Helping a Child through New Experiences

Childhood is a time of life that is full of a lot of new experiences. Some of these experiences can be exciting and a few of them can be a little terrifying. The reason why a lot of the experiences children go through can be challenging is because since it is their first time doing them, they have no frame of reference.

For example, for a small child, something as simple as getting their hair cut for the first time can make them feel a twinge of panic. If they have never had their hair cut before, they don’t thoroughly understand that cutting their hair is completely painless. They might worry that something will go wrong. However, after getting their hair cut for the very first time and after receiving some positive reinforcement from their parents, children realize that getting a haircut is no big deal. The most frustrating part about it for them is needing to sit in the chair for an extended period of time.

Another thing that can be challenging for children is having their first visit to the doctor. Of course, when a child is an infant, they may go to the doctor for periodic checkups, but when they become toddlers and become more aware of their surroundings, these checkups can become more nerve-racking.

The reason for this is that a hospital is just an alien environment. There are so many things about a hospital that are new to children from the dress of the nurses and doctors to the sounds that are being made by the PA system to the noise that medical casters make as they are rolling down the halls.

Hospitals have their own smells, their own sounds, and their own feel. Another reason why going to the hospital can be a challenge for a child is because outside of their parents, this is probably the first time that they’ve had an adult so close to them, examining their body and prodding them.

Parents can do a lot to dissuade the discomfort their child feels at the doctor. Parents need to recognize that their children will have the same attitude about going to the doctor that they do. If parents can maintain a calm demeanor and if they can help their children to see that going to the doctor is no big deal, it is likely that their first visit may be a little dramatic for the child, but subsequent visits will be a lot easier.

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