your energy bills and insurance payments to begin. Starting your plan this way might help you to make important adjustments and keep your family in a safe financial state.

Paying credits and using credit cards over again is not good at all

For several years when I will spend something from own salary, I will not ask for a refund (no one will give it to me), and I will not say I spend this and that. I would just use my own money and wouldn’t say anything. I worked Read the rest of this entry »