Left and right brain test

I think I am not using my left brain more. As per the result from – en.blobla.com/bla/left-or-right-brain-test – I am using my right brain coz it is 75%. And yes, I am more on art, emotion, imagination, memory, creativeness and music. Since I am less on my left brain coz it’s just 25% so it means that I am not that good in math and rational thinking? Oh my! Tsk, I need to use more of my left brain from now on. Hayss! How to balance the left and right brain then?

12 inches Toblerone chocolates

I seldom see these 12inches Toblerone chocolate. The last time I saw these was at Costco several years ago. But when I visited target the other week, I was happy coz I’ve seen these yummy chocolates. I only bought two 12 inches bars for some reasons. And tummies will be happy for these yummy chocolates. Thanks God for all the blessings in life.

Tube preamp

Are you looking for some aid in your recording session inside your music studio? If you are, then, do check this tube preamp. I read some reviews about this and the one who tested this were satisfied with their purchase. This preamp has these features: variable input impedance, LED input meter, automatically switches between instrument and mic, toroidal transformer and many more. And the price is so affordable that is surely within your budget. Want to buy it right now?

70s temperature in Colorado Springs today

I so love the weather today. Imagine it is the 70s. It feels like summer even if it is still winter season. I hope it is like this whole year round huh! I hope the winter will not reach May as it usually does. I hope it is different this year as I love to plant outside already. Tsk!

Deduct or add a dollar is similar to counting 1-2-3

I usually will shout or say that I will get a belt so that my kids will behave. But right now, I will say different word and the words that I will say to them, they will not like it. I usually say to them that I will deduct $5 from their piggy bank or from their savings if they will not behave. But if they will behave I will add dollars to their savings. I think it is effective for them similar to country 1-2-3. LOL

When you begin to think properly

The moment you begin to think properly, the power within you that’s greater than the world will begin to emerge. It will take over your life. it will feed you. it will clothe you. it will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence. If you let it! – Michael Bernard Beckwith

How To Get Debt Relief

To live a debt free life is a dream of all but many times people fail to manage their budget and expenses and they get trapped in debt. Use of credit card is increasing day by day and this is again one reason why people are getting involved in debts.

There are various reasons which compel one to have a debt involved life but at the same time there are many ways to get out of it. If you have a huge outstanding amount you can convince debtor to reduce it partially. You can negotiate debtor to lessen the interest rate amount from the principal amount. Debt relief can be provided by any individual, your relatives and friends or you can seek for debt relief from small finance association. In a number of situations only debt settlement is the option left for people who are leading a stressful life.

In most cases debt makes your moral down, but in this situation you are not alone. Many times people hesitate to share about their debts, and so lead a stressful life. But today many finance companies are there to rearrange your dispersed finance. Debt seems to be overwhelming always, whether it is because of illness, unemployment or overspending habits. Debt is debt and it means mental pressure and spoiled social image. How to get debt relief is a big question but there are lot of ways to get relief from debt but which will be suitable for you only a finance expert can decide and guide you.

In many cases people choose the path of insolvency. Being declared insolvent is easy but it creates a long term bad effect on your credit. Bankruptcy is the last option you may choose but before this there are many other options available for you. After declaration of bankrupt you cannot have any credit, any job, insurance or even a respectful life. You have to suffer side effects for at least 10 years. FTC always advices you to not follow blindly what you have seen in ads via newspaper, magazine or internet.

The simplest way to get debt relief is consolidation. Once let the law works for you to wipe out your all debts. Yes in form of consolidation help you can erase this furious word debt from your life. Credit card consolidation loans are much common these days and people are going for them in order to make their lives easy and stress free. If you have not heard of it yet or have not tried it yet then it’s time to learn about it and go for it so as to solve your debt issues and make your life a better one.

Consolidation is a smart move and it is safe as well. You can go for it without any doubt, but just make sure you have learnt about it well so as not to make any mistakes further. It is really very easy to go for anything but it’s hard to step back. So, be wise and take a smart move.